#Ukraine Palin To Obama: “Only Thing That Stops “Bad” Guy (Putin) W/ Nuke Is A “Good” Guy (Obama) W/ A Nuke”

Palin To Obama: “Only Thing That Stops “Bad” Guy (Putin) W/ Nuke Is A “Good” Guy (Obama) W/ A Nuke”


Sarah Palin was at a CPAC convention. She advised Obama that “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a nuke is a good guy with a nuke,” referring to Vladimir Putin.   And, this is why an American woman should never be president let alone a Muslim, Communist, foreign-usurper.   When did Russia attack the united states?  What gives America the right to nuke a country who has not attacked us?  This is no joke.   Obama is the ‘good guy?’   Since when?

  Click from Free Republic:  ‘Thank God She Lost: Bitter Sarah Palin Calls for the Nuking of Russia ..’ Tip, Qv36.

My wife, TMJ was never a Palin supporter but I was.  Not anymore.

-David Ben Moshe


The LEAST Influential Bloggers & News Sites, ETC


Recently, ‘Right Wing’ News put out a post…It was their high and mighty opinion of the most ‘influential’ people in news. 

Well, we are here to refute this idiocy.

The 20 Most Influential Conservative Women In Politics Yeah right. Here is our proof that they are NOT ‘the most influential:

Tammy Bruce came in at #20… “Gay” is the way with Tammy Bruce. Can someone please explain to me how ‘gay’ and conservative, Christian types go hand in hand? Now, she gets a few brownie points for calling Obama a ‘bastard’, in 2010 and making it to Media Matters…Bravo..

Liz Cheney came in #19.  Carpet munching Liz… This is what defines as a ‘conservative’ on ‘right wing’ news.  OK, WHATEVER…Let’s not forget she comes from the seed that loves big government, Dick Cheney.  Brilliant, “Right Wing” News-NOT.

Dana Perino came in #15.  This is the broad that takes up for Obama every so often. Has absolutely ZERO backbone and is a borderline ‘liberal’.  But, this is what a conservative makes, now.

Condi Rice was #9: Former foreign policy advisor to George Bush, former Secretary of State. Nuf Sed.

Ann the MAN Coulter came in #2.  This is the closet liberal that dates liberal-Communist men, because she can’t handle a conservative, God-fearing Christian man. Also the bimbo that called the ‘birthers’ nuts, then demanded to know why the MSM didn’t ‘vet out’ Obama. This is the same hag that attends and speaks at the GOProud events, but this is what defines a “Conservative”-Christian.  Ann is a fag-hag, period.

  And for #1: DRUM ROLL….  Sarah Palin. Who nobody knew about until late 2008.  Most people also don’t know that she appointed a radical feminist and pro-abortion judge to the SCOAlaska.  Folks don’t know that Mrs. Palin was 100% FOR a ‘bridge to no-where’ before she was against it. People also dont seem to care that under Palins watch, before she quit the governership, she championed for the most ‘income’ per capita (ON OUR DIME) in the form of EARMARKS for the state of Alaska.  “Conservatives” don’t seem to give a rats ass that Mrs. Palin had Randy Sheunemann, an employee of Soros on her staff for 3 years.  I am happy that she is not running, but only because she can attack the left at random, and this I believe will be her redeeming quality in the political spectrum.  I will stand in the gap for Mrs. Palin in that respect.

Now, you can make your own decisions and like whoever you want. But I am sick of the damned hypocrisy with the GOP or bust idiots that call themselves “Conservative” AND Christian.

   DONNA. Our girl, is a great news breaker who CARES about this nation and does not waver under pressure.  Who broke the news on the Black Panthers “Kill Whitey” in early May 2010, before anyone else. Black Panther on Philly Ballot & “It’s Time To Kill ALL White …

QV, Our Buddhist blogger cares more about what is going in with REAL American people and is not even from America….!!

This is only one post on the ‘right’ idiocy….  A post I will do very soon will show you how these vomitous gasbags STEAL our stuff here, on our blog- it will floor you.


These people should get the hell out of our lives and allow REAL Conservative and Christian people fight the battles, because they do a SLOPPY job.


Birth Certificate Blues: Huckabee & Palin Get Trump’d By The Donald

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Trump has been attacking the current disaster-in-chief for close to 2 weeks re. Obammy’s birth certificate, he has the left going insane. 

   Trump was on Geraldo last night, and Geraldo, the Bolshevik stooge called us ‘birthers’, ‘the right wing, radical fringe’. Trump didn’t care, he just kept saying that Obama needs to show his birth certificate, not the one put out in the paper.

  Go to fullsize imageBut, the good part about all of this is; Donald Trump’d Huckabee & Palin. Palin told us ‘birthers’, (who happen to be 68% of America) to ‘talk about more important issues.’   Sorry, lady, this is THE issue. Wake up, Palin, you sexist-card-throwing neo-con. BTW, Learn some geography, please. We dont want another 57-state idiot, tyvm.

  Go to fullsize imageHuckabee, the OLD con has NO doubt in his mind that Obama was born in the USA.  Yet, Huckabee offers NO proof.   Another out-spoken person is Bachmann, who offers to show HER birth certificate, first thing, if she gets nominated. Cool.  Huckabee let an Obama-black liberal go free, and he MURDERED cops in WA state. Brilliant, Huckabee, NOT.

  Go to fullsize imageBut, the most out-spoken person in all of this is DONALD TRUMP. For almost 2 weeks, he has used the cleverly devised tactics in Sun Tzu, the art of war (attacking opponent and paralyzing) Very good Trump, congrats.  However, the thing that scares me is that Trump gave Rahm Emmanuel 50 K for his campaign.

Donald Trump’s Federal Campaign Contribution Report

  It is not really good  that Palin has Randy Sheunemann, a Soros operative on her staff either, is it? But that wont damage the dumbbell Yes-We-Can for Palin BOTS- Randy Scheunemann is basically Sarah Palin’s brain, such as it is. He’s her foreign policy guru, was the member of the McCain camp most supportive of Palin and her rogue ways during and after the 2008 campaign, and frequently travels with her.And, as Salon’s Justin Elliot reports, he’s on George Soros’ payroll.  Also, lets not forget that Palin was for earmarks before she was against them… Palin’s earmark requests: more per person than any other state  “Senator McCain said Governor Palin ‘learned that earmarks are bad’, but in 2008 alone Gov. Palin requested $256 million in earmarks for Alaska, and her state RECEIVED MORE earmarks per person that any other state,” said spokesman Tommy Vietor. “The fact is that Governor Palin isn’t just good at getting pork projects, she’s one of the most successful pork barrel politicians in history.”

  Its a sick world and YOU are all the puppets and sheep if you dont WAKE UP!

Women Have Become MANS Worst Enemy

  Last night I was reading Breitbart. Sarah Palin wants to be the Prez. She thinks a woman can do the job.    Does anyone realize yet, that Palin already gave us Obama 1 time, as did Hitlery?  You think I am kidding? Everyone that I know that voted GOP this last prez election, has flat out told me, that they voted for PALIN.  You think she will not give us Obama again, as will Hitlery?  I dont know, you all better think about it…..For the most part; The only people that really want Palin for the Prez are the T-partiers and the GOP. And most of the people that want Hitlery are just die-hard Democrats. Palin is a good uplifter, but I wont EVER vote for a woman. Sorry readers.

  Onward….Man has been ripped off and robbed by women. Man, who was made in the image of GOD…… Good Christian “BITCHES”?! Bad Bible Belt Feministic Sleaze….This Is Really ‘Messed Up’!

Women now control the USA. Think this is a joke? Look at that wuss of a faggot you have in the W.H. who is occupying a mans seat. Men are the ones that are supposed to be the leaders.  I know…you want to tell me that man has royally screwed everything up, Right? If MAN had MEN behind him instead of deceptive women, things would not be the way they are in the Western world. 


Look how women have done things; Look at this in general terms. Women get a divorce, they get the kids, they get alimony, they get the home, the car, etc. Its the truth, generally speaking. Women are murderers as well. Yes they are. They murder babies through abortion faster than they can ‘spread their legs’.   Women connive their way into jobs that they are not qualified for by using affirmative action. If this disgusting affirmative action was not there, things may not have turned out the way they have.

There will be more on this subject.. But I would like if you watched this Youtube below, while I rant at a later date.. If you dont like my OPINION, thats your beef.

OH, and men, sorry for being so rude: GET A DOG, you will find more loyalty. 

  Recently, in a magazine, I saw this quote: “TRUST NO MAN, FEAR NO BITCH.” That sweet aint it? Here is another I came across:

This is what BOB, a blogger says on another website:

I would leave my wife if she took up feminism. Its unnatural.

By: bob on November 10, 2008
at 8:26 pm


Palin: “Birthers” Annoying-NO-*YOU* ARE ANNOYING, Lady

Fraud, fraud, fraud, fraud.

Go to fullsize imageGo to hell, Palin-I would LOVE to see YOU take this ‘birther’ crap on…But, noooo, you would not do that because you have to react to every little thing the left says–like a TYPICAL female.  I couldnt care less anymore who attacks your pre-menopausal ass. You are a quitter (Sheriff Joe never quits and he has PLENTY of lawsuits-practically-every other month ).  You are OK with ‘gays’ serving openly in our new paganistic military…Now, you ‘reject’ the ‘birthers’ because you don’t know shit from shinola about this situation, that’s been going on since 06/02/2008…..If it looks like a RINO-NEO-CON-WACK-JOB, talks like one, acts like one- IT IS ONE.  She has a SOROS plant on her staff as well, Randy Sheunemann (Some libo-“Jewish” ahole.)

Go to fullsize imageBYE SARAH. Adios (she hardly ever  brings up the borders, either <RINO>). Go join Hitlery and Ann Coulter with your pro-‘gay’ crap. You and Ann are in good company with each-other, being GOP or bust, establishment crazies-the GOP is terrible, just demo-FASCIST lite.   I won’t be taking up for you any longer.  Had Stupid McPAIN not brought you out of your straight-jacket,  we would’ve never had to hear your pathetic, whiney voice.  Go get a job, btw….. And make sure you don’t quit this time, sugar- wink-wink 😉

Video: Sarah Palin Rejects Birthers AKA Constitutionalists; “It’s distracting. It gets annoying. Let’s stick with what really matters.”


Marxist-NAZI Alinsky Leftists Calling 4 Palins “Assassination”

Go to fullsize imageRight out in the open, for all to see:   These sub-human specimen leftist NAZIs are not happy with the murder of a 9 yr old girl, they are calling for Palin to;  ‘Die of Cancer’, calls for Palins “assassination”, “Someone shoot Palin”, “Palin is next”, ETC.  This is what these people want: death and murder.  One of their own, (Loughner) shot the Congresswoman and took out, what? 9 others??   They are fulfilling their own radical, genocidal agenda right before our eyes.  Ever hungry for blood. Satanic to the MAX. Seriously, there is no help for people this evil and good men MUST rise up and do something. I dont even know what else to say at this point.



Twitter Users Wish Death on Sarah Palin

Palin Gets It Right: Assange Should Be Hunted Like The Taliban-IF We Could Find Him..

Go to fullsize imageNormally, I dont like half of the things Sarah Palin says, especially the way she has to stop in the middle of something to react to some dumbass leftist.  But, this last post that she made on Twitter, or F.B., is 100% CORRECT, below in the link provided.. The only thing is, we don’t know where this treasonous rat-bastard Assange lives, and in what country. But he should be hunted down and de-balled.

This is cool, thumbs up:

(BTW, where is McRomney, McPAIN, Huckabee to say anything about this?) Thumbs down for gutless men that are pussified by female dominance.

Link found by DONNA:




Megyn Kelly Who I’ve Always Admired Posed Like a Slut For GQ

  Obviously, men are going to like this pic.  Of course, I would not expect them not to like it. 

But isn’t this getting ridiculous?  It is to me.  Megyn Kelly, who I wrote a post on, I said flat out that I admired her. Now she poses like a slut for GQ?  Sarah Palin, who wants to possibly run for President is on a “Reality Show” and then her daughter is on “Dancing with the stars?” ~ I dont understand.  This is representative of “conservative values” in the MSM with everyday, ordinary people? It isn’t to me.   The MSM and their magazine rags are just straight up evil, and cashing in on evil  is beyond my ‘red-neck’ NYC comprehension…

  Sorry, I am not into ‘conservative’ women acting like a bunch of horses asses, looking like whores.  Thats my opinion.  You can have yours.  But, it is not changing mine.  “Conservatives” were foaming at the mouth with Obama running naked at the beach, and within good reason. I don’t want to see people like this (leadership and talking heads) acting this way when we are falling apart, bigtime falling apart.  This SHOULD be a time of reflection and begging God to forgive us for sinning so terribly against Him. 

  Go have fun, and get naked & sexy with your husband, Megyn. I dont want to see your tits floppin’ in the breeze.

Megyn Kelly on Working for Fox News and Leaving Her Law Career | GQ

Megyn Kelly on Working for Fox News and Leaving Her Law Career | GQ

Top Sarah Palin Aide Is On Soros’ payroll!?

 Afraid Top Palin aide is on Soros’ payroll…?!

Is this just OK?

  Given Soros’ alleged role plotting to destroy the United States, Beck and Fox viewership might be surprised to learn that one of Sarah Palin’s top aides has been on Soros’ payroll for years. That would be Republican lobbyist Randy Scheunemann, Palin’s foreign policy adviser and a member of her small inner circle. 

See the rest:  http://www.salon.com/news/politics/war_room/2010/11/12/orion_soros_palin/index.html


To the Sarah Palin BOTS…Dont bother posting here if you can’t take the truth.  You make Palin out to be a goddess, just as the Dem/Commies made Obama out to be the Messiah.  This man works with Palin, gets paid by Soros/satan and the Lobby report is there in Scrib’d for you to see.  This site does not trust politicians.

TNP: Trust NO Politician.

(The above is a left wing site, btw.  I ran into this by accident… Well, as Obama says..”You’ll know me by the FRIENDS I keep.” Same can be said for Palin?)

 It would be cool to see her fire this person…

Jerry Brown Calls Meg Whitman A “Whore” & Receives N.O.W. Endorsement-FEMINISTS SUCK

 Cowgirl  Cowgirl I have written that feminists suck for 2 years and most of you know it’s the truth, but this latest Jerry Brown attack; “Whitman is a whore”, takes the cake…NOW did ZERO on behalf of Whitman to come in and bat for her, after this vicious rhetoric….Then, the National Organization “FOR” Women adds insult to injury, proving once and for all- ‘feminism’ was/is a SHAM, by endorsing Brown, the sexist slime.           The biggest SCAM imposed on the American male & American conservative patriots IS feminism.  Why would anyone take these girly-fluff-snatch-groups seriously? If you are a woman and are still a feminist after this, you are the biggest asshole in the planet.

   When Carrie Prejean, 22 years old- was getting landblasted by the media, where was N.O.W.? When the MSM unleashed horrible, verbal assaults on Palin, where was N.O.W.? Where are they for Christine McDonald? Jan Brewer?

FEMINISM IS A SCAM. There is NO legitimate ‘feminist’ movement in America. They lied to America. It was only about left wing politics, radical Marxism and that’s all. Anyone that buys into ‘femi-NAZI-ism’ now, is a fool and a tool.  These phonies only help women if they are left wing, anti-American scum—thats the facts.

I am not alone in this:  Feminism Sucks Masculinity Out of Men – Associated Content ..

SEE: Fem-nazism: a new breed of oppression

SEE: Feminism Sucks