Seriously.  Over at: NewsReal Sunday: Using Bible Verses for Jokes or Jihad by Paul Cooper  It seems as if the left wing, moonbattish, satanists are starting to dictate to Christians how to ‘pray’ for Obama, what to pray and what NOT to pray.. Imagine the gall..   Now, these serious demented idiots, are saying that there is a ‘hidden death threat’ read at Psalms 109 on your dear leader, Hussein Obama, AS IF we need any more worship of this unrepentent reprobate scumbag. (  See: http://obamaprayers.blogspot.com/2009/11/death-threat-in-psalm-1098.html  )

   These people are gone.  You can’t talk about Obama, ‘pray’ for Obama without the left wing fringe going absolutely nuts.  I think the demons are foaming at the mouth, and are in need of an exorcism. 

 My friend Linda writes:  Again the fringe left (who consider themselves mainstream) amaze me.  Insanity must be something in the water they drink.  They are not just buffoons anymore, they are very very dangerous in their zeal and hysteria. 

G'D you AMERICANS, you pray how WE tell you to!