MLK’s Nitemare: America WORSHIPS Black People’s SKIN, NOT Their Character

MLK’s Nitemare: America  WORSHIPS Black People’s SKIN, NOT Their Character


…And, this is a tragedy for black Americans like Doreen Borelli, Al West, Ben Carson, Larry Elder, Alan Keyes, Thomas Sowell, Pastor Manning, etc.  Who DO have excellent characters.  Are God fearing individuals who have loved our once great nation, are excellent citizens and respected people.

America worships black skin, not character content.  MLK said that he wanted black people & humans in general – to be judged by their content.   I have not studied MLK.  I’ve been too busy fighting off his people who pretend to possess the attributes of brotherly love but act like barbarians and heathen pigs.  They clearly do not possess humanity:  murdering, raping and robbing whites–even killing each-other.  If this was MLK’s dream…You can shove it up your ass. I don’t want it, thank you very much.

51% of American people re-elected Barack HUSSEIN Obama.  An enemy to America.  A hater OF America.  A human-hating, war-mongering, colonial, imperialist, Communist, Muslim hybrid.  When he was elected, the Liberal blacks in NYC had posters that claimed; “The dream, realized.”  The dream is a nitemare for the WHOLE of America. In fact, a minority in charge has been a disaster.  Black liberals are too busy screaming “THATS RACIST” to anyone that opposes their Messiah, Obama.  Clearly proving that THEIR majority knows NOTHING about American politics.  They elected in this PSYCHO because they WORSHIPED his skin color, not his politics & certainly NOT his character.  Obama will turn on liberal black people. He already has.  Paybacks a bitch.


Americans worship the skin of the JayZ’s, The Beyonce’s, the Rhianna’s.  Not for their music, because their ‘music’ is vomitous.  It’s not even music.  Not anything like the sounds of the 30’s-80’s which black Americans blessed the public with.

MLK’s Nitemare. America WORSHIPS Black People’s SKIN, NOT Their Character

….And, I pray that more people realize this.  That God will be with the black conservatives in their fight against the drek among them. That God would help the fighters against rabid black racism against white people.  That God would give me and my husband strength to fight nasty, ugly-spirited, anti-freedom, God-hating, Liberal-Communist Jews who help enable the WORST in the black community:

FOREIGN-Usurper, Muslim Obama And His Murdering Squad Of Traitors WANT War To Kill All Of Us

 FOREIGNER-Usurper, Muslim Obama And His Murdering Squad Of Traitors WANT War To Kill All Of Us.  He wants to declare Martial Law, ASAP. That is what yesterday was all about.  He wants Americans in a fervor so that he can call up the DHS to arrest us and murder us.  If you think something different, you are just plain stupid.  And, we will have to fight them, physically, very soon. It is what it is.

  Obama was taught from a young age to be a Bolshevik/Marxist.  His grandparents were Communists.  Obama’s  mother was a Communist.  His so-called father was a Communist as was Frank Marshall Davis, a mentor of his.  His friends William Ayers and his bitch wife are Communists. You think these people are not serious?  They seriously want you dead.  Ayers said that 25 million people must die.  They ARE murderers.  They think nothing of murdering babies with partial birth abortion.  What makes you think they will stop with us?  You better wake up, people.

  The Tea-party is a movement that ousted & rejected far rightist, Constitutional patriots.  In return, the “Tea-party” is now left with GOP or bust folk.  I know MANY patriots that were rejected to speak at Tea-Party conventions, Town-halls, you name it.  You all made a huge mistake.   Caving in to Communist/P.C. speak.   People that have been IN this fight (like myself and my husband and MANY others) for decades should have been the ones in charge of the movement.    And now, you are left with Obama-care because you didnt have the strongest of fighters, you rejected them.  You rejected the ‘bithers’ and now you answer to a foreign born usurper… GOOD GOING!!!   Well, you GOP folk are going to have to move over, because now, it will unfortunately take violence.  Thanks to you.  When? I dont know when.  The Town hall meetings of 2009 were the REAL deal.  But, “Tea-party patriots” were offfffennnnnded by the elderly, they were embarrassed…Pissed off older Americans got together and you “Tea-party” GOPers threw them to the sidelines, so don’t cry–you only have yourselves to blame.

  People on the net have made fun of me on both ends of the spectrum. We cover black on white crime for one big reason and a half;  To agitate Bolsheviks, to show them we are not afraid of their racial-baiting and to show white-genocide, something most ‘conservatives’ are too cowardly to cover, for fear of being branded racists.    And, because you were cowards, more whites are dead and ‘that’s racist’ still bothers you.     You were all wrong and now vigor and fervency is needed with agitation against these Communist enemies within.    You will have to move the hell over and let seasoned people deal with these Bolsheviks.   They think nothing of murdering babies with partial birth abortion. These enemies will be dealt with soon &  it wont be pretty. You “Tea-Partiers”  dont know how to deal with these bastards and folks like me do.  Why? We have lived around these son-of-a-bitches our whole lives and have fought them emotionally, AND physically-while we were growing up. 

“Birthers”~Most Powerful Group In America. Bill O’Reilly Is The ‘Frivolous’ One

“Birthers”~Most Powerful Group In America. Bill O’Reilly Is The ‘Frivolous’ One.

Yes, we are.

Why? Because we know the truth. Its not that hard to know the truth. Obama wrote himself, in 1991 that he was ‘born in Kenya, raised in Indonesia and Hawaii.”   Did you all hear that windbag, O’Reilly last night? Calling ‘birthers’ ‘frivolous?’  He is the frivolous one.  He offers NO proof that Obama was born here, NONE. Yet, calls us names when the proof is in the picture, below.  Obamas OWN words.

Pastor Manning is right. A little emotional, but right.

Once a foreign usurper was placed in the highest office in the land, we were doomed.  Romney will not ‘save us.’  If Obama is not put on trial and thrown in prison or worse, we will never get over what has happened. ANYONE can walk into the White House now, because of what Obama has done. He is PROOF that ANYONE could walk right in and take what was not theirs to begin with.

Sorry P.C. America: Victims Of Terrorist Black ‘Flash Mobs’ Are WHITE~Excellent Article-MUST C

Here is the dirty little secret that PC media has been tiptoeing around all summer regarding the black TERRORIST ‘flash mobs’—the perpetrators are African-Firsters and the victims are mostly white.

Read it all, IF you have the guts.

The Philadelphia Inquirer, which did not  identify the race of the attackers (they were called “unruly teens”) or victims in stories, quoted one of the victims in Center City, Jeremy Schenkel.


This had better stop with bad black people.  I had a horrible dream.  In the dream, white groups started killing black people that were INNOCENT.  You bad blacks had better stop, this is serious

Re. Israel; Commies, Neo-Cons, NAZIs, & Islam=ALL THE SAME

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  (Nevermind the Erav Rav (Leftist) ‘Jews’, God will sort THEM out…) But, Commies, NAZIs and Islam-They are all the same.  Just go to a neo-Nazi website and read what they write.  It is almost the same as what the Commies and Muslims write. The irony is that neo-nazis somehow believe that they are on a ‘moral highground’. Well, they aren’t.  Many neo-Nazis voted for Obama,  ‘to stick it to the Jews’ – like INCOGFAGGOT (Who possibly voted for Obama, as well); Let’s Kick The Lousy JEWS Right The Hell Out!  We all know, of course, that Muslims and Commies voted Obama AND “White Nationalists”, strange bedfellows…. They WILL follow their leader and bring more judgement:  floods, tornados, hurricanes and earthquakes will be the fate of the once great America. Turning against tiny Israel is fatal

  As a follower of the WHOLE Bible, (Torah, Tanakh, and the New Testament) and a believer in Prophecy, I can say without reservation, that those who lead the Arabs and other nations into an all out war with Israel, are mass murderers. I know the fate of those who will attack Israel, and that they will number into the millions, and that their blood will fertilize the ground upon which they tread. God instructed us not to worry about Jerusalem, for He is fully aware of the situation, and has made plans to destroy the enemies of Israel.

  Those leaders among us who encourage these attacks have already signed their own death warrants, and proven that they follow Satan. These are same people who are working night and day to destroy the United States, and we can blame the American voters for this situation. While they refuse to learn Right Knowledge, to study and learn Truth, they elect men and women of low moral character to office, and these elected officials serve only Satan. Greed and ignorance causes blindness, all self inflicted; Woe unto these fools.

(WATCH @ 15.50 minutes & on. I am not alone in this assertion.)

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From 2008: Pastor Manning~”Give Me OSAMA, I’ll Give You The Jews”

Go to fullsize imageWell, I can’t say I didnt warn the Jewish people of this in 2008.  I did.

  I put audio, youtubes, live-leaks, etc. up, warning the Jewish people to NOT vote for this monster (many were taken off the net.)   But, as usual, left wing Jews NEVER listen..  The left-wing, stupid, dummy Jews are as stiff-necked as it gets.  Now watch how the PEOPLE of Israel will come under attack and persecution like we have not seen before.  And who knows for how long…  Just think you “Zionist”  ‘liberal’  Jews were part of the grand scheme to put this wreck of a half-breed, Kenyan in office.  You could not think about American patriotism, could you have at least thought about your fellow Jews in Israel (outnumbered by your new bed-fellows) the Muslims?! 

You make me sick.

Pastor Manning~ America’s Pastor-A REAL Man-of-GOD

back Pastor Manning.It makes me livid and SICK that the Tea Party could reject Pastor Manning. Pastor Manning is a righteous Pastor.

Pastor Manning is REAL.

What To Do When The N-Word  Pastor Manning used the word “nigger” and for this, as black as he is, the Tea-Party rejcted him- he is BLACK, and the Tea-Party condemns him for criticizing his own people?  One word: LIBERALISM. Liberals are against FREE SPEECH. Can’t you see how sickening many of you have become?! I criticize evil left wing Jews constantly, as well as political Zionists (supporting Israeli-govt, and not the PEOPLE of Israel), are you going to reject ME for criticizing my own people?? Well, go screw yourselves!

 Round 1-Cup Teapot $24.99  The Tea-Party, to me- has turned out to be a bunch of wuss’s that oggle at Beck -worse than the Obama-bots. In truth, you should be ashamed of your idolatry, but you are not. Glenn Beck is a MAN. Mankind screws up.  Still, the Tea-Partiers, infiltrated by ‘touchy-feely’ “Liberals” destroyed a big movement that began spontaneously with the Town Hallers. THAT was the real deal.  I realize this post will piss off a lot of people, but, imo, you have turned to worship Beck.  You do. It is like everything the man says is “Kosher” and it isn’t. The other night, he told you listeners to NOT ‘hit the leftist radicals back if they get physical’.  So, now you are wanting to be martyrs?               So, if these leftist, America-hating scum-bags attack your family, you will sit there? MY GOD WAKE THE HELL UP!  Like asking Jews to march straight to Dachau all over again.

  A BirtherAnother thing that you all know.. Beck calls people that have been following the birth certificate issue since 06/08, “Crazies”.  That is liberal-speak, attack-mongering on people that have not seen proof of where the dictator-wannabe, Obama was born or ANY of his records.  SHAME ON YOU.  You should be taking everything that Beck says as a ‘grain of salt’. How do you feel, now that you are only part of  Controlled Opposition Fakes ?

Pastor Manning is the REAL deal of getting right with God, Gentile AND Jew-NOT Beck.