Wayne A Root: CHINA’s NOT Responsible For OUR Govt Shutting Down Nation & MSM Panic & Lunacy

Mr. Roots statement on GP: 

Wake up America, we are in the midst of a war and have been attacked like we haven’t been since Pearl Harbor.  In case you haven’t noticed, our opponent is China. The only difference is they have caused mass crisis, chaos, death and destruction to America- without firing a bullet, or bomb. Fellow Americans and citizens of the Free World, it’s time we wake up and prepare for battle. Once America mobilizes for all-out war, we never lose.

Mr. Root… the mass crisis and chaos is caused by OUR state governments.  The fear mongering lunacy of the Fake stream media is the fault of COMMUNISTS and the lack of outrage by average Joe worker: OUR FAULT.   Yes, the virus came from China (so they say, some think it is bio weaponry)…  But, Virus’s can come from anywhere.  And still, the flu has killed more Americans than the Virus.

If there is anything that us Americans love to do is NOT accept any responsible for anything.

The virus is not the encapsulating ‘killer’, either.  Its the ECONOMY, stupid!!  Look at the economy, its crashing.  WE did that.  OUR govt did that.  They did it by shutting up America for business as we watched  little mary’s running, practically fainting to grab toilet paper to wipe their sorry asses.

When will we ever see a leader tell America:

“Put your big girl panties on.  You’re an American, start behaving like one.  Get out there:  go to work, wear a mask and if you feel like you’re getting sick – go to the Dr.  He’ll put you on ZPac and Chloroquin.  

But, for gods sakes,  STOP stop being little pu$$ies.”


#ToiletPaper, How to deal with the lack. #JOBS, #Trump, #Chaos & Lord ROTHSCHILD Resigns, YAY!

#ToiletPaper, How to deal with the lack. #JOBS, #Trump, #Chaos & Lord ROTHSCHILD Resigns, YAY!

I just woke up…my thoughts for the day.. A little tired as I have not had a good sleep in a couple days because my spirit gets restless in these uncertain times…    😦

NEWSWEEK: Over 50K Ppl Have Recovered From #Coronavirus Around The World

NEWSWEEK: Over 50K Have Recovered From #Coronavirus Around The World

Dont listen to that man behind the curtain! Run for your lives! Booga, booga, booga…The Commies are in full throttle, destroy the economy mode.  Dont listen to them.

Read it here, from Johns Hopkins: https://www.newsweek.com/coronavirus-update-50000-recoveries-global-cases-1490495?fbclid=IwAR3MIkAcgQ-TJurVmKfUQ7E4mnIykjMLLWGTemCCsiDc-P1Sg8f4Dx_q5Gc



Leftist #FAKENEWS Hyping Virus Like They Hyped Phony #Impeachment

Leftist #FAKENEWS Hyping Virus Like They Hyped Phony #Impeachment

When the Left was pushing the impeachment garbage, it was ENDLESS impeachment news.  Now, they finally found a news piece that stuck…they are playing it up to the hilt. 

And, I don’t know when people are going to wake up from listening and reacting to the #FAKENEWS.  I talk to people all around the world and they’re laughing at how dumb Americans are for believing the MSM.