So…What have women invented? And how does a REAL ‘feminist’ BE a true feminist?

 One has to sit and think about this- I mean as a woman, just what have we invented? And how does a real feminist be true? I will show you how a real feminist can be true.  She can start by getting rid of things that ‘evil man’ has invented.

All of the DVD’s must be thrown in the ashcan, a man invented it, along with the DVD player.

Throw out the T.V. next, a man invented that as well.

 That computer MUST go!!! Before anything, evil ‘whitey’ man invented that too.

Another EVIL man invented the car, so, JUNK IT!

 Cannot have a radio, a man did that too.  WTF!! What am I going to do as a feminist?

I better trash my phone.. how am I going to talk to my friends and gossip like a typical female?

 The Ipod too? What in the hell? EVIL man invented that too.

Now, wait a minute!! I found something that a WOMAN invented?! Yes, I did! I better do something—fast!  In the 60’s, the feminists marched and their ‘big statement’ was to burn their bras and not wear bras!  I must tell all of my Comrades to wear the BRA! Because a WOMAN invented a BRA!  

Face it, Darling  feminazi girls, when it comes right down to it, you aint done a whole helluva lot to make men so miserable.

Put your bras back on BITCHES!


Lets just start off by LOOKING at these hags, that are the ‘leaders’ of the REAL MOB:

Isnt she lovely...
Isnt she lovely…

Eleanor Smeal, (SCHLEMIEL) president of the Feminist Majority, joined other feminists in endorsing Barack HUSSEIN Obama Tuesday at the National Press Club. ( Starr) 

……. In other words, she endorsed a MOSLEM, that passed HALAL laws, in Shitcago…Brilliant..

Not saying what I think..
Not saying what I think..

Wow. Just wow:  Feminist Magazine MS To Powerful Israeli Women: Sorry, You’re Too Jewish To Be In Our Magazine

Below FEMALES I clicked were at RANDOM, (they are naturally HIDEOUS man-haters) choose YOUR poison:

 <<LOL!!! rotflmao!

Come on…WHAT man in their RIGHT mind would even look twice at these creatures? And the book “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” to me…is plum RIDICULOUS. 

 Man is MAN, woman WOMAN.  These wretched creatures are miserable hags.

Penis ENVY.

If they are so ‘equal’, simple as this……………GO PISS OUT A CAMPFIRE!  


………….And do it without getting your puss burned!


the BRA!


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