Communist RAG, Salon Dumps On Lara Logan After Apology Re. Benghazi Misinfo (Commies NEVER Apologize For Wrong Info)

Communist RAG, Salon Dumps On Lara Logan After Apology Re. Benghazi Misinfo (Commies NEVER Apologize For Wrong Info)

Apologizing for mistakes is one of the most honorable attributes a human can possess.  Most ‘liberal’ journalists lie and name call Americans every day and NEVER apologize…

It’s amazing.  Logan is trying to get the right story & truth out about Benghazi.  You do remember she was raped in Tahir, Egypt – over and over??  The fact that she is able to try to report this certain scenario – putting emotions aside – yet still has the guts to admit there was misinfo re Muslims- this tells me that Lara Logan (although a liberal) is trying to get this story out to the public and the truth about Benghazi, Libya.  It is hard not to generalize all Muslims when you have been a victim of violence, let alone, gang-rape by Muslims.   Of course, the Communist cabal at the Salon is never satisfied and they are viciously attacking her.   No doubt, feminists are not even there for her right now, either.  Obama, their phony Messiah comes first in protection, not a female reporter.

See the nasty Communist post at Salon- CBS’ erroneous Benghazi debacle explodes

Her apology/ statement (Something Communists never do is apologize-they are unforgiving, filthy pigs.)

“The most important thing to every person at ’60 Minutes’ is the truth, and today the truth is that we made a mistake, and that’s very disappointing for any journalist, it’s very disappointing for me,” Logan said on “CBS This Morning. “Nobody likes to admit that they made a mistake, but if you do, you have to stand up and take responsibility and you have to say you were wrong, and in this case we were wrong.”

Apology on video:

Feminists were not  really outraged by Logan’s rape:

Thanks for trying to be sincere, Lara Logan.

#COMMIE Obama’s Scapegoat: ‘Fired’ IRS Commissioner Had Nothing To Do With Tea Party Scandal

Obama’s Scapegoat:  Fired IRS Commissioner Had Nothing To Do With Tea Party Scandal

Obama & Hitlery are the guilty ones.  You all better start reading leftist-rags because Obama is going STALIN and firing people just as he fired the Generals with the purge…  When we say that the useful idiots go first, we were not kidding.  If OBAMA does NOT get impeached and thrown out, look for far worse than this..  Look for Holder to resign as well.   The whole damned govt is rotten to the core. They ALL need to go – minus Trey Gowdy and Ted Cruz.


But Miller is a scapegoat in the most pure and classic sense. The acting commissioner was not running the IRS at the time employees improperly targeted Tea Party groups — that would be Bush-appointee Doug Shulman, who resigned as commissioner last year — and Miller’s name isn’t mentioned a single time in the Treasury Department inspector general’s report. Indeed, there is no evidence that Miller was in any way responsible, involved or even aware of the inappropriate targeting of conservative groups by underlings. He is falling on his sword for something he did not do.

Read it and weep because more WILL happen to people not involved. See-Obama’s unfortunate scapegoat

Last thing Seitz-Wald (the lefty author from The Salon) Wrote:

Maybe Obama is right that new leadership is needed, but Steven Miller didn’t deserve this fate.

How Would #MikeyWeinstein Like It If Christians Started Calling ‘Jews’, (JINOs) Monsters? IDIOT!

How Would #MikeyWeinstein Like It If Christians Started Calling Jews, Monsters? IDIOT!

This impossible, moronic, jackass lives in America.  Mikey has inhabited this land his whole life. Lived in safety from anti-Jewish oppression..He knows that America is supposed to be Christian.  Mikey is probably a Bolshevik, atheist, Jewish-born ass-hat. Think about it…A nasty, fat, jabba-the-hut looking fiend is telling Christians to ditch scriptures just because of a little inscription on a gun in the US military – that has no-doubt: given countless Christian soldiers, comfort…  

True Jews do NOT ‘preach’ to Christians. Period!

Now…300 supposed Marines are just soooo put off by some scriptures on the rifles.  And, Mikey the bastard is going to correct this for these ‘un Christian’ soldiers.  The gall. The audacity. It’s amazing.  Just watching Commie-Jews tell Christians what’s what. They don’t even believe in God to begin with, but they are going to dictate to Christians that they are ‘un Christian’.


Back to the question… I can hear the Commie-Jews screaming bloody murder when the nation decides to go postal on their dumb asses.. I think Christians SHOULD start calling Obama-voting Jews what THEY are: 


Need proof…………?


‘Today, we face incredibly well-funded gangs of fundamentalist Christian monsters who terrorize their fellow Americans by forcing their weaponized and twisted version of Christianity upon their helpless subordinates in our nation’s armed forces. Oh my, my, my, how “Papa’s got a brand new bag.”‘

-Mikey the “Jew”

#Communist Writer, DAVID SIROTA From “Salon” Says ‘LET’S HOPE THE BOMBER IS WHITE’

#Communist Writer, DAVID SIROTA From “Salon” Says ‘LET’S HOPE THE BOMBER IS WHITE’

REAL #WhitePrivilege: 

2 years ago, this privileged white male was beaten into oblivion by a black gang.

What I find particular amusing with this #Commie-bigot (David Sirota from “Salon)  is that he seems to think that ‘evil’ whitey is somehow ‘privileged.’  What can we expect these days, though?  Most #Communist whites like Sirota are oblivious to the pain that blackies and brownies inflict upon the ‘evil’ whitey’s on a daily basis.. Whites are not in enough pain in their own nation.. Forced to listen to a foreign, usurper, #Commie prez whose DOJ allowed the Black Panthers to go scot-free after intimidating ‘evil’ white ‘racists’ in Philly, 2008..  Whites are privileged, though… Even though white Po’leece at Cambridge, MASS acted stupidly..

So, this is what the bag of baked wind has to say:


This is the asshole, below… a white ‘privileged’ Marxist nut-job, building racism against his own self, yet in pretense, he is an ‘anti-racist’.  Ya can’t make this shit up.  Most people are mourning over the loss, this jackass just wants a white dude to be guilty.. How is that ANY different than wanting ALL Muslims to be guilty?? Or one lone wolf Muslim to be guilty?   There is no difference.  Racism is racism, bigotry is bigotry.  And, a stupid shithead will always be a stupid shithead:

Meet Mr. Shithead:

So, jerkoff, Davey….What if it is (as usual) a white #Commie lib like Ayers?

Meanwhile…”White Privilege” rears its ugly head:

New Nation News

Photos of Syrian Massacres Perpetrated By Al Qaeda (America-Funded) Recycled as Gaza ‘Atrocities’

This is what Muslims do. Most Americans believe the Muslims.  After all, they elected in a Muslim Negro.

The whole story:


The original massacre, in Syria.

The "recycled" massacre, transplanted to Gaza.

Muslim, Barack HUSSEIN Obama Says He “Fully Supports Israel’s Right To Defend ‘Itself'” Bullsh*t, Mr.

Obama says he supports Israels ‘right to defend itself‘.  This is 100% bullshit.  Complete.  Tell it to the people of Libya, who now have the Muslim bro’hood in charge BECAUSE of Obama.  Tell it to the people of Egypt, ditto same situation as Libya.  Tell it to the Syrians & Christian Syrians who are fighting off Al Qaeda who Obama and Hitlery aided.  You can fool dumbbell “Jews” that voted for your sorry ass, but you aint’ foolin me, you Muslim lunatic.

Obama sent 1.2 billion USD to the Muslim bro’hood.  He is so full of crap, his eyes are brown–they are brown, anyway.

You can click here to see he is, as usual, full of shit.  Don’t worry Jew haters.. He hates Israel, he is YOUR dream come true.
 Dont lose heart…

ALERT!! Older Women: DO NOT Hug Obama! You May Just Die! Woman Hugged Obama & Died/Massive Coronary

Obama is like the damned plague. People fainting around this jackass, dying from coronaries…  He has bad luck.  If it wasn’t for bad luck, Obama would not have any luck at all! 
ELDERLY LADIES! Stay away from Obama. He is horrible. It may rub off… OR, is he the anti-Christ that people are talking about?  Probably.. But, I dont think Obama the Muslim beast is all that clever.

DICTATOR Obama Is ABOVE The Law. Abused Exec Power Over Eric Holder’s Murderous Fast & Furious

DICTATOR Obama Is ABOVE The Law. Abused Exec Power Over Eric Holder’s Murderous Fast & Furious

Obama has abused executive order in reference to requests made by Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), chairman of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, who has embarked on a controversial investigation into the Department of Justice’s Operation Fast and Furious murdering program. 

Read more at the leftist RAG, Huffington Post, and ask these sonofabitches WHY this bastard gets away with this shit; here




Because they are


Most Americans WORSHIP black people over God.