FASCISM ALERT~Serious Bolshevik/NAZI Attack Against Pat Buchanan

  I am not a fan of Buchanan, but he is right on many issues, especially about white people.  I dont agree with him on Israel and thats my opinion. 

  BUT JUST LOOK AT THIS!!  2 Pages of Marxist/NAZI attack at Commie Matters (Aka Media Matters.) “Dangerous rhetoric?”  Please… The only danger in America is COMMUNIST MEDIA MATTERS and the Bolshevik machine against our once great country.

HRC: “Unacceptable” For MSNBC To Give Buchanan A Platform For “Dangerous Rhetoric”Jewish Groups Also Take Stand Against BuchananHighlights From Pat Buchanan’s Bigotry Tour Buchanan’s History Of Anti-LGBT BigotryBuchanan Won’t Disavow Idea That Minorities Have Inferior GenesBuchanan Appears On “Pro-White” Radio Show

Enough Is Enough. MSNBC Has Ignored Buchanan’s Numerous Bigoted And Inappropriate Comments For Too Long. It Is Time To Hold Him Accountable. 

Meaning: They will have him fired.  Look what they did to Lou Dobbs.  Look at the Youtube below on how they took credit for Dobbs ouster because of Obamas b.c. and illegal occupiers. The bottom line with “Progressives” is that YOU are not allowed to have an opinion unless it is in agreement with them. 


They hate America and the 1st Amendment right of free speech. They should be sent to psych wards, expeditiously.