PROOF ‘Rebels’ In Syria Are OBAMA’S Muslim Bro’hood & Al Qaeda: Syrian Rebels Arm Palestinians Against Assad

PROOF ‘Rebels’ In Syria Are OBAMA’S Muslim Bro’hood & Al Qaeda: Syrian rebels arm Palestinians against Assad.  

We may just be looking at another of Obama’s clusterf’cks in Syria with the potential of more dead Americans because of these idiots and countless dead Christians in Syria, plus civilians.  You can thank your dear Muslim-lovin Obama, our Jihadist ‘prez’ from Kenya for this M.E. mess.

CLICK: Syrian rebels arm Palestinians against Assad  

I have been telling people everywhere:  Here, online, in life – that Assad is NOT the ‘bad guy’ in this.   But, Americans are so brainwashed with war and love for war..   No doubt, Assad rules with an iron fist- but that is not the point, he has to .   This is none of our business.   Russia and China are the rulers, now–they said butt-out.  These Muslim/Marxists (the Obama Admin) refuse.  Demanding ‘human rights and left wing democracy’ be brought to the Syrians….

 And just look at the bitch, Hitlery and Obama:  US government wants Syrian opposition shakeup to defeat Assad.  

BOTH of those links PROVE that we have a terrorist government.  If you don’t believe so, you need your head examined.


Hillary the evil says:

“This cannot be an opposition represented by people who have many good attributes but have in many instances not been inside Syria for 20, 30 or 40 years,” Clinton said. “There has to be a representation of those who are on the front lines fighting and dying today to obtain their freedom. And there needs to be an opposition leadership structure that is dedicated to representing and protecting all Syrians.”

MY note:  People say “Obama is a Zionist”…Well, you are IDIOTS. He is NOT a “Zionist” at all.  He is PRO-MUSLIM/NAZI. PERIOD!!!!  A true Zionist would be someone who just wants the Israeli people (patriots of Israel) to just have peace and be sovereign, not under dictatorial forces (Which comprises of the Israeli govt at present)  be able to worship Elohim.  That is all a true spiritual Zionist is.