My Response To A DUMB “Progressive” Jerk-off On You-Tube, Re: ILLEGALS

 Combust Feel free to join in this convo on Y.T.-it is one of Savages rants:

{For Newbies here-My Dad is WASP, & Seneca/Iroquois & My Mom is a Portugee Jew-in other words, HALF BREED… :D}

Here is the LIBO-NUT:

@ugha323a Seriously?! Are you Native American, claiming that your ancestors are not immigrants? I hope you are not talking about the rest of the entire population of American ancestors not being immigrants because that is exactly what they were, cant believe i even took the time to type that…

2nd, not a “JEW” but thx.

3rd, keep hating because that is exactly what all the world religions teach, HATE. It blows my mind that the vast majority of this world practice some religion, yet still hate.

—————–My response to this asshole “EIMAJISM” from above:

  • @eimajism #1. I am from the Seneca Tribe of the Iroquois Nation. This is MY LAND. #2. I am a Daughter of the American Revolution. #3. For a liberal creep to tell me I “HATE”, I take it as a COMPLIMENT. #4. The ‘evil’ white man did NOT screw up MY nation, you PROGRESSIVE pigs did. YOU ARE THE HATER NAZI.
  • FYI, satan; Americans that were here before the early 1900’s ARE of Indian blood, NOT Mexican.

    Ponquogue, Cutchogue, Mattituck, Montauk, all Indian names. Does THAT SOUND MEXICAN 2 U ASSHOLE?

  • @eimajism

    And another thing, SCHMUCK: There is a HUGE difference between a Good Jew and an EVIL,Commie, Bolshevik one. So you dont know a helluva lot about JEWS either.

    And this is hate: teaching Americans to HATE the troops, HATE this nation, hate white people, indoctrinating in schools that Tommy fucking Johnny is OK.

    You Progressives have TOTALLY screwed up this country.When us indigenous and patriots come after you, look at the reasons why- you are an IMMORAL and DEBAUCHEROUS people.