We Need 2 Go Back To Pre-1967 America, Where A BLACK BOY Like Obama Wouldn’t Have A Chance In Hell

Just think what type nation we would be again… Barely any 3rd world immigration. No amnesty for 3 million Mexicans that Reagan granted. No executive order, prohibiting the President from assassinating leaders of other countries.  No ‘politically correct’ speech. We would call a SPADE A SPADE…(If ya get my drift.)  Afraid 

College kids did the lawnwork, not illegal occupiers. Medical costs were minimal. We did not NEED Health Insurance to afford a hospital stay. Each state was nowhere near bankruptcy, nor was the federal government. Commies stayed in the shadows, they didnt disrespect this country and come out of the shadows.  Even 10 years before 1967, we hung Communists (ie. the Rosenbergs). There was no ‘going green’, cars were BIG AND MEAN and spewed sweet-smelling lead into the air.  Come to think of it, paint had lead in it. Gas was less than .30 cents a gallon.

Schools gave IQ tests that were not dumbed down. If you were a dummy, white or black, the IQ tests showed it. Standards for jobs, inc. Police and Fire were very high. If you were a woman or a minority and you couldn’t do it, TOO DAMNED BAD.   In NYC, the minimum height for a Police Officer was 5’8″. There was no race-mixing of blacks and whites. White women were considered low-down, dirty, white-trash if they mixed. Christian symbols where allowed all over government lands.  The week before Christmas, mail was delivered 2x a day. Even more in other places.

  Lets now go to where Obama would be, if America is to return to pre-1967.  Obama would be nothing but a stupid negro, with a big mouth and just may have been lynched. He would have NEVER gotten into college with ‘Affirmative action’. And as for President; He would be lucky if he were Pres of the mens room. (“THE BLACK ONLY” MENS ROOM) in certain parts of this country. Obama would not be living in a multi-million dollar home, he would be living in a shack in a ghetto, maybe Shanty-town, white-trash-ville. The BLACK BOY, Obama would be put in the funny farm for even thinking of being president of the USA.  Come to think of it, WHY has no-one thrown this BLACK BOY out?

Being he is half/black, half/white, everyone would be looking at him as if he is a FREAK. Lets go back to America, pre-1967..

Now, is this CHANGE ya ‘all can believe in?

 Too Funny Too Funny Too Funny