Karachi, Pakistan: Pakis Step All Over Obama’s Face In Effigy. Damn, Sure Wish I Was There

Dang…we are missing all the fun! We can’t even do this here because America is a big, fat, pussy now.  Leftist/Liberals cry, whine and nag like the shits they are…Whahhhhh, dats waycis, dats hateful. How come they aint calling the Pakis haters and racists for doing this, hmmm??

The whole middle-east wants the death of America….Gee..I wonder why?  Because Hitlery is sending 45 mil to Syrian Al Qaeda “rebels”?  Maybe because the O admin.  changed a few regimes in a year and a half?  

  AND, the Muslims are sick of our shit and probably going to terrorize more embassies as the jackass in the W.H. blames some bogus video on Youtube? A video most Arabs have not even seen because they are too poor to even have access to the net?