YAY! Pinko, Cali Dem, Henry Waxman To Retire!

YAY! Cali Dem, Henry Waxman To Retire!

This is a great day for right minded Jews and sane Americans.  Good riddance pig snout!  A-dee-os!

Rep. Henry Waxman, California Democrat, will not seek re-election this year, becoming another member of a growing list of long-tenured congressmen who have recently announced … read more >

All Left-wing Jewish Reps, GO HOME.

My buddy, Doug on the same page as me:

Entrenched Democrat Henry Waxman to Retire From Congress

Soros-Endorsed, Pinko De-Blasio Agrees W/ Cuomo: Abortionists Welcome, Not Pro-Lifers

Soros-Endorsed, Pinko De-Blasio Agrees W/ Cuomo: Abortionists Welcome, Not Pro-Lifers

I don’t know what to say to NY conservatives except: Get Out.  What Cuomo and DeBlasio are saying is no different than what Hitler told Jews in the 30’s. (And, what do you leftist-Jews in NY think about this extreme fascism?  It WILL backfire on you, it always does..Oh well, boo hoo..)  

These totalitarian monsters have made it quite clear:  You are not welcome in the Communist state of NY.  And, who knows what type punishment will await you.  Move to the Southwest where you would have far more freedom & traditional American values.

An art collage from November 2013

Click: Communist Bill De-Blasio agrees with Cuomo – pro lifers not welcome in New York

Endorsed by satan, himself: Soros Endorses de Blasio for Mayor – NYTimes.com

Sean Hannity has the right idea:

Traitor, Communist @SenJohnMcCain To Hold January Fundraiser For 2016 Reelection

Traitor, Communist John McCain Announces Bid For 2016 Election

I have met nobody here in AZ who likes this phony.

How much do you want to bet he will actually get in again? And, it’s not because Arizonans will have voted for him, it’s because he buys the election.  Calling all Arizonans: Time to THROW this Communist, Obama supporting asshole OUT.

Click-John McCain To Hold January Fundraiser For 2016 Reelection

An art collage from November 2013


PINKO-Police Send Home Kids For wearing U.S. Flag Shirts On “Cinco De Mayo”


  Wear an American Flag on PINKO De Mayo (Cinco De Mayo: some stupid fight with the Mehicanos and Puebla) And you get sent home… 

  NOT to mention that this STINKO DE MAYO has absolutely ZERO to do with American History..These boys got sent home for wearing their own flag on a MEXICAN HOLIDAY!!!!!!!

  Don’t tell me…….. I know why.. It oFFFFFFFended the Mexican folk that frikking hate ‘MeriKa– I don’t know why they hate this country, they have turned it into a 3rd world shithole with their love for law-breaking animals and savage drek. They offend me, they frikking piss me off, I am SICK of this shit.

  The P.C. police strike again. Five Live Oak High School students were sent home due to wearing t-shirts that showed the American flag on them during…Cinco de Mayo. Who did this upset? An assistance principle named Miguel Rodriguez.

  The school administration is attempting to claim the boys wanted to ‘start a fight’ even though they were sitting around, eating their school lunch and talking among themselves.

The rest here:You got to be kidding me: Students sent home for wearing T-shirts with American Flags on them due to Cinco de Mayo