Progressive; Fancy Word for #Communism , #Marxism [Video]

Progressive; Fancy Word for #Communism , #Marxism

If it looks like a Communist, smells like a Communist and acts like a Communist, it is a Communist.

Video by: Pat Condell

Leftists & White Supremacists: Useful Idiots For “Palestine”

This Youtube is performed by a former very harsh critic of Israel, who is on to the Stalinist/Marxists and refuses to be used anymore. Good going.  It is a good thing to get free of Jew hate, which is a mental cancer.  Its one thing to criticize evil Jews (Liberal maniacs) but to blame ALL of the Jews for the actions of the jackasses is ludicrous. Of course, this man is an atheist and really has no love for either Jew or Christian, but at least he does not just hate Israel for no good, godly reason at all.

George Galloway the JIHADIST

George Galloway – Muslim/Progressive Alliance: Encyclopedia II – George Galloway – Publishing/media activities

George Galloway – Asian Voice. Galloway has been involved in several publishing companies. He owned Asian Voice, which published a newspaper called East from 1996. An investigation by BBC Newsnight found that Galloway had secured payments of £60,000 and £135,000 from the Pakistani governments of Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif. Galloway insisted this was for advertising space and bulk copies, but Newsnight alleged that it was for favourable coverage of Pakistan. He is currently one of two Directors of Finjan Ltd.; the other Director is his former wife …


IS there any wonder why UK is dropping to its knees now? People like George Galloway are allowed to put MOSLEMS first, even before Americans mother, England. What a shame, what an irony that this is allowed in England, which was, at once, a civilized place.