Paul Ryan Is An IDIOT. Immigrants Are Supposed To Come TO Us Not The Vc. Versa

P. Ryan Is An IDIOT. Immigrants Are Supposed To Come To US, Not The Vc. Versa

The GOP and the DEM teach non-assimilation. The GOP, like the Dem is just a Communist party…Working hard to destroy America

Every morning I get up and it’s always bad news.  And, thankfully, people like Paul Ryan have made me happy that I left the Republican party years ago.  Ryan says the GOP needs to ‘reach out to immigrants’ (he means wetback illegals from south of the border) to win elections.. Dude, you need to get on the side of AMERICANS who are tired of the illegal occupation OF these criminal invaders.. But, you are probably being paid off by special interests.  

In America, it used to be immigrants who came here were proud to become citizens..  My mothers Grandfather was a Portugee-Crypto/Jew.  He worked hard and owned half of Salinas in California.  He was proud to come to the land of opportunity & become a citizen.  He was dirt poor when he got here and worked like a dog.  Sadly, now immigrants come for a hand out.  Food, housing, healthcare.  That is not what America was supposed to be and Paul Ryan is an…

The former Vice Presidential candidate told the Des Moines register that it was “crucial” for Republicans to deliver on immigration reform.
The Des Moines Register reported.