RIP! Our Sweetheart, Shirley Temple Was “Racist” Who Deliberately Wore Black Face! HAHAH!

RIP! Our Sweetheart, Shirley Temple Was “Racist” Who Deliberately Wore Black Face! HAHAH!     Yep, thats what black people were telling me on twitter! Shirley Temple deliberately wore black face..!

Shirley Temple is the left’s new poster girl for white racism because they can’t find a real white racist..


Shirley Temple has passed on.  She was so adorable.  Just a little girl who made it as a big star. Then, became an ambassador and defeated cancer.  How does the left react to her death?  The usual hate-filled lies.  Like:  Shirley Temple was a racist who stereo-typed blacks even though, in 1936, she danced with Bojangles in “The Little Colonel” at age 6 or so?  A white person dancing with a black person was something that was really not acceptable in 1936 America, let alone a child & an adult:

The fact that they had Temple dancing w/ Bojangles shows ‘tolerance’…

In one of the scenes Temple starred in one of her movies-she was hiding from the Army.  In the scene, they had her face/hands disguised with black shoe polish ..OMG…’RACIST.’    Please.. Gimme a break.  We ALL know what real bigotry is here on this blog:  Blacks who hate whites, it’s an epidemic now.   I would black-face myself if I thought it could save my Jewish ass in a war.

The left is bitter and wicked,  also saying she was evil because Temple was a Republican.  They seem to forget that back in those days, the DNC was out hanging black people with the Ku Klux Klan.   They don’t recall that their beloved Democrat, FDR was a racist & a Jew-hating slob: The Tragedy of S.S. St. Louis

I loved Shirley Temple.  An icon of old Hollywood Americana.   Not the Communist piss-hole Tinseltown is now.  Here is the satanic left screaming that about ‘racist’ Shirley Temple, ‘GOP’, bla bla bla: CLICK

Temples character depiction picture in a movie where the Civil War was the story in a Hollywood flick is RACIST!!

IDIOTIC NAACP Wants Clown Investigated By Obama’s S.S. Why No Investigation Of Obama’s Kenyan Birthplace?

IDIOTIC NAACP Wants Clown Investigated By Obama’s S.S. Why No Investigation Of Obama’s Kenyan Birthplace?


Did you all know that if you dress up like Obama as a Rodeo clown, it’s racism?  That’s right. Dressing El Presidente’ Jackass as Bozo is wayycisssst. (Whatever) Meanwhile, the poor clown has resigned.  The Liberal creeps are foaming at the mouth, calling everyone a racist and I even hear Paula Deen digging up old stories to get extra attention.

They have now advised all Rodeo clowns to get Communist 'sensitivity training'...

This is the GREAT America, folks.  Aint ya proud to be an American? I know I am.  Look how special we are. So classy. We have a CIC that helps murder Christians in Syria.  Is thinking of boycotting the Russian olympics because Vlad does not want ‘gay’ in his country. Obama  leaves men out to dry in the middle of Egypt while he sucks on his falafel and targets political opponents with intimidation through the IRS.


Obama IS a clown-ass. People were making graphics and signs of Obama being an evil clown LONG before the Rodeo man dressed as Obama. See this link for yourself:  here

I guess the NAACP runs the WH and they are gonna come and investigate all of us.  I’m shaking in my boots..

By the way…NAACP:

The Prez is a lyin African.

I Wrote An Email To “VARIETY” Re. Tarantino’s Use Of The Holy Grail “N” Word..

Here is my email:
Dear SIRS;
So, Tarantino used the word ‘Nigger’, 37 times. That is nothing on ‘Kill white crackers and their babies.’ The CONSTANT race-baiting against white people is an everyday occurrence.
‘Evil’ whitey’s are the ones that set the black people free. REMEMBER? We allow aliens from 3rd world countries ravage America, but we must sit back and take their constant racial bullshit.
You should write a piece on THAT.
Thank you,

Black Domestic Terrorist “Flash Mob” Attack Other People Before Beating The Store Clerk, Dallas TX

Obama’s America, courtesy of Eric Holder’s decision to allow the Black Panthers Case to go scot free:

(A heroic, black lady saved the store clerk from being beat to death, thank God.)

‘Black Teen Mob’  after football game, attacked other people before store clerk beating

About 13 days ago:

  Better hurry up and read the above link before it disappears like the last one (above).  Here is the problem with this issue; Unless people start addressing their color, we are going to have MANY innocent victims. We will have many innocent victims because of the racist MSM, who hates white people, obviously.  If they didn’t hate white people, they would report the truth.

How I Feel About Obama’s Race-hustling, & Left-Wing Led Birtherism

This is a Comment made by a blogger:  

“I am not a racist, therefore the group I belong to is not a racist” would seem to be a hasty generalization fallacy….”

  My reply: ‘It is also a fallacy to assume that ALL birthers are racists as well, just because a small number of them are.’

       Now that we have been shoved over to the racial issue.. Do these holier than thou leftists REALIZE how many of their fellow American brethren they have hurt BY generalizing?

  I have been called a Jew-nazi, the Jew-kkk, racist, bigot, and a  phobe of every sort.. Did these ‘liberal’ people think this did not hurt? Because it hurt. It hurt badly.  It was not some type of conviction they brought to my inner being, it was accusation.  Which is evil. The New Testament says that there is one accuser of fellow brethren; SATAN.

   If I put up pictures on posts that somehow left black people out, (Vintage pictures) I was called a racist, (By psyn, a left-wing Canadian) just because things are not pleasing to my eye? I don’t think that black people OR Mexican people are prettier than white people. So? Its MY EYE! Lots of black people ONLY like looking at black people, SO? They think that black is the most beautiful, SO?  The same with Mexicans and Asians.  Its OK for them, but not for me??  Physically speaking, I like the way white people look, especially in Vintage America. I like looking at them more than any other people’s.  I also love Geisha’s. I love the art of Asians, and the bright colors of the Spanish culture, but I just don’t find it more pleasing to my OWN eye than white people. Sorry, that is not racism, it is called TASTE. 

  I truly belive that a majority should govern, not a minority-thats MY preference. Being part Jew, I know that minorities look out for THEMSELVES and not country most of the time. I vehemently disagree with this thought process.  Country/America should ALWAYS be first, and nothing else, next to GOD.  I vote based on American patriotism. Which is why I am not with the Democrats OR the Republicans, they are NOT patriotic.   

     So…..In the beginning of not liking Obama policy, I cried MANY tears–too many to count. Being called a racist, and all of this other jargon that I was called… My friends were called racists.  It is/was sickening. Totally SICKENING.

 I championed causes in my home-town, (in the 1980’s) trying to help ILLEGALS, GET LEGAL. Helped 3 different Americans of African descent get employment in the 1980′s, while I was in management…. Only to be called a RACIST just because I do not like Obamas terrible policies.

  I hated Bush policy as well, Clinton before him and Bush 41 before him. But, I am a racist now, b/c I HATE Obamas policies and I think he is a a fraud.

  It is true that leftists started the birther issue. Mrs Obama said her husbands ‘home country is in Kenya’.  Gov Bill Richardson said that ‘Obama is an immigrant’. Obama HIMSELF said that “It is good to be back home, in Kenya”.
All of those people are leftists.
All of those people had ME convinced that they were not lying.

But, now I am a racist.

  We have covered racism, and will continue to do so, on behalf of white people now. I didn’t know how terrible racism is against white people….. because like every other white person, I was brainwashed to believe that racism against white people is OK.

  I was beaten up at a younger age by 3 black girls that screamed “WHITE BITCH”…  And, helped black people regardless of the beating I took… But now I am a racist…Because I don’t believe a damned word Obama says re. politics, and do not believe he is eligible, according to his OWN admissions…

This is the “CHANGE” that this ‘leader’ has brought upon people.

Media Matters REFUSES to be “Patriotic” For Prez

 BY “JWN” –  Media Matters is continuously  non-patriotic toward Prez. BO. BO asked Americans to have a conversation regarding race issues, and any time racism comes up, MMFA refuses to engage in the conversation, yet, puts people down for doing what the Prez suggests. 

  A.G. Holder said that we are a “Nation of Cowards” yet MMFA does not want to have the discussion on race.  I believe they just cannot handle it, because in the Marxist mindset, the ‘only’ racists are white people, which we all know is poppycock.  A White Nationalist man wrote this book: Racism Schmacism.  Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh have purchased it, and I think all Tea-Partiers and Town Hallers should read it, we ALL know now, that the left wing morons USE the race card to try to shut people upRacism, Schmacism: How Liberals Use the “R” Word to Push the Obama Agenda.   You may not like the person that wrote it, but I am sure it is a good book, and a good way to talk about race issues since MMFA refuses to be patriotic and do to the Prez’s biddings…

MMFA RANT WATCH: Glenn Beck’s Year Of Race-Baiting

To buy the book: