FASCIST, Steve Colbert Wants US Troops To Fight Us Taxpayers Who FUND The Military

FASCIST, Steve Colbert Wants US Troops To Fight Us Taxpayers Who FUND The Military

Inside every “Liberal” is a Hannibal Lecter screaming to get out.

This is a maggot. I curse this bottom feeding scum and pray God plagues him. This isnt ‘free speech’, its incitement to murder taxpayers.

Cut Off Unvaxxed From EVERYTHING Says Communist Murderer, Pam Keith ESQ

Cut Off Unvaxxed From EVERYTHING Says Communist Murderer, Pam Keith ESQ

The Communist murderous filth don’t miss a chance to discriminate against people who do not want to try the mark-of-the-beast JAB.

Inside EVERY “Liberal” is a Hannibal Lecter screaming to get out:

This is the FIRST time in my 50 plus years that I have EVER seen vaccinated people attack unvaxxed. EVER. No such thing has occurred in my life until now.

My Mother gets every shot out there. She is convinced she is protected from ANY flu or virus if she gets a shot. She asks me ONE time a yr if I ‘got the flu shot’. My answer is ALWAYS: “No”.

My life for years has been positioned to take care of my immunity. Not getting shots. Thats my choice. But, we are coming to a place where we do not have a choice anymore. Its about power. NOT about health. It’s about the beast system.

Andy Slavitt, Jo’Bama’s Former Covid Response Chief Says Something Is Coming In “3 1/2 Weeks” Regarding Covid

Andy Slavitt, Jo’Bama’s Former Covid Response Chief Says Something Is Coming In “3 1/2 Weeks” Regarding Covid

What will the Communist, murderous Democrats do?? Chop off the heads of people who refuse the poison injection? Put them in FEMA? Gas them? Tent the military in our neighborhoods to intimidate us like they’re doing in Australia?

Read more here: Watch Out, America! A New 9/11 Is Only Weeks Away: As America Enters The ‘Twilight Zone’, Biden’s Covid Czar Hints Something Huge Will Be Happening In 3 1/2 Weeks 

This is about fighting a war': former Medicare administrator Andy Slavitt  on what to expect in the months to come | MinnPost
If you see this sob, spit in his face.

Slavitt accepted a temporary role as Senior Pandemic Advisor[4] to President Joe Biden’s COVID-19 pandemic response team. He stepped down from that role in June 2021

Dont get that shot no matter what.

If we have to die on this hill, then die we must.

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If the Communists have to FORCE you to get this shot, then it AINT just a shot. Its much more nefarious than that.

“DC Will Be Destroyed, #Obama Is Coming Back”, Strong Word From Linda Hasche:

“DC Will Be Destroyed, Obama Is Coming Back”, Word From Linda Hasche:

She said this in January 16, 2021.

AND: Anyone who is ‘in the know’ about politics understands that Joe Biden is NOT running this circus of horror. It is Barack Hussein Obama who is running DC and destroying as fast as he can. Anyone who observed Obama from his 8 yrs as “King” knows that everything he did was to destroy and Biden ( who is fake, sick, with no faculties) is doing the same but it’s Obama running this catastrophe.

Just this last week, the JoeBama administration was seeking to pass another 6 trillion dollar budget. Inflation is already terrible and it will only get worse. Add the ‘in ya face’ homosexual propaganda complete with all of our embassies now hanging the queer flag…this is the perfect storm of destruction and it’s only a matter of time.

Linda Hashe at 3.25:

Obama is the defacto “King”. He has the whores of “Babylon”: Harris, Hillary & Jarrett cheering him on.

(Any accident all 3 of these political whores just happened to be wearing purple and scarlet on Inauguration Day? I dont think so 😦 )

“Come, I will show you the judgement of the great whore who is seated on many waters, 2 with whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication, and with the wine of whose fornication the inhabitants of the earth have become drunk.’ 3 So he carried me away in the spirit* into a wilderness, and I saw a woman sitting on a scarlet beast that was full of blasphemous names, and it had seven heads and ten horns. And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet color.

B.O. “I Don’t Have To Run For Ofc Anymore, I Can Just Let It Rip” (Lawless, Asinine, Spoiled Brat)

B.O.  I Don’t Have To Run For Ofc Anymore, I Can Just Let It Rip” (Lawless, Asinine, Spoiled Brat)

Look at this creep as a baby.  He did what he wanted to do. He was already an uppity Nigga at 4 years old.


Same nasty smile we see today.

Obama is a spoiled brat who does what he wants because that’s the way he has always operated.  See his baby pictures sometime.  He was a brat then.  What you are at 7 years old will be what you are at 70.   Imagine if WHITE GWB said this?  Obama gets away with everything because he is sort of black.  Black males get away with murder–every damned day.   Look at Obama:  He droned over 3000 innocent civilians in Yemen/Pakistan.  He aids the terrorists in Syria and Libya.  He funds Nazis/fascists in Ukraine.  If Boehner the crybaby does not do something, Obama will continue his slaughter of the world.

“I don’t have to run for office anymore, so I can just let it rip,” he said.  And rip he did, after days of Republicans beating him up for not doing anything on the border but refusing to pass the money to pay for what he wants to do on the border.  Read more: here

Obama is the black Prince of America, he be doing what he wanna do.

Obama is like a child.  A brat. Spoiled, rotten and a BAD leader.  Well, he was never my leader.  A CIC must have TWO citizen parents.  He broke the law from the beginning of his reign of Nigga-dom.

DICTATOR/Tyrant, Obama Offers H.S. Seniors $30,000+ To Snoop For NSA

DICTATOR/Tyrant, Obama Offers H.S. Seniors $30,000+ To Snoop For NSA

I was watching the “Swing kids” last night on DVD.. So many horrible similarities in Hitler, Stalin and now Obama.  Watch this video @ 6 mins-7 mins (Thomas, the son turns his father in to the nazis.)  It seems that this is the way the radical left wants to take us, just slightly different:

Now, Obama wants to buy our kids off for a pot of porridge so they can sell out parents & patriots–God only knows what else.  It’s fascism, stupid. What the hell else do you think it is????


#TCOT Anthony Weiner Is America’s Twitter Poster Boy…

#TCOT Anthony Weiner Is America’s Twitter Poster Boy…

This piece of crap makes me want to puke my gutts out.  But, I’ll tell ya, NYC deserves this idiot.  What a SICK city to even think of running this putz–a putz in every sense of the word.  NYC must be really hard up.. (Eye-roll)  At any rate, I am sure glad I don’t live in the slutty city..  You gals in NYC that are moral better stay far away from this pervert. He’ll be ‘climbing in yo windows, snatching your ladies up’:


Poster comes from our dear friend, (gag)  The Incogman

Communist JACKASS, George Clooney Is Throwing A Fund-raiser To Raise $15 Million For The FAILED “Prez” Obama Campaign

Communist JACKASS, George Clooney Is Throwing A Fund-raiser To Raise 15 Million For The FAILED “Prez” Obama Campaign

I hate these rat-bastard, Hollywood freaks. There can be no other reason that Clooney wants to throw a shin-dig for Osama, (oops, I mean Obama), unless he is just a f’n Communist. If any woman tells me this asshat is a hunk, I promise to chop her to shreds, spit her out, and throw her to the friggin coyotes up here in N. AZ.  This moron drinks stupid for breakfast, jackass for lunch and by dinner, he is THE perfect asshole. 


Mm hmm