Dream Last Night About NEW Wasp/Locust Creatures Coming To Earth With HORRIBLE Stingers

Dream Last Night About NEW Wasp/Locust Creatures Coming To Earth With HORRIBLE Stingers

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The bugs in my dream were much uglier than this one & far more deadly.

I believe that God gives dreams (messages of the night) to warn. I don’t take dreams as ‘gospel truth’. However, they are something to think about. I hope this will not happen but I saw the following in this dream:

I had some dream last night. It was just awful. In the dream, I was on a large farm. This farm was in a place that never had snow–EVERAll of the sudden, it started snowing. Nobody even knew what it was! I was amazed because it never snowed there and now it was! [It was near the equator, in South America.]

THEN, to my amazement, a door opened near the barn and gazillions of (they looked like locusts or grasshoppers or wasps) A new flying-bug-creature not seen before. These bugs were SO UGLY.

Then, I was given eagle eye type vision so that I could see these flying creatures up close. My GOD!! These creatures had stingers that were about 4 inches long!!!These flying creatures were tormenting everything and everyone. Thank the LORD, I was in a huge barn. I closed the window door and I was safe.

The End.

I know in the book of revelation, it is said that super ugly bugs will come and torment people. I can believe this is totally possible. After all, just look what GOD did to the Egyptians in order to set the Israelites free.

In our current society, it is becoming more lawless and horrible. I believe this angers and grieves God.



Please turn to GOD and read the Bible.

Locust Plague Reaches #Coronavirus-hit China After Wreaking Havoc Across Africa

Locust Plague Reaches Coronavirus-hit China After Wreaking Havoc Across Africa

My God….its like the apocalypse is hitting everywhere.  Australia is burnt to a crisp and then they were flooded.  Africa has been hit with the Locusts that have destroyed their crops.  Now, China, where the Coronavirus has made a home is looking at the plague of locusts coming their way  Click here to read how the locusts are moving toward China.  

A thought-Is it possible for Locust to contract Carry and spread coronavirus?

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Revelation 6:8

I looked and a pale-colored horse appeared. Its rider’s name was Death, and Hades came close behind him; and authority was given to them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with the sword or with famine or pestilence or by means of the wild beasts of the earth.

This Pastor is talking about it:


My God….have mercy. Have mercy.

Another FLY Lands On Obama. Obama Is Literally… A Piece Of Sh*t

The fly was only doing what came natural…..

It smelled something decaying & came to find out what it was… little did it know, that we humans call it the ‘President of the USA’,  and that most people can’t smell this odor, but fly’s always know when there is a meal to be had…

Obama IS a Curse. Rat, (Rodent) Flies- Pestilence is CURSE.

Barack HUSSEIN Obama is a CURSE to this nation. If we let this monster stay in the W.H., this nation will continue to be cursed. Things like this cannot just be. He is a curse. What type evil he is, I don’t know, but pestilence  is all around him as well as disaster, he is NOT ‘sent by God’, the only God of the Bible.  Who he is sent by, I don’t know, but this is evil. It is what it is.

Pestilence: Something that is considered harmful, destructive, or evil.  A pernicious, evil influence or agent. A usually fatal epidemic disease.

Barack Obama