#PiersMorgan In 60 Mins Interview. Takes On Commie #CancelCulture

PiersMorgan In 60 Mins Interview. Takes On Commie #CancelCulture

You all know that Piers is a Liberal wacko…But, a broken clock is right twice a day. I guess it’s all too much for Piers because he hits the Commies here:

One of the dudes in this video says: “You have to stand by your friends when the “Cancel Culture” tries to destroy them”. Of course, there is a dumb moonbat chick who loves this lunatic ‘cancel culture’.

The Idiot Commie Left want everything cancelled except poop-chute worshipers and baby killing abortionists. Is that the type of world you people want?

As of now, Good Morning Britain wants Piers back because their ratings are horrible after he got ‘cancelled’ by the Commie, fascist jerks.

Another School Shooting (Roswell, NM) 1991 Book Predicted School Shootings To Put Fear Into The Public To Confiscate Guns

Roswell School: 1991 Book Predicted School Shootings To Put Fear Into The Public To Confiscate Guns

News for Roswell School Shooting

There have been 29 school shootings since the fraud Sandy hook shooting says Piers Morgan.  In my opinion, I believe nothing about these school shootings and expect more and more of them to happen because Communists are terrorists who want to take our guns, disarm us and murder Americans that do not agree with Communism.   Nothing like this has happened in such large scale before. 

So, sorry kiddies, I do not believe that most or many of these events are anything but staged.  Communists have a long history of red terror: Communist “Red” terror: Facts About #Communist Leftists

News for Roswell School Shooting

Oh, by the way.. Robbi Parker (Emily Parker’s father from Sandy Hook) thinks it’s funny…This Communist gun grabbing, staged terror..

Do you think it is a ‘coincidence’ that Obama just today said: “I’ve got a pen” to sign more executive orders? 

Robert Zimmerman (George’s Brother) Apologizing For Telling A Truth About The Young Black Populace

Robert Zimmerman (George’s Brother) Apologizing For Telling A Truth About The Young Black Populace

Antonio Santiago


For those of us who know about the breakdown of society & how the left exploits the black community for political gain–Robert Zimmerman’s apology for telling the truth has become the norm. The left is incredibly weak and stupid when it comes to reality and facts.  The fact is; Robert Zimmerman is correct about black teens (and many blacks in general) saying they are ‘risky’. Last night on Twitter, they called Robert Zimmerman a ‘racist’ for telling a truth.  Again, it’s status quo from the ‘liberal’ mantra.

Let’s look at the facts: How many black flash mobs were there in 2011/2012? I lose count.  How many elderly folks were raped & murdered by young black men in 2012?  I lose count. How many murders? I lose count.  You can surf the net yourself to see the truth, or you can remain in ignorance.

You can go through our blog that DBM posts:  Black on White Crime” | The Mad Jewess

You can read through: Council of Conservative Citizens

You can see, daily what black people do to whites at New Nation

Isn’t it past time to start reporting this instead of hiding black on white racism by censoring the race? If it was in reverse, you know, we ALL know it would NOT be censored in the least bit….. Isn’t it time to stop USING bad black people for political gain and show them the truth instead of these bogus charges of ‘racism’?  If the left REALLY cared about these young blacks, they would try to heal them by showing the truth. The old saying: “The truth hurts, but it will set you free” comes to mind..

See how the left is crucifying Robert Zimmerman:

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 George Zimmerman’s Brother Apologizes – The Daily Beast

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Let’s not forget reality as these morons are calling R. Zimmerman  a”Racist”

Alex Jones Gives Limey-Brit, Fabian-Marxist, Piers Morgan The Bitch-Slapping Of The Century!

This was just TOO good!! I’m not a big A. Jones fan. I have to take him with a grain of salt.  Some things, he is right about and other things, he is not. At least he is not the US Govt who LIES all the time.  Jones, at least TRIES to get the info out and is willing to go out on a limb for WE THE PEOPLE.

All men should conduct themselves like this–sort of.