OREGON #ACLU A Commie Hack Organization Which Encourages Violent, Lawless #ANTIFA Terrorists.

ACLU Is A Commie Hack Organization Which Encourages Violent ANTIFA Terrorists.

The pathetic Mayor of Portland has had a sane moment in which he asks the people of the city of Portland:

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler has extended a city-wide state of emergency declared over fears of violent protests, while calling on the public to help “unmask” an “anarchist mob” involved in attacks on police and businesses.

To which the Communist, radical group-the ACLU said:

Here is Wheeler’s press conference:

Ted Wheeler is a far left radical himself.. Even that is not Left enough for the Communist, ANTIFA terrorist encouraging ACLU.

Conservative people:


Let The Leftist Pigs Burn Their Cities To The Ground. Who Cares.

Let The Leftist Pigs Burn Their Cities To The Ground. Who Cares.

I don’t care what the Left wing, Communist radicals do to their cities.  They keep voting in CommieCrats regardless.. they deserve the fallout.

This is who is burning their city.

 If people just look like this, can you imagine how awful they must be anyway? Soul-less eyes, tattooed faces, ugly feminists, filthy apostates with matted, disgusting hair.  What a wasted life.  They all look to be in their 30’s.  Too old to appear this way. Its so obvious they’re agenda driven..

Yes, I do judge people by how they appear.  Especially in today’s world.  If they don’t care what they look like to the world around them, they won’t care about anything. How you appear is how you are. Their whole existence is meant to offend.  

I’m not alone:


If you’re a Conservative person in this horrible, Communist city OR ANY CommieCrat city…:  FLEE TO THE MOUNTAINS – 3M Prophecies

#Portland ‘Protestors’ (Terrorists) Surround & Violently Threaten Christian Preachers

#Portland ‘Protestors’ (Terrorists) Surround & Violently Threaten Christian Preachers

The Left calls us ‘fascist’ but they can’t even take a couple of street preachers without threatening them and intimidating them.  Leftists ARE the fascist pigs.

Duncan’s COMMUNIST ‘Bar Mitzvah’ Will Show You Why Many Americans HATE Left-Wing Jews With A Passion

Duncan’s COMMUNIST ‘Bar Mitzvah’ Will Show You Why Many Americans HATE Left Wing Jews With A Passion   Watch this video, its sickening.  This is NOT Judaism, it is satanism.

Why is this young “Jewish” KID being Bar Mitzvah’d if he believes in none of what the Torah teaches?

Young Duncan, already a Communist, is a strong supporter of the cause and fervently preaches Communist rule #26: Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural, healthy” of the Communist manifesto.  By preaching that ‘gay’ marriage is OK, he is saying that God is a liar.  A 13 year old ‘man’ KID is saying God is a liar and God changes. And, he is pushed by his unrighteous parents.  God does NOT change.  God says what he says and means every, single word.  It is not God who is the intolerant, it is people who hate his laws and hate HIM, not the vice versa.  He gave us rules and laws so that we will have peace in our lives.

It is immaterial to me what people do in their own time.  What they want to do is none of my business, but when people (like this “Jew”, ‘man’ kid, Duncan, a 13 yr old) starts shoving his parents politics from a synagogue, I can’t sit back and say zero.

Militant ‘gay’ will completely destroy ANY nation and that’s the way it goes.  But, for now, since this young impostor wants to desecrate the name of God and call the unholy, holy… I pray most fervently that God will deal with this young man harshly and punish his parents in any way possible with lack, physical ailment, whatever it takes to bring them to complete repentance and apologize publicly for LYING about God and the Torah..

When Americans turn on the left and this Communist “Jewish” filth, I will be there with them, hopefully ending your existence. You wretched, unholy, UN Jewish vermin and filthy monsters.

FROM the Torah:

Leviticus 18:22 – Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind; it is abomination.

In Christian text:

Or don’t you know that the unrighteous will not inherit the Kingdom of God? Don’t be deceived. Neither the sexually immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor male prostitutes, nor homosexuals.

It is what it is. People do what they want to do.  but you cannot change God.  Leave MY Elohim God out of YOUR politics.  I thought you phonies were against religion & state being mixed? LIARS.

(Raw Surveillance Videos) Albertsons 30-40 BLACK Teens ‘Flash Mob’ Terrorize & Rob Store In Troutdale, Oregon

(Drudge just put this up July 17, 2012:  

COPS: 40 kids ‘flash rob’ Oregon store…      

This ‘event’ occurred on June 18.   DRUDGE reads The Mad Jewess, not the vc versa.)

(Raw Surveillance Videos) Albertsons 30-40 BLACK Teens ‘Flash Mob’ Terrorize & Rob Store In Troutdale , Oregon

***Dear readers:  We have to allow this stuff so people don’t think whites are discriminating. It’s better to watch the world burn than be called a racist.

Videos by:

GCrowdy GCrowdy

Black Teen Terrorists “Flash Rob” Albertsons store in Troutdale, Oregon

Black Teen Terrorists “Flash Rob” Albertsons store in Troutdale, Oregon….They have a brotha in the W.H., with an Attny Gen that lets them get away with anything.  This is their revenge for oppression, even though they were born in the late 1990’s. Boo-hoo for these little bastards. 

(KATU) TROUTDALE, Ore. — A group of around 30-40 black teenagers stormed into an Albertsons grocery store in Troutdale on Saturday night, stealing merchandise and trashing the store, according to police.

Vid by: GCrowdy