Totalitarian Regimes In History CHANGED Flags. Dems Are NO Different W/ Wanting To Change Our Flag:

Totalitarian Regimes In History CHANGED Flags. Dems Are NO Different W/ Wanting To Change Our Flag:

The totalitarian murderers, the Democrats are starting to talk about changing the flag. Totalitarians do this to intimidate and to show they’ve ‘won’. To state to the public that they are in power.

*This is an ADMISSION that they know there was a Coup.  Historically, Totalitarian regimes always change the country’s flag..

See their carrot out to the public: Democrat Murderers roll out Communist, radical redesign of U.S. flag…

  • Before the murderous Nazi’s came into power, this was the German flag:
(Then, in 1933, this flag replaced the red, yellow and black flag to appease the Russians)

As we all know, This became the German flag when the Totalitarian dictator came into power:

  • Before the Bolsheviks in RUSSIA seized power, (Like the Democrats want to do at present), this was their flag:
Russia Flag for Sale | Buy Russia Flags from

After the completion of the Communist who destroyed Christian Russia, they hung this flag and continued to do so for 70+ years:

File:Flag of the Soviet Union (1924–1955).svg - Wikimedia Commons

We already have a flag, you Democrat, Commu-Nazi psychopaths.

Gadsden flag - Wikipedia

Stay out of our lives, you murderous pieces of satanic garbage..

MN: MORE Homosexual Sex Being Taught In 6th Grade – ANGRY Parents Confront This Commie-CRAT Sex SLEEZE In Elementary Schools

MORE Homosexual Sex Being Taught In 6th Grade: ANGRY Parents Confront This Commie-CRAT SLEEZE

The things going on in schools now remind me of “Wicked Uncle Ernie” in the the Rock opera, “TOMMY”.. PUKE! FILTH! Lord….please DESTROY the Leftist reprobate slime!!

In Richfield, MN

Bring your little children to Wicked Uncle Ernie as he fiddles all about……

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More here:

Commie-Crats Ruined Colleges & Now Teach 9 Yr Old, 4th Graders How to SUCK D’CK!!!! Lord, DESTROY These PIGS, Please!

Commie-Crats Ruined Colleges & Now, They Teach 4th Graders How to SUCK D’CK!!!!!!! Lord, DESTROY These PIGS, Please!

DEMOCRATS ARE THE VIRUS Leftists wack jobs, sore losers ...

You have to go watch this video enclosed in the link: (VIDEO) “We Sucked Eachother’s D***s” – Mother Reads Sexually Explicit School Book To Board Members

Dear Father in Heaven,

I am asking you to please destroy the Commie-Crat party and the Leftists. I ask you to curse ALL of their doings. I am asking you to DESTROY Leftist & college cities/towns. In Jesus name.

C$UGHT ON VIDEO: ‘We Need To Be More Scary To The Public, We Need To Inflate The Covid n$mbers’. More COVID #HOAX, LIARS

C$UGHT ON VIDEO: ‘We Need To Be More Scary To The Public, We Need To Inflate The Covid n$mbers. More COVID #HOAX

This is precisely WHY I refuse the vaccine and will until the Communist come to murder me. You leftist, apostate reprobates can go straight to hell. I have absolutely rejected you pathetic, disgusting, anus-sucking brats my whole life and I AINT gonna start kissing your tuchas now.

It’s 9-11 and THESE Evil, FILTHY, Repugnant, CommieCRAT SLIMEBUCKETS Armed The Taliban:


Even though I now believe that there is more to the ‘official’ story that we heard and watched on 9-11… Please never, EVER forget that these DEMOCRAT MONSTERS armed the Taliban:

May be an image of 6 people and people standing

The Communist, TOTALITARIAN FILTH Remove Another Robert E. Lee Statue. Lord: PLEASE Destroy The Commie-Crats Very Soon.

The Communist FILTH Remove Another Robert E. Lee Statue. Lord: PLEASE Destroy The Commie-Crats Very Soon.

  • Inconvenient little fact: General Robert E. Lee was in command of Westpoint in the 1850’s. He was a very admired man. Even up in Commie NY. Another inconvenient fact: The Confederacy was FAR more superior in their fighting skills, killing 350K Yankees. The Yankees managed to get 250K Confederates. Remember this history Communists.

So, keep removing those statues…we ALL know you are only trying to start another aggressive war against Southerners.

Here’s the thing, though:


Lord, please destroy Washington DC and all of the evil people in it. By war, by natural event, by vaccine – by ANY means necessary. Removing memorial stones is AGAINST God.

JPS Tanakh 1917
“Remove not the ancient landmark, Which thy fathers have set. generated Image

By the way… it DOESN’T stop with the south: Leftists Destroy Memorial Honoring 13 U.S Service Members Killed in Afghanistan

San Fran’s Homosexual Male Choir (We’re coming for Your Children) Put Their DISGUSTING Vid On PRIVATE

San Fran’s Homosexual Male Choir (We’re coming for Your Children) Put Their DISGUSTING Vid On PRIVATE

Puking Rainbows GIFs | Tenor

If these disgusting, militant, Commie-Marxist fairies don’t want a bunch of straight men going postal, they should shut their asses back in the CLOSET.

They don’t want to be ‘converted’ by Christianity but they sure are ready to go and convert YOUR children to being little fruit loops, acting like jackasses in ugly, bright colors that look like a drag queen with a head cold.

  • But: It’s still on Twitter:

This song was NO joke and they are NOT joking. Recruiting young boys and girls is a major goal of the LGBT crowd – fresh meat. That gay “icon” Harvey Milk provided drugs to recruit underage teens in San Fran. When the Superintendent of SF schools opposed “gay friendly” high school counselors as positions that could recruit young people, he was outed as a homosexual, so he knew what it was all about and actually had a conscience about it.


DNC Platform: Homosexuals, Trans, Abortion & Illegal’s, (Aka “Non Citizens”)

DNC Platform: Homosexuality, Trans, Abortion & Illegal’s, Aka “Non Citizens”

That’s it. Every day I get home, its another day I have to hear the latest stupidity, like Rand Paul asking trans-ugly Levine: about parental consent for ‘Trans Minors‘, which should be a no-brainer. But, not in a world where trans-ugly’s rule the roost:

Biden nominee Dr. Rachel Levine met with transphobic smear campaign

If it’s not about trans-ugly’s, its about homosexual asshattery: House Passes Sweeping Gay Equality Legislation, House passes bill to ban discrimination based on gender 

 ‘A divided House on Thursday narrowly passed a sprawling bill that would extend civil rights protections to prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.’

Homosexuals ‘marry’ each other now. Why is a bill like this even needed? Why? To shove it up your ass, that’s why. Commies LOVE shoving it up the ass of America how gay this and gayyyyy that. Its a GAYYYYYY world… IF you burn the fruit flag, you are charged with a ‘hate crime’ but its NOT a crime to hate your own country and burn our flag.

BURN BABY BURN… generated Image

NO!! DO NOT BURN!! generated Image

Then, it’s illegals and bringing more of them here….Even though we are still in the midst of a plandemic: FEDS TO BUS, FLY SURGE OF BIDEN’S Occupiers TO U.S. HOMES, Ted Cruz: ‘Criminals, Murderers, Rapists’ Entering on Biden’s ‘Most Radical Immigration Plan Proposed in History’

If it’s not illegal occupiers, it’s chopping up baby: The Equality Act Would Require Government-Funded Abortion

THAT, my friends is the DNC platform—in a nutshell.. Nothing about the starving people on foodlines all over the nation or the unemployed. Nothing about the Texas fiasco or the mass murdering Stalin-O-Cuomo. Just homosexuals, trans-ugly’s, illegals and baby chopping. Disgusting, sinful, repulsive chit, 24-7.

Yapping Yid, Blumenthal & Marxist Markey Introduce Face Muzzle Legislation

Yapping Yid, Blumenthal & Marxist Markey Introduce Face Muzzle Legislation

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb are seeking to shove the face mask on all Americans. When I go out, I see more sheep WITH the masks on than without a mask on. We don’t need a friggin bill telling us what to wear.

My Mother’s friends wore masks ALL the time and got Covid anyway. My husband’s friends at the gym wore their masks ALL the time and came down with the Covid regardless. If you are susceptible to Covid, you will get it. Just like a flu.

Could the issue be that the masks are just not effective? Well, DUH….. According to the box the ‘strongest’ masks come in, (I-95), it plainly says that the masks won’t protect.

This is the ONLY mask that works for filthy-rat, Democrat, Communist Senators:

* Democratic Senators Announce National Face Mask Legislation