Stupid San Fran OK W/ Shoplifting: NO Long Faces For Recent Neiman Marcus Theft.

Stupid San Fran OK W/ Shoplifting: NO Long Faces For Recent Neiman Marcus Theft.

I don’t shed a tear over the stupid Democrat policies in San Francisco. If a person steals less than $950 in the Commie city of San Fran, the dumb Democrats in charge just let the shoplifter go or give him a slap on the hand and a Reeses candy bar.

This is what you FOOLS in S.F. get for having such ridiculous laws. You deserve this and then some.

In 2014, Prop 47 was passed to reduce certain non-violent felonies to misdemeanors in order to free up resources for cops and prosecutors to go after serious, violent offenders. Data shows that after Prop 47 passed, shoplifting and thefts increased

I actually sit around and laugh my ugly, flat A$$ off when I read how the Dem run cities are destroying their own selves. Its a laff riot. There is nothing better than the destructive Leftists getting a taste of their own destructive medicine. If they are not literally burning their own cities down, they pass laws to destroy their city, anyway. LMAOFF. .

What do I care?

I’ve watched what they have done for 30 years. I stopped crying long ago.

Payback’s a b’tch.

Satan Obama (the LAWLESS One) Says ‘Hundreds Killed By Police’ Over The Past Year:

Satan Obama (the LAWLESS One) Says ‘Hundreds Killed By Police’ Over The Year:

The asinine devil, Obama couldnt miss a chance to open his mouth the other day because he is a narcissistic scumbag:

…….Isnt THAT the pot calling the kettle, ‘black?’

In 2016, the last year of Obama’s presidency: He dropped 26,171 bombs in 2016, ALONE (NOT including all of his years of proxy war). What a bloody end to the anti Christ regime of death and destruction.

And, Floyd was NO saint..

Here is the insanity of the situation: The Left has made the city streets totally violent. but, they want a subdued Police department in all of the cities. #LeftistLogic

“We Don’t Need No Stinkin Police” Meme


“We Don’t Need No Stinkin Police” Meme

Save it to your files and tell your friends that the Democrat Communists only want divisiveness and destruction.  The GOP is no great shakes.  Believe me…but above is what CommieCrats want and crave.

SEE: #RandomAssBricks”, (Rioter) Dropped This Note & “ProtestJobs.Com”

SEE- Police Officers Delivering BRICKS?! “Random Ass Bricks”


CLICK here: To see this ‘accidentally’ dropped  photo on Twimg

“Protest” jobs are real & the riots were paid for: “ProtestJobs.Com”

 I have NO idea if these Police are delivering bricks or taking them away.  They look nervous, however:

In this below, the video is showing bricks at different riots:

This is an analysis:

KIEV: Orthodox Priests Stand In Front Of Ukrainian Police To Help Protect Them From Violent Rioters

Orthodox Priests Stand In Front Of Ukrainian Police To Protect Them From Violent Rioters

 The priests are NOT standing in front of the protesters, facing the police.  They are standing in FRONT of the police to be a force of protection  for them.  If the priests were neutral, they would have had 2 priests facing the opposition and 2 facing the police.  The Priests have chosen a side: Their police force, law & order.  

NOW DECIDE.  Choose the Christians, Priests and GOD or choose the violent, radical, filthy ‘opposition’  

You can take a bigger look here:  JAN. 24, 2014: The NY Slimes  More pictures: here…..

*Don’t even bother going there with the ‘Nazi Priest’ talk off.   This is not a picture of Nazi Germany.  The rioters in the Ukraine are radicals. Serious political, violent radicals.


A Ukrainian priest walks in no-man’s land as riot police look on.

 I am sick and damned tired of having to explain this insanity to American people that automatically side against law and order.  For the last f’cking time:  This is the same type scenario that we saw in Libya, Egypt and Syria. ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am sorry I am so angry, but this picture has saddened me deeply.  What saddens me even more is that American idiots will side with the opposition just because Putin is the big, bad boogey-man.  Obama is the f’king boogey man.  SICKENING.

Right Minded Protesters Gather @ US Embassy In Kiev, Demand U.S.A. Stop Financing Violence In Ukraine

Right Minded Protesters Gather @ US Embassy In Kiev, Demand U.S.A. Stop Financing Violence In Ukraine

Commies, Muslims and protesters, oh my….

Ukrainian Opposition Protesters-You can read for yourself who the Ukrainian protesters (opposition) really are:  CLICK   (Read with discretion, its a foreign link – below is one of their pictures)

I told you, my friends  – about Syria for 2.5 years and we were right.  We told you about Egypt and Libya and we were right.  I am telling you about Ukraine and I am not wrong.  Why am I not wrong?  Because QV is our foreign correspondent and also a friend who is an aristocrat in the far east.   He is also a conservative person.  QV does NOT support the left wing or Muslims.  It is QV that is always right regarding foreign countries & their issues.  Add the political genius of my husband, David Ben Moshe of the JTF.ORG.  We are NOT dummies here.

All over the net are conservative people in America who think that Ukraine’s problem is just like our situation here.  NO, it is not.  Not even a little.  What is happening in Ukraine?  The same SNAFU that we saw in Egypt, Libya, and Syria is what is happening there, only it’s radical, violent Communists & NAZIs in the streets of Kiev, not Jihadist rebels in the streets like in Tahir or Aleppo but the same types..   What makes you think that ‘all of the sudden’ Obama and Co got wise in their foreign policy affairs? 

 Just because you do not like Vladimir Putin does not mean you are right and he is wrong.  Ukraine is Russias problem, not America’s, but we are there, butting our heads in, again.   Ukraine wants to stay with the Russian currency.   The protesters (who are violent leftists) want to go with the FAILED EU.

This is what the NON VIOLENT protesters are saying in Kiev:

“The US is behind everything that is happening in Kiev’s downtown right now. The financing is coming from over there. This has to be stopped. That is what we came out here to say to the whole world: ‘US – stop! US – there needs to be peace in Ukraine,'” said Ivan Protsenko, one of the demonstrators’ leaders
Read more: here

This is what our government is bringing to the Ukrainian people:

Wake up, people.  This is the same type scenario that we saw in Egypt!!!  So, what will happen in Ukraine?  A dictator FAR, FAR, FAR worse than the present govt there will be installed just like MORSI!!! WAKE THE HELL UP!!!!


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Rahm Emmanuel’s Chicago: Blacks beat 62 Yr Old Father of 12 to death & post video of murder on Facebook

The Negroes beat a ‘white’ Mexican father.  Was this more justice for Trayvon??  We see this everyday.  The media fails in it’s journalism, mentioning nothing of black on white crime and now, black on ‘white’ Mexican crime.

GCrowdy video

CHICAGO (FOX Chicago News) – Three teenagers are under arrest, charged with beating a Chicago man to death and then posting video of the murder on Facebook.

Delfino Mora, 62, a father of twelve children, was attacked on the 6300 block of North Artesian Avenue early Tuesday morning. He was out collecting cans to make a little extra money to support his family.

A Youtube commenter said:

I know that guy, he went to my school. Geez, seriously he beat up an old man who has 12 kids.    jocelyndj14

-David Ben Moshe