Commies Freaking From ObamaCare FUBAR ? Another Near School SHOOTING, In Pittsburgh, PA

Commies Freaking From ObamaCare? Another School SHOOTING-AGAIN In Pittsburgh, PA

Are the Commies freaking out because of this Obama care mess?  Who knows..  Seems every time OBAMA is in a mess, a domestic shooting happens at a school, theater, etc.

Police: At Least 3 Shot Near Brashear High School « Pittsburgh

 I believe it is totally possible that the Communist/Liberals stage events to divert attention from failed policy.   Bad part, Obama, for you, is that MILLIONS of sick, middle aged, elderly etc have been DISCONTINUED from their health insurance because of YOUR mess.  This issue ain’t going no where.  You just want to divert this O’care insanity back to gun control with this shooting that COULD be staged..Who knows, anymore…  You can’t fool me, OBAMA.  I know you. Watch you, daily.  You evil, mongrel horde.

One of the perps is a son of OBAMA:

At Least Three Reported Shot Near Pittsburgh High School

If you need proof that big govt does use terror to divert: here it is – from a 1991 book:

(1991 Book Predicts School Shootings By  – The Mad Jewess)


Bethel Park, PA: Club-Wielding Man Shot To Death By 72 Year Old Music Store Owner

Bethel Park, PA: Club-Wielding Man Shot To Death By 70 Year Old Music Store Owner

Hat Tip, Sandy:

After a brief and violent struggle, a Bethel Park business owner on Saturday shot to death a club-wielding man as he attacked the owner’s wife inside the couple’s music store, police said.

1. Police say attacker shot to death at Bethel Park music store | TribLIVE

2. Police say attacker shot to death at Bethel Park music store 

And, this is why we have guns; To protect ourselves from club-wielding crazies. Don’t pick a fight with an old man. If he is too old to fight, he’ll just kill you.


PS:  Gateway Pundit posted this story.  This happened in our friends neighborhood.  Sandy called us this AM with this new from PA, we hat-tipped her.  Gateway not only uses our stories, but also BANS us from their website. 


‘Peaceful’ P@lestinian Jihadist Tries To Blow Up Israelis With 8 Bombs.

CLICK: IDF Nabs PA Terrorist with 8 Pipe Bombs

Can’t ya feel the love?  This is what true love is ALL about. If you don’t know what real love is…The Palis sure have it for the Israeli’s..  I really don’t like posting on Israel because we have way too many problems here in America.  But, the propaganda against Israel (in my opinion) is just insanity.  

A couple weeks ago, I got accused of eating white Christian babies with my chicken & I am taking over the world just because I am a JEWWW. Man-o-mighty.. they really make up some strange shit.. No, not by my buddy, the Incogman, but some other idiot.. Anyway, as crazy as he was, the dude had ZERO on our sweet Incogman, who thinks the Palis are justified with their rocket-throwing craziness… Whatever…Koo koo, koo koo  :O

Also:   Terrorists from Gaza fired seven rockets at Israel earlier in the evening. The rockets came in three rounds.

I made a video about how to debate a Jew hater.. Here is another one about my taking over the world and eating non Jews:  (EYEROLL)

Palwatch: “Israel Is A Monster That Stabs & Eats Children” Palestinian art on PA TV

The same way we ate Christian children in our Matzoh?? And I don’t even like kids.  If this were true, there would be no more Pali monsters in the larva stage.

-David Ben Moshe

Published July 23rd 7:30 AM PST

Pittsburg, PA: Tyrell Herbert, A Negro, Let His Dog Get Baked To Death In 100 Degree Heat


Another wonderful son of Obama baked his dog in 100 degree heat instead of eating it like the King Negro Obama did.  Most Negroes are not civilized, with few exceptions. (Eg. Alan West, Pastor Manning, Puma By Design: patriotic black Christians)  Most are so dumb, its pathetic.

What does a nation do with a people like this?

But even worse, what do you do with a nation that would elect one of them to lead the country??

I feel low for my brother.
David Ben Moshe & QV