Bolsheviks In The Bathroom: Excellent Anti Communist Propaganda Posters (Chaos, Disorder, Riots)

Bolsheviks In The Bathroom: Excellent Anti Communist Propaganda (Chaos, Disorder, Riots)

I look at these posters and I see what we are fighting even though most people refuse to name or SEE this monster coming our way after election day.

Did you know? FBI director J. Edgar Hoover was quick to equate any kind of protest with communist subversion, including the civil rights demonstrations led by Martin Luther King Jr. Hoover labeled King a communist and covertly worked to intimidate and discredit the civil rights leader.

That question mark…thats what I think on a daily basis: What are these Communist pigs going to do next? This one is from 1961, I believe.

Even “Scot Tissues” were in on stopping the Communists.

Companies were in on expunging the ‘red menace’. You know why? Because they foresaw this mess we are in. This one below is explaining how to deal with a Communist.

Our elders knew that eventually, Communism would be Globalism. The root of Globalism is Communism.

Communism, aka: Leftism IS America’s mortal enemy. It needs to be shamed and expunged from society. If it isnt, it will get much, much worse than it already is.

Our elders knew.

Stop calling these savages, “Liberal and Progressive”. Call them by their real name: COMMUNIST.

See this Comic book against Communism, 1947