BRING BACK MUBARAK: Obama Has Created MASS Chaos In Egypt. US Embassy Under Attack In Cairo, Egypt

See OBAMAS MASSIVE WORLD WIDE MESS.  Obama is satan, period.

 We are hated all over the world because of Obama, the MAD.  First he goes to Egypt, says he is ‘one of them’ (A Muslim), they applaud him, they are dumb sheep like Obama voters and like many Americans.  Then Hitlery decides she would like to plunder Egypt, IN OUR NAME. Without even consulting congress to declare war or anything, WITH boots on the ground (Ditto Libya)

  Then, the MAD Obama decides to demand Mubarak get lost & step down – from his rightful leadership.  Yep, he was a dictator, but you have to be a dictator with a country that has majority Muslim savages.  Then a bogus revolt, started by Obama and his M. Bro’hood takes over Egypt. Then, Morsi declares ABSOLUTE dictatorship the other day, now the REAL Egyptians are out and ready to war.

God>>>DAMN Obama.