VIDEO: Is Ardern, The N.Z. P.M. A Paranoid, Crack Smoking Dopehead? Evidence Suggests, YES.

VIDEO: Is Ardern, The NZ P.M. A Paranoid, Crack Smoking Dopehead? Evidence Suggests, YES.

Jacinda Ardern, the paranoid, schizo Prime Minister Of NZ is locking up Zealanders and she doesn’t even want them to talk to their neighbors. Only a Pot Smoking loser is this paranoid.


We got ONE case of Covid!”

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CHECK OUT THIS VIDEO: Tyranny-Tranny Prime Minister of New Zealand on Crack!

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An Enemy Of Mine…

Here is an enemy of mine, below.  I love that they believe that I am the one that shut up the incog/batshit-insane man down (a nemisis of mine).  But, I didn’t.  I am happy that the pig is gone, but it wasn’t me.  Sorry, but I LOVE how you think I did it.   This garbage below is so hysterical, I wish I could tell this to these peoples faces, and laugh at them in person.Too Funny I had to write about this scumbag before…MANY times:


This is the ULTIMATE, paranoid, Fag-white-trash in full force, below. I am way too busy, incog and company to worry about your hatred for every Jew alive.  YOU all are too busy lovin all over Helen Thomas, a left-wing, bitch that spent over 40 years undermining America, MY homeland, after all I am 1/4 Seneca-Iroquois.   And..You IDIOTS only take up for the bitch just because she hates Israel… And you call ME an ‘Israel-firster?” ROFLOL-That is all you jackasses talk about–ISRAEL. Obsessed…

Now why the hell would I have ever wanted you closed? Your rag/blog was for my entertainment because it was mostly so delusional that it was borderline insanity/dumbness…  What was in it for me? You had banned me for MONTHS.  You were not even thought of. 

What a pompous ass to think he is ‘that important’ in the scheme of things!!

Go BOW TO aLLAH, you morons! Thats who you take up for over Americans-you LOVE Muslims more than Americans, and thats the FACTS. These IDIOTS forget that the cowardly incogshit BANS/banned ME, not the vc/versa..

Here is the paranoid, craziness below of one of the Jew-hating jackasses that is a fag, madly in love with incogman and his tiny, little dick:


  • 2 Sites Closed, Buh Bye Jew Haters!  Website of the “Jewish Task Force,” a Jewish supremacist organization which lurks around the Internet and tries to censor websites which expose Jewish criminal networks.  “Ashedina” is really The Mad Jewess.

    “If you find this BLOG offensive, then its SIMPLE; you move to the NEXT Blog…  You WILL find racist remarks here, you will find things that you dont wish to see or hear.  It is NOT in me to ‘change’ a person, or their opinions.  Good men have bled the grounds so that you can have FREE SPEECH.”

    “There is NO such thing as ‘HATE SPEECH’ but what **I** allow or disallow on this blogsite.”

    Ironic quote from the The Mad Jewess’ “About” page.  This is from a person who helped shut down INCOG MAN’s blog.<< Keep thinking that!   the Mad Jewess is THE ZOG IMPERIALIST!  Too Happy 1 Dummies…


    By the way, incogSTOOGE boy…You AINT a Christian Really nice cartoon from a “Christian”

    Luckily, I have Christians in my family, and they sure as hell are not like this!