#CARMAN, Christian Story-telling Singer Has Died :(

CARMAN, Christian Story-telling Singer Has Died

I used to go to his concerts in the 80’s and 90’s. They were very uplifting and patriotic. He tried in vain to bring this nation back to God. Unfortunately. Good bye Carman. Be at peace. You worked hard for God. True, you had ups and downs but we ALL do. Carman Licciardello, Iconic CCM Singer, Dead at 65

Bring God in America again:

“Trump blues”

“Lazarus” (the most exciting)

“Be the Light of Jesus”

Bye Carman, RIP.

Rush Limbaugh also has died. Bye Rush 😦 2 very great men who did what they could to bring America back to its original roots. It must be symbolic.

My Facebook Friend’s Brother (White) In ICU-Beaten Up By 15 Black Men + Others Last Night~ “Thats Justice For Trayvon?!”

My Facebook Friend’s Brother  (White), in ICU Was Beaten By 15  Black Men + Others Last Night:”Thats Justice For Trayvon?!”

(The media casually leaves out race,  when it is a crime against a white person, see below.)

(I know that many of us make friends on F/B, & meet-ups, Patriot Action Networks….people become close to us, online in these networks (as close as one can be online).        Will all of us be seeing this on our f/b pages on a daily basis??!!)

>The F/B message from our patriot action networkOur fellow Patriot Ashley Parker needs your Prayers!! Her brother was viciously attacked by a hate-filled mob….This is her message to all Patriots on our f/b page:

‘This is my brother. He was beaten by 20 black men last night. He is in ICU with bleeding on his brain. It was the scariest thing I have ever witnessed. They chased him and beat him on the front porch of his residence. They hit him with brass buckles, paint cans and anything they could get their hands on. We haven’t heard from the police if they have been arrested yet. The news won’t touch this story. As one of the black men left….he said “Now that’s justice for Trayvon”.
Here is the link to this atrocity:


They claim to have taken a picture of him in ICU. SO- Be careful.  Use with discretion-It could be hoax.  So, do NOT use if you are skeptical.  If it is bogus picture, we will remove it. Remember, this is the NET, and people are weird about things.  This is the picture that was on my f/b page. So, we will see.  I will let you know what happened, IF I can.

Update by Gateway Pundit: 

I almost wish this was a hoax. It is not.

(Remember, these are only online patriots/friends from a network of Americans)

Very unfortunate news, below, it is the truth, sadly:

Where’s the Lib Media?… Mobile Man Clings to Life After Brutal Beating By Black Mob

JAMES O’KEEFE Hits Maine With Medicaid Fraud & Corruption.

Beware, leftists, your worst nitemare is working overtime.

Dear AsheDina,

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote to you about the investigations launched into
Medicaid fraud in Ohio, South Carolina, Virginia, North Carolina, and Indiana as
a result of the shocking footage caught in our series of undercover
investigative videos.

I’m happy to report that a sixth state — Maine — can be added to the
growing list of states investigating Medicaid corruption. In fact,
Governor LePage was upset he didn’t see the video earlier

The video features a young reporter who calls himself “Ted Ceanneidigh” (Ted
Kennedy) going into state Medicaid facilities to apply for benefits. “Ted” tells
the employee he’s from a wealth family that owns a pharmaceutical company and a
fishing business.

He explains his assets are in precious metals and cash, but had no actual
“income” to report. And… as a bonus, he made sure to point out he drove a

You would think that would be the end of the conversation, but the
Medicaid employee still wanted to make sure he got taxpayer money
. She told
Ted, “If you can’t prove income, you don’t have income,” adding, “Don’t say
anything about your Corvette!”

When will government employees and agencies learn taxpayer money is
not theirs to waste?

In this National Journal article, you can read more about how
Maine Governor LePage is responding
to “protect the limited resources for
those who are truly in need and shutdown the benefits for those abusing the

You can also watch video of the Governor addressing the potential fraud, as
reported by local media.

As always, it’s because of your support, Pauli, and the support of thousands
more concerned taxpayers, along with the sacrifices made by citizen journalist
volunteers, we’re changing the way Americans think about big

And we’re beginning to receive support from grassroots organizations fighting
for taxpayers.

On Thursday, Maine Heritage Policy Center (MHPC) and Americans for
Prosperity-Maine (AFP) teamed up to hold a joint press conference to push for
reform of the entire Medicaid system.

They’ve even offered solutions of their own. Go
here to read what they’re proposing to stop the waste and

Again, I don’t blame any of the individuals in these videos
for what they did. They are part of a much bigger system and culture of
corruption that must be fixed from the top down.

Pauli, thanks again for your support. I look forward to
talking to you again next week because we have a big release planned you won’t
want to miss!

Also, please
forward this email to your friends and family
so they read about the
positive impact Project Veritas is having on behalf of the taxpayer, with your

Yours for Truth,
graphic signature
James O’Keefe

Lt. Col. Lakin~ A Patriot Left Hung Out To Dry By FAUX News.

Go to fullsize imageWe have a Lt. Col (Lakin)  that is risking his life and going to JAIL, and FOX News does zero, says zero about his Court Martial that HE invited, because he believes that Obama is an alien. Obama IS an alien.  I have talked about this myself and have been astounded about the silence with FAUX News. Leaving a soldier-patriot hang out to dry like this is disgusting, worse than leaving him on the battle field to die.

    Is Fox News insane?  Are they just frikking tools? Do they only support the troops when we are at war and in battle?  One day, we WILL hold you responsible for this atrocity in censorship. Count on IT. The silence with Navy Battle Commander,  William Francis Fitzpatrick is absolutely abominable too.

See this also: (Click on the pic below:)

CMDR W. Francis Fitzpatrick III

From The Conservative Monster: Lt. Col. Terry Lakin and Paul Jensen on the Barry Farber Show – 9/3/10

Yes, Whatever Beck, O'Reilly, & Hannity Say..



PATRIOT Sends Message To Felipe Calderon, -BURN BABY BURN!

Wetbacks go home.

GET OUT!! GET OUT you ILLEGALAS!! Before we burn your flag with you in it! You have trespassed, you have trampled on us, we are coming, we are coming for YOU, MOJADO! Pince’ Cabron!

I am sick of the illegal occupation, my neighbors, NATIVE YAVAPAI’S are sick of these terrible murderers. We are SICK of their ugly ass flag with terrible colors, tired of LA RAZA, totally burnt out from your whining for OUR MONEY in OUR nation- GO BACK HOME to Felipe and tell THAT RAT-Bastard-SCHMUCK to FEED YOUR ASS, you illegal SLIMES!

Obama & Holder facing DC QUO WARRANTO & a Ronald Reagan CHIEF JUDGE

Click: Update on DC Quo Warranto -Summons were served on Obama, Holder, Phillips

That is on Orly Taitz Website. This also is, below… The Wall Street Journal.. Imagine that.  Well, Well…….

Thank you Wall Street Journal for joining me and splitting from Obama’s thugs in the Main Street Media. Now WSJ is asking about Obama’s records and call Obama a “puppet and a dummy”

Go see the DemoFASCIST Nitemare site: 

Dr. Orly Taitz Esquire 

For some people, that just care about their nation, we just don’t give a damn if you think we  ‘look stupid, are insane, are extremist, etc’  -We dont care how many attacks you throw in our direction, it is not a question of if we are ‘dumb and crazy.’ 

To ME, The Mad Jewess? It is a question of being born a Daughter of the American Revolution on my Fathers side of the family, and how I absolutely KNOW, without a shadow of a doubt, that Obama- IS AN ALIEN. 

 It’s an “American” thing….You wouldn’t GET it Obama….Tongue

 Ha ha… Dirty Dem’s 

Click on this PIC below, what an ARROGANT ASSHOLE: 

 OH, BTW: http://presidentsrus.com/2010/02/11/barack-obama-somehow-different/ Assholes…. I didnt LIKE BUSH EITHER JERK BRAINS.






  Thats right, and thats AmeriKa now, folks.  The government is criminal and corrupt, they were following this young man, because he has 3 more tapes- they are scared they will be exposed for their dirty deeds done dirt cheap. NOBODY has the GUTS to stand in the gap for the PATRIOT, but The Mad Jewess will, and you all can call me crazy, you all can call me radical, you can call me insane, you can tell me I am evil, and hit me with every last comment that you think will ‘hurt’ me, but I know when I see criminals, and it is the GOVERNMENT.

  The Governments Goons, SEIU -who beat another man up, won’t even face charges, but little evil ‘whitey’ James O’Keefe will. They set this kid up, and followed him, thinking he is the danger, when THEY are the danger. They are the Big-Government 1984, the Communists, the Nazis, the red-shirts, the brown-shirts, the liars- the evil. 

  James O’Keefe, from the minute I heard about this, I just didn’t care, all that I cared about is/was your safety, your heroic deeds, that now they will try to throw out {the ACORN expose}.  Yes they will, because YES THEY CAN.


  This is Obamas AmeriKa., with back room deals, dirty deeds, non-citizen & a dual as a “CIC” that our troops have to answer to, and you…..,

O’Keefe, YOU are the only one with the guts, the rest of us are MOUTH.

I wish it was ME in that prison cell. It would be an honor, surely this nation is as dishonorable as it can get, and jail is MORE FREE.

O’Keefe: “The truth shall set me free”

http://biggovernment.com/2010/01/28/crime-tolerating-left-pounces-on-apparent-new-orleans-stunt/  http://hotair.com/archives/2010/01/26/okeefe-the-truth-shall-set-me-free/

A DISTINGUISHED man; Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III is accusing FOREIGN BORN Obama of TREASON

Often quoted:   ‘Beware of the fury of a patient man’ 

The JAG Hunter…Dauntless and unafraid!  

-Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III


 Naval Commander (still serving at the cause of a foreign born enemy ‘Mr. Obama’ that has siezed control  of the highest office in the land by treachery & deceit  of our govt.) is a bulldog and distinguished gentleman.  Walter Fitzpatrick will not relent until justice prevails.   The Lawsuits, while at work have been almost fruitless with a Supreme Court that is just as treasonous as the usurper, Barack Hussein Obama.  This is our ‘smoking gun.   This is what we have been waiting for.

  We now have a COMMANDER of this necessary 2nd Revolutionary  ‘silent’ war that is being waged on our own soil, at the hands of the Democrat Party & Republican Party of tyrants that will do more damage then the terrorist acts of  11, September,  2001.

 In this Commander, I will swear my life, after God almighty. 

   I have been reading on this fine man of strength, and so very proud that we have had men,  as Walter Fitzpatrick serve this great country of ours, to keep us safe, to ensure our freedoms against enemies foreign and domestic, which he has been doing, even still, to this day, with a statement that we were only thinking in our hearts, but didn’t dare say;  Obama is guilty of TREASON.

  Walter Fitzpatrick III has been waging a war on our own Military so called ‘powers that be’.  Rightly so, they have been treasonous.  Treasonous against soldiers..the ‘little people’ of the Military.   He has stood in the gap for soldiers that were slandered and accused of vile things that were LIES.  There is no finer type character & person than Walter Fitzpatrick III, and ANY Military man will vouch for him, and take him at his word, which I am 100% positive is his BOND.

  Battle Commander  Fitzpatrick has stood in the gap for your boys, your Husbands, Uncles, Sons, Daughters, Wives against (if needed be) those who are suppose to protect usthe treasonous U.S. govt.  We now must put to task, the conviction and command  in our hearts; the same accusation laid against the usurper, Barack Hussein Obama by this great man, Fitzpatrick;  A bold accusation of TREASON.  It  MUST be declared by EVERY person that calls themself an American.  If no accusation, it renders you as guilty and just as treasonous.

                  He CANNOT ‘Go it alone’.   As long as I live, I will not  LET him ‘go it alone’, and neither should ANY American (conservative OR liberal, democrat OR republican, liberatarian, independent, etc.)

  On Commander Filtzpatrick’s Blog is read:  


jag – mire n. U.S Military Discipline. Slang 1. Perpetual use of the Articles of War. 2. Present and past practice of military discipline. 3. The collected body of unethical, corrupt, corrupted, or criminally complicit judge advocate generals. 4. A difficult or precarious military discipline situation; predicament. 5. Punishment without law – attainder.  http://jaghunters.blogspot.com/

    It is obvious, this is a righteous man of the faith, and an American force not to be reckoned with.  Fitzpatrick will not follow, or be ‘dictated’ to,  from a person that is not American

  Fitzpatrick does right, and in a normal world, this would not be a big issue.  However, since Obama siezed power by deceit and treachery being a foreign enemy, it makes our Constitution invalid, null and void.  Simply put; Fitzpatrick is doing his duty.

  I realize that people who call themselves “American” will declare patriots of America ‘treasonous’, this is because they were not taught their history, because of the goals to destroy America were put in force on Thursday- Jan 10, 1963:  http://neprimer.com/1963ComGoals.htm  IF you have the guts, you might want to take a look at how America has been destroyed.   You have been dumbed down, Americans,  so bad, that you don’t know who or what you are.  You don’t know freedom if it were to knock at your door or hit you in the face.

  I am a daughter of the American Revolutionary War, (D.A.R) and for such a time as this, I will stand in the gap of the patriots that bled on the battlefields for my freedom now.  As an American, I stand WITH Commander Walter Francis Fitzpatrick III,




 …..that Barack Hussein Obama is GUILTY OF TREASON

  I ACCUSE this government of TREASON against it’s citizens.

  In the words of founder and patriot of America, John Paul Jones, I tell YOU, TREASONOUS government:




A little reading that will prove the strength and fortitude of Walter Francis Fitzpatrick III: 

A Task of Walter Francis Fitzpatrick III: Aug-11-2007 18:24   Demand to Alberto Gonzales Seeks Relief for Marine and Soldier 

 Advocates Call Iraq Marine’s Court Martial and Conviction Into Question

Attorney General Gonzales:

Military commanders and their confederates are engaged in the widespread criminal offense of Attainder overarching command racketeering unbounded in scope and time. My criminal complaint of military outlawry demands that you, as the nation’s top law enforcement officer, arrest this illicit business and its perpetrators instantly.

Fully aware you’ll do nothing unless the forcing function of public outrage increases pressure, my purpose here is as much to incite fury and rage as it is to demand arrests and prosecutions. I’m confident in my ability to inform my fellow citizens that military governors, contumacious commanders-generals, admirals, senators, and representatives-have with treachery and intent seized the power of the citizen jury. Attainment of Marine Sergeant Lawrence Hutchins, III and Army Ranger Staff Sergeant Raymond Girouard supplies oxygen to the tinder-dry imaginations of a weary populace that I-with fellow military personnel, their families and communities-intend to ignite with the suddenness of a thunderstorm lightening strike in dry prairie-grass.

See the rest here:   http://www.salem-news.com/articles/august112007/gonzo_letter_81107.php

Sir: I honor you, and I am at your service.

A daughter of the American Revolution and former voluntary civilian of the Fort Ord 7th Infantry Division ‘light fighters’; Troop Entertainment, FORSCOM Award of Excellence Winner, 1986 given by:  General William Harrison @ Stillwell Hall.