Whatta Hellhole: DEMOCRAT Philadelphia On Kensington Avenue

Whatta Hellhole: DEMOCRAT Philadelphia On Kensington Avenue

This is how the evil CommieCrats care about the poor people in their cities. If this is love, I’ll take hate. I will stay in my ‘bigoted’, ‘racist’ Northern Arizona, tyvm.

Wee heeeeeeeeeeee!!

Ya get what you vote for.

Enjoy ANY Democrat city in America, foreigners!

Come and visit! 🙂

Get your walk through horror shows in the flesh.

Proud To Be An American? Come & SEE America’s Zombie Apocalypse:

Proud To Be An American? Come & SEE America’s Zombie Apocalypse In Democrat Philly:

The Camera-man slowed these scenes down a bit…but you MUST take a look at this. You MUST. This is so repulsive and disgusting that I feel so ashamed and sad to even show this!

THIS is just about ANY Commie-CRAT city in America and the sheep continue to vote for this.

[Streets of Philadelphia, Kensington Avenue, Aug, 2021. HAT TIP: TED NOIZ]

New Black Panthers (The American Pussy Riot) Are In Philly, Again

New Black Panthers are standing guard at Pennsylvania polling

  ….to intimidate evil whitey..!!   Who fought for their ungrateful asses to be free…  So that they could show up 140 years later to ‘kill all crackas and they babies..’  Pathetic.