Prescott, AZ FIRE: The Mad Jewess’s Town Has Lost 19 Elite Fire-fighters In Wild Blaze

The Mad Jewess’s Town Has Lost 19 Fire-fighters In Wild Blaze

This is a few miles from me. Prescott Firefighters went to battle this blaze.  Yesterday, we had lightening with a freak rain-storm.  My guess is that lightening must have hit up on Yarnell Hill.  This is just a small community outside of Prescott.  The Prescott fire Dept lost 19 out of 20 elite fire fighters. 

Thank you for posting this, Grumpy:

More crews head to Arizona where 19 firefighters died battling wildfire

YARNELL, Ariz. — More crew members and a top-level management team are headed to an out-of-control wildfire in Arizona that killed 19 elite firefighters and destroyed much of a small town.
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I feel so awful for the families. Probably ALL young ladies and children. Just tragic. God, be with them. People crying all over town. Just sick and sad.

AZ: The Mad Jewess’s Town Is On Fire (Mountains Ablaze) HUGE Fire Was Set By Careless Jerks

AZ: The Mad Jewess’s Town Is On Fire (Mountains Ablaze) HUGE Fire Was Set By Careless Jerks

Thanks to “Family Survival Protocol” there are pictures below. I have not had the time to take photos.  We are having a really dry season and some mishugunah used cardboard in a BBQ. (From what I hear)  The fire is really huge. It is in the mountains where the uber rich are.  I have heard this fire brought them together; many of them are not evac and are staying to keep the grounds of their homes/land wet. The air is thick with smoke.  Please pray for the elderly as it is 6000 feet up.  Please say a prayer that the Commies up there croak, amen.

Click Forest / Wild Fire – State of Arizona, [Granite Basin area, Near to Prescott] : A wildfire eight miles northwest of Prescott grew from 20 acres to 500 acres in one hour

PRESCOTT, AZ: The Mad Jewess’s Town Is Going To Have DRONES

PRESCOTT, AZ: The Mad Jewess’s Town Is Going To Have DRONES

Well, this is going to be bad for my town.  I have not had to get involved in the city issues because there have been no issues ‘within plain site’.  But, it is evident in the GOP up here, that they would trust Obama the MADMAN with federal drones.  

This is going to cause me major unhappiness, now.  I am not a nice person about these type things.   Those of you who are OK with these drones because you think they kill eastern terrorists are idiotic and insane.  

Did you forget that the DHS considers Vets ‘terrorists?’  Patriots ‘terrorists?’   Hello, stupid asses?  Anyone IN there?

As with everything that the feds touch, they bring death, destruction and madness.  

It’s quite simple for us up here; Remember how TX shot down these drones?  We will shoot them down up here, too.

Prescott eyes selection as site for drone testing – News Talk 92.3 KTAR

‘Mayor Marlin Kuykendall said it’d be a great industry for the area’

PRESCOTT, Ariz. — Prescott officials want the Yavapai County city to be considered as a site for federal testing of how to integrate unmanned aircraft into the nation’s airspace.

Conservative Councilman In Prescott, AZ CANNED 4 Opposing A MURAL!

  Now it’s a full blown controversy, with statewide and even national media paying attention. Right now, the spotlight is on Blair, who made comments that some interpreted as being racist.

SEE: Steve Blair Fired By KYCA

** *The reason that people do NOT like this GRAFITI mural is because it pushes this lousy fucking GREEN agenda.  This town is being infiltrated by left wing SCHMUCKS. This town is ELDERLY people, they bother NOBODY.  We have NO crime in this town, and this is what the left wing comes and does, they fuck up every g’d thing they can get their hands on. EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

USING KIDS, below- as the left wing ALWAYS does, the fucking NAZIS. The little kid says ‘ My mom is on the internet, and this GUY NAMED STEVE BLAIR’ – this kid does not give a shit about Steve Blair– he is a KID, kids go outside here in this town, they go and PLAY. 

And look at this hogwash SHIT too:

Steve Blair, Prescott, AZ., Councilman, Radio Show Host Who Waged Racist Campaign Over Public Mural, Fired by KYCA

Here is the LOUSY ass mural that is  GRAFITI. Me and my husband moved OUT of NYC to get the hell AWAY from this grafiti shit, and here it is….following us, like the left wing SHIT it IS.  Look at the MARXIST HIPPY crumbs here, and tell me this is not a fucking AGENDA to destroy this town.

Artisans & Entreprenuers In Arizona Need Your Support!

I went to a craft show and bought a few things from a few artists. They are not conservative or liberal to me, they are just Arizonans that need some support. So, check out the few that I picked out, they are less expensive and nice. I will try to do weekly updates.


First is “Xanadu” designs; Purses, jewelry, etc. She is a really super sweet gal, and refers to herself as a ‘capitalist’:

Bohemian Chic Puffed Round Beaded HandbagSmall Gold/Green Specks Puffed Heart (5 Petal Yellow Flower)Hair ScrunchiesI bought a ring and a 2 murano glass pendants, she handmakes this stuff, she is quite talented.

Next is the most delicious Past I have EVER had in my whole entire life;

Sweet Potato Fettucine I bought Spinach basil pasta, you don’t even need anthing nut butter, it is THAT good.

sweet and spicy relishThis one is called “RELISH THIS” And if you are into women doing good, these are the gals to buy from, they are really super nice and their relish for everything is YUMMY.

WOW books full of mystery and different legends from AZ:


Beautiful, strong-willed reporter, Kendall O’Dell, is drawn into an evil web of conspiracy beyond anything she could have ever imagined when she accepts a position at a small newspaper in isolated Castle Valley, Arizona. Her assignment: Find out why her predecessor mysteriously vanished while working on a story concerning the unsolved deaths of two teenage girls. Why is the sheriff so hostile to her inquiries? Why is the woman operating the local shelter for homeless girls so secretive? And how is attractive rancher Bradley Talverson involved?

When the body of a third girl is discovered in the desert not far from a private mental institution, Kendall’s life hangs in the balance as she strives to uncover the horrifying secret.

MY Favorite:

She paints GORGEOUS art of animals. Her rendition of Noahs Ark is ASTOUNDING.

This painting was done to honor all the animals I grew up with in my native England. These are the animals of Sherwood Forest and Robin Hood fame. Over Two Million brushstrokes went into my first large painting to be reproduced. Number one in the edition was given to Prince Charles and Princess Diana upon the birth of Prince William, the future King of England. Animal Fantasia I was hung in young Prince Edwards bedroom upon receipt.