Loving President Lincoln

We went to Disneyland to celebrate my daughter’s sweet 16 birthday. We went on most the rides and enjoyed family and fun time.

The most stirring attraction, to me, was The Disneyland Story presenting Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln. I have always been an admirer of President Lincoln, and the last time I saw this was nearly ten years ago. Some audience members sang along (and quite nicely, one had a great baritone) with the Battle Hymn of the Republic. The great actor Royal Dano voiced Mr. Lincoln, reciting some of the president’s speech with passion and perfection. He spoke of liberty and patriotism, and for that moment in time, I for one, was filled with hope and felt the future of this great country of ours was heading for better times. In that one moment in time, nothing mattered or even existed, and the audience was mesmirized for the time we were in auditorium. We were watching in complete silence and admiration this magnificent presentation of President Lincoln.

After the show was over, the doors opened and we exited. I felt happy and inspired. The show definitely made an impact on me. Portraits on the wall was the first thing I saw after we walked out of the auditorium.

Obama’s picture was the first thing I saw. All that hope left me.

This July 4th, America MUST Turn Back To Its Roots: CHRISTIANITY

  Its like this, people;  You are AMERICAN or not. What are you? Lately, I am sad, very sad, watching what evil people of both so called ‘religious’ backgrounds; “Christian & Jewish” & what they are doing to this nation,  I want it stopped as an AMERICAN.

  This nation cannot go ‘far right, and it cannot go far left’ it must turn back to its basics of being AMERICANS, we must plead the mercy (last resort) to God and Heaven. We have no other choice

  When I was young, we were proud to be AMERICANS. We pledged allegiance to our country. Some of us were boy-scouts, some girl scouts, I was a girl scout. My family forbid me to join the Marines to ‘fight the enemy and kill them’ so, they did allow me to entertain at the base (Fort Ord 7th Infantry Division, Light fighters brigade) I loved that time in my life, and I still, to this day, entertain and sing for the Vets at the V.A. – the Vets are the finest people in this world, in my opinion.  Yes, it is America’s birthday, but more importantly, it is the vet, the soldier that makes sure we remain free. Especially the older vets; WW2, Korea, Viet Nam.

  Now, we are in a threat and danger of coming under a dictatorship. I firmly believe that ALL people in America that are patriotic, and have loved this nation since its founding, MUST implore ALL people to return to this nations roots;

CHRISTIANITY.  If you do not like that this is supposed to be a Christian nation, you are free to go.  Just leave.  Leave. We wish you well. But if you hate God, hate Christianity, you have had NO business changing things to make it succumb to YOUR desires.  I just want my Christian nation back. If I really wanted this to be a “Jewish” thing, I can go to Israel, but America is my home.

  So, on this 4th of July, you people out there that have disrespected our flag, disrespected this Christian nation and re-wrote our original documents to suit your unrighteous agenda:  know that there IS a handful of ragtag patriots like myself, that will indefinitely oust you….very soon.  You have been warned.


Poem “The Loss Of A Nation Dis-Order”

  “The Loss Of My Nation Dis-Order”

tears.gif TEARS image by Belleguine

   The frustration and anger are rages, boiling in my head. The loss of country, has left me alone, feeling scattered and unfed. My heart and mind…emptied, frightened and I dread.

  My soul is ready to explode, Please help me Lord, please tote this weary load. My  friends are no-where, no-place to be found.  My spirit is breaking, Can you hear the frazzled sound? 

  There is no remedy, no drug or pill. What the hell can I do, Lord?  NO, I’m not a ‘shill’.  The pain I feel is real, not pretend.  I feel we have nobody, God being our only friend.

  I need the open arms, I’m like anybody else. Where are the ‘open arms?’ They are hooked up to their liberal ‘self.’

  Where is the love we know, that pours from up above?  Let it be like snow, or a peaceful flying dove.

  I’m sick to death and tired of the liberals pointing fingers, the debates they give are long, painful, and it lingers.

  Please help me to forgive, Lord, for you alone know my hurt….I’ve got to keep on trying, but I really feel like dirt.

AsheDina, The Mad Jewess  © 2010

The End Result of Tears & Loss:

Things to consider, should the citizens overthrow the US government

                Many Americans are finally entertaining the thought of a revolution to overthrow the government.  As nice and right as that would be (it would certainly make Thomas Jefferson happy) , there are some points that must be considered and the first is; where does the military stand?  You cant succeed without their support.  Just as important is what are you going to do once you depose of the traitors in power now?   You have to have an immediate functioning government.  Will it be in the current format, just far smaller as envisioned by the founding fathers or will it be a parliament style?  Dictatorship?  Who will be in charge and what will happen to our staggering debt?  What will you do with the corrupt leaders who you just deposed?
Then there are other points almost as important.  What will you do about corrupt state governments?  What about the millions of government employees and their pensions, those about to get them and those who have been receiving them for years?  What power will the courts have and just what levels of courts will there be?  Obviously we want to end endless appeals and frivolous lawsuits.  What would you do about the anti American left living here?  What about Muslims?
Once you have a new functioning government in place, what will you do about returning industry to America and endless corporate mergers, which always eliminate jobs?  What about import tariffs?  What about not allowing imports at all.  We were once self contained and self sustained, so do we really need crap from China?  What will you do with foreign investment?
What will you do about raising the bar on standards instead of where it is now, to accommodate the dumbest of us?
The key thing you must be ready for is, who will be in charge of an immediate functioning government.  That last thing a revolution wants is anarchy or a revolution that turns on itself.
David Ben Moshe – JTF.ORG

I happen to like this video a lot. I am 100% WITH Christians that love God, and follow their bible. If the word “Jesus” offends you as a Jew, then just dont listen to the song, it is for my Christian followers, which I have many 🙂

*********** http://themadjewess.wordpress.com/about/ See that about my rights of FREE SPEECH if you have an issue with this post.  The left can talk like animals to Jews and Christians without a problem at all.  I am a daughter of the American Revolution on my fathers side of the family, I will say as I damned well please.



 WTF! Are they KIDDING??

THE ACLU, is there for AMERICAN LIBERTIES??? SURE- FU*K OFF ACLU, hows that?!  These pieces of TRASH are the SAME ANIMALS that called for the MURDER of US troops, and here they are with this CRAP!? 



June 10, 2009

http://www.insidebayarea.com/dailyreview/localnews/ci_12589887?source=rss  provided Link by LEW from MT. Thank you Lew.

Antiterrorism training materials used by the Department of Defense teach that public protests should be regarded as “low-level terrorism,” according to a letter of complaint sent to the department by the American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California.

“Teaching employees that dissent on issues of public concern is something to be feared, rather than encouraged, is a dangerously counterproductive use of scarce security resources, making us less safe as a democracy,” Northern California ACLU staff attorney Ann Brick and ACLU Washington national security policy counsel Michael German wrote in the letter to Gail McGinn, acting undersecretary of Defense for personnel and readiness.

“DOD employees cannot accomplish their mission of protecting our nation and its values unless they understand that those values encompass the right to criticize our government through protest activities,” they wrote. “It is imperative that they are taught the difference between political, religious or social activism and terrorism.”



“Don’t Tread on Me” Bumper Sticker is “EXTREMIST” according to HSA JANET NERO-TANO

   Here we go AGAIN with the YES WE CAN Patrols. 

Janet  NERO-TANO, HSA- is targeting our FIRST flag: “DONT TREAD ON ME” 

What a paraniod FREAK

This is an EVIL rotten NO good SOB. 

This govt. is SCARED TO DEATH of us, GOOD!

 I want them shaking in their britches and chomping at the BIT.  I am TIRED of these so called ‘laws.’

  Here…for YOU Janet Nero-tano:

WND reported this right here: http://wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=97374   You can go and support the VISION Blog: http://www.americanvision.org/the-american-vision-blog/man-detained-for-displaying-dont-tread-on-me-bumper-sticker/  and give them SUPPORT.