4 DC Police Officers Who Warded Off The US Capitol Protest Have Been Assassinated

4 Police Officers Who Warded Off The US Capitol Protest Have Been Assassinated

This story is everywhere right now but nobody has the damned GUTS to say they were assassinated. Which they were. By the genocidal, kill-shot, “Suicider”, Commie-Crat party.

* BREAKING: FOURTH DC Metro Police Officer Who Responded to January 6 Capitol Protest Dies by Suicide


TY Andy Ngo For NAMING The #COMMUNISTS. Read Abt Narodnaya Volya

TY Andy Ngo For NAMING The #COMMUNISTS. Read Abt Narodnaya Volya

The talkers in this nation do not have the same gumption as the youth. The youth KNOW that the insurrections are #COMMUNISTS.  

If you do not name your inward enemy–or ANY enemy for that matter–Communists.  You already lose.



Narodnaya Volya (Russian: Наро́дная во́ля, IPA: [nɐˈrodnəjə ˈvolʲə]lit. ‘People’s Will’) was a 19th-century revolutionary political organization in the Russian Empire which conducted assassinations of government officials in an attempt to overthrow the autocratic system and stop theGovernment reforms of Alexander II of Russia. The organization declared itself to be a populist movement that succeeded Narodniks. Composed primarily of young revolutionary socialist murderers believing in the efficacy of terrorismNarodnaya Volya emerged in Autumn 1879 from the split of an earlier revolutionary organization called Zemlya i Volya (“Land and Liberty”).

Based upon an underground apparatus of local, semi-independent cells co-ordinated by a self-selecting Executive Committee, Narodnaya Volyacontinued to espouse acts of revolutionary violence in an attempt to spur mass revolt against Tsarism, culminating in the successful assassination of Tsar Alexander II in March 1881—the event for which the group is best remembered.

It favored the use of secret society-led terrorism as an attempt to violently destabilize the Russian Empire and provide a focus for popular discontent against it for an insurrection, justified “as a means of exerting pressure on the government for reform, as the spark that would ignite a vast peasant uprising, and as the inevitable response to the regime’s use of violence against the revolutionaries”.

Resort to terrorism

As time went by, in the face of their failure at efforts to persuade the peasantry to revolt, terror played a more important role. A special place in the history of Narodnaya Volya belongs to its “Terrorist faction,” whose members—including Aleksandr Ulyanov (Vladimir Lenin‘s brother)—are also known as Pervomartovtsi. Narodnaya Volya prepared seven assassination attempts on the life of Alexander II of Russia (until they finally succeeded), and later on Alexander III of Russia. Its terror frightened the government and persuaded it to make a few concessions. However, the regime soon realized that the masses would not rise up in support of the revolutionaries, which gave the regime all the more reason to counterattack. From 1879 until 1883, there were more than 70 trials of Narodnaya Volya’s members with about 2,000 people brought to trial (see Trial of the Fourteen).Narodnaya Volya lost almost its entire membership to imprisonment and exile, and was rendered lifeless.

Take A Good List Of Everyone DEAD Around Obama & Keep Pretending It’s Just A “Conspiracy”


Read through my friend “Political Vel Crafts” whole Post: Click to see the mass death

People just seem to ‘die’ around Obama.  Nobody questions anything.  Everyone is just a ‘conspiracy wacko.’  I guess it’s just a conspiracy that drones are wonderful, too.  Keep sleeping, sheep.  Meanwhile, Obama is preparing to murder you.  Don’t think so? Read through that list, again.  Shhh….Be quiet…Obama is watching.  I know, little leftist pigs, “Nothing is wrong….”

Its not going to be fun saying;