Thought For The Day On Political Correctness At Christmas, ETC

BANNED From The Social/Political Daily Caller Site. “Conservatives” Are Cowards Who HATE Patriots

BANNED From The Social/Political Daily Caller. “Conservatives” Are Cowards Who HATE Patriots

I BET any amount of money, that most of the cowards are probably neo-con “Jews” who have me banned..

Don’t come to my blog anymore and call yourself a ‘conservative.’  That is a label that ‘conservative’ people call themselves because the Communist cabal GAVE them that label.  A patriot is a patriot and a lover of their country. Patriotism has been alive since the beginning of time.  Patriotic people will not put up with treason, ‘political correctness’, and will fight to the death.  “Conservatives” will go along to get along just like the GOP.

Here are the social political websites I have been banned from:

#1. I was banned from Gateway Pundit because I asked Mr. Hoft why he was taking up for the Syrian Rebels.  Of course, Mr. Hoft changed his mind (later on)–but could not even sent me a twitter to tell me I was right about Syria, months later?   I was correct about Syria all along.   And, I have to thank and praise God because he used my blog and a few smaller blogs (which started a HUGE movement against the Syrian war) we, who told the truth to STOP OBAMA from murdering more people.   Shame on Mr. Hoft.  I am very sorry he has been sick and I do respect him (to some degree) but banning people for asking you why you are supporting the wrong side is sickening.

#2. Breitbart had a post about how conservatives should accept ‘gay’ marriage. I am tired of pussy-footin around with the ‘gay’ issue.  Commie/Liberals think ‘gay’ is 2 men tip-toeing through the tulips.  It isn’t.  It is 2 men taking their schlongs and sticking it up a human waste hole.  Since they wanted to have the discussion, I obliged.  When I told the truth–they banned me.

#3. Mediaite banned me because I call the “Liberals” what they are on their website–they are Communists.  I find it odd that the main stream is allowed to call patriotic people ‘terrorists, Tea-hadists, haters’, etc–but when we call the ‘liberals’ by their rightful name, they ban us.  Why are they ashamed to be Communists?  I am not ashamed of being patriotic.

4. Banned from Daily Caller because I said that many young, black men have been raping, robbing and murdering white people, daily.    Also, just my name (The Mad Jewess) instills fear into the Conservatives who are only enablers of the Commies with their nanny nanny boo boo talk.   I will speak as I damned well wish to speak on these social websites, in life, wherever.  My family fought and died so I could have FREE SPEECH.   The reason you have no country, ‘conservatives‘, is because you cow-tow to the Communists.  End of story.   You will go to the Fema Camps (The ones Alex Jones is always talking about–willingly)  Good riddance.  


We are NOT a social website, by the way.  This is just a SMALL blog with patriotic opinions. We spam Jew haters and Communists because Communism and NAZI-ism is treason, not free speech.

‘Sequestration’-Obama’s New ‘F Bomb’. He Owns This!!!

Can someone tell me when you even heard the use of the word, ‘sequestration’, before Obama?  Anytime we hear of some new term, you can bet your bottom dollar that Obama and the left-wing, “Progressives” invented the word to use for ‘such a time as this’.  

Political-correctness is not an American ideology by tradition. So, of course it did not come from Americans that are trying to do things right. Most definitely, Obama started bringing this ‘cuss’ word to our attention..   

These traitors in both houses act like this is ‘new’.  Well, it’s not.  I know what I am telling you is the truth because the state-run media, NBC – is Blaming ‘American Public’ and Republicans (Wow, shocked?) for Sequester.

There needs to be no further explanation.  That link explains where the “F bomb” sequestration word originated; THE LEFT WING & OBAMA.  The real word/s they fear is spending cuts.