The Only Thing Leftist Women Care About Is Killing Their Babies (Abortion)

That’s all these mongrel hordes care about: kill, kill, kill their babies. The ‘right’ to kill more babies.  They want their wombs chopped up and bloody, baby body parts all over.  What is totally fascinating about this is that they pretend to be against war.  I flipped the channel on to Hannity, tonight and they were talking about the bogus ‘war against women.’    Any sane person knows – without a shadow of a doubt that there is NO war against women.    The war is against men in America- predominantly white males.  

I really am sick and tired of these lies that leftists and ‘moderates’ tell.  Abortion is baby-murder and it is horrible.  

But, what can you expect?  Left-wing women are the scum of the earth.   If I was a left-wing woman, I would commit suicide.  They care nothing for the country, just the right to kill babies.

They’re sick, demented, murdering, psychopathic monsters.

This is what these Leftist women hate:

They would rather have this:

Stand Against Abortion: Celebrate Baby’s Today

Celebrate Baby Day
We have to celebrate babies and thank GOD for babies, because the left wing MURDERERS are always wanting to murder little, innocent baby’s.. And call it ‘choice’.  A CHOICE to murder.
  Please..if you are a young woman, and you are pregnant, and you have no help..Please stop..consider.  Be responsible. You went to bed and had sex, you acted as an adult–if you get pregnant, please have your baby. The horror stories that follow years of guilt are too much to bear. And please consider this;  Look at these babies above.  They are beautiful.  Yours will be too. Stop the genocide of American babies. Please get help, have courage, have your baby and LOVE that baby.

“Love Affair” The ‘Liberals’ have with ABORTION~Y MARXISM WILL MURDER US ALL

The BOLSHEVIK Boa Constrictor

The Bolsheviks Have a Vice Grip and Are Strangling the Life out of Our Nation and People:

 Abortion: While so-called liberals promote tax payers subsidizing the infanticide of millions of our babies, frazzled medical staffs at inner city bastard factories work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year popping out millions of illegitimate minorities kids that will consign us to minority status in our own country.

The rest here:

See this video, it is excellent on the SOVIET takeover that is happening & why MARXISM {Liberals} will MURDER us all:

Yuri Bezmenov

Save Me Before Soviets KILL ME!