An Atheist’s Prophetic Dream Of 1000 Foot Waves Hitting Los Angeles/West Coast

Atheist’s Prophetic Dream Of 1000 Foot Waves Hitting Los Angeles/West Coast

This is from a friend of mine who is atheist and very much believes this is a possibility and could happen because of an earthquake. I believe it is quite incredible that this dream could occur for an atheist. This is a super-duper nice atheist.

Preparing for the Tidal Wave of Innovation

I don’t have more details to my dream. But, a thousand foot tall wall of water was smashing into the west coast. 

 The 100 foot plus walls of water which have happened from earthquakes under the ocean were created by a mere 1 inch displacement of the sea floor, either up or down. The foot displacement of ocean sea floor, which would be required to produce a 1000+ foot tall wall of water is not without consideration. 

 It is possible some day. -Zen-Floater

*I personally believe this dream was from God. Others may not. But, I do. It could also be a metaphorical dream: “Drowning in a sea of debt”.

End Time Dream I Had Of The “Camps”

End Time Dream I Had Of The “Camps”

God promised in the end times he would give dreams as precursors/warnings and preparation.  Joel 2:28


In my dream, I saw everyone working the same job.  Everyone had a job that was ‘essential’.  Jobs were gone, so everyone was working in essential.  We were being pushed to do things that were hard.  It was very hard labor.  It seemed that months went by, everyone was tired.  Then, the task masters told us that in order to eat, we had to go to different camps to work and be fed.  I decided that I had taken enough abuse and I told my close friend: “I am not going into that camp”.  My friend had decided that she was going to that camp.  I told her: “That is the camp of the anti christ, you can’t go in there.  That is the camp of abortion and homosexuality. That is the camp of the Leftists.”  She said: “I have to eat. Im going to that camp”.  I was so grieved, so terribly sad.  My friend had told me all about the anti christ when we were young kids.  But, there she went…because she was hungry. 

Then I saw my cousin (my cousin was close to me in my dream).  she came rushing in asking: “WHERE IS THE CAMP THAT THEY HAVE FOOD?”  I told her: “You don’t want to go into that camp! Its the camp of the anti christ!”  She said: “I don’t care, we have to eat”.  I was so grieved, so terribly heartbroken.  I said: “We can make it and eat a little together and work together.  “She said “NO!! I HAVE TO EAT AND WORK”. (People that had worked hard all of their lives were held back by pride of work.)   They felt that they must work to eat.    I asked God what to say to her. God told me in my heart: “Just smile and give her a face of love”.   I gave her a face of love and off she went to the camp of the anti christ.  She was a Christian, too.  But, the task masters had a way of making a person believe it was all ‘for the best’. 

End dream.

We are on the cusp of seeing these things happening, people.  Already fish in the thousands and birds everywhere are just ‘dead’ all over the place.  Natural life has been turned upside down.  Look how the Koalas and Kangaroos were all burned.  The book of Revelation describes the events coming to the world.  I would urge you all to read your bibles Or get a bible.  ASAP.

Happening now over the last couple of months:

Horrible Apocalyptic Type Dream, March 16, 2020

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Joel 2: 28 And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your old men shall dream dreams, and your young men shall see visions.

This dream was not very long or I don’t know just how long it was because a lot of the dream/vision has escaped my mind.  I retain that God gives dreams to warn or to prepare of things to come.  

In my dream, It seems I was in the town of Salinas, CA.  (I don’t think that town has anything to do with whats coming, just the fact that it is familiar to me as a town)… There was mass hysteria all over.  Panic was everywhere.  The Lord had me floating high above the city.  

I looked down to a row of buildings and every one of them were on fire.  This really made me sad and shocked.  I have not seen that many buildings on fire in my life and in this dream, I was stunned.  I believe that mass chaos became looting and the looters were setting buildings on fire.  Then, it seemed that I was flying above a financial district somewhere.  As I looked down, there were 2 men on these stairs.  These 2 men threw themselves off the stairs to their deaths. Chaos was everywhere.  


I am not sure if this current SNAFU is a ‘test run’ or what.  I do not know.  I pray the spirit of the Lord shows me but as of yet, I am praying against it.  

The financial district being hit. Economic collapse is coming according to this dream above.  Looting and fires are coming.

It’s very possible that we are in the beginning stages of the “Great Tribulation”.  This could be a ‘test run’.  I do not know. But, I feel in my spirit that the earth has begun the “Great Tribulation” written of in the Bible.  So, fasten your seatbelts, this could be a bumpy ride.

This person, Jerry Golden had a similar dream:   VISION FROM JERRY GOLDEN-The smell was so bad I covered my nose and mouth it smelt like death everywhere. I could hear people crying and others fighting with each other, and gunshots were coming in from the distance

In fact, there are many dreams and visions on this website: Click on Steve Quayle and DISCERN

If the Lord shows you anything about this dream, leave a comment so people can discern it.  Thank you, & Godspeed.


God Is Not In An American Box. This Is What God Says:

God Is Not In An American Box. This Is What God Says:

Isaiah 45:7   I form the light and create darkness, I bring prosperity and create disaster; I, the LORD, do all these things.

God is not in an American box.

Hear the word of the LORD: My Son did not bring an end to my judgments, he brought the beginnings.

I am not in a box. I will not be held back by the ‘love crowd’.   I am what I AM. I bring blessing, I bring disaster.

If I did not spare the most repentant King David of Israel, why would I spare a nation of harlots? I will not. Judgment is imminent against the nations who hate my laws and hate my Son.

Who are those that hate my son? Those that do the works of evil. The church in the harlot nation of America does evil in my sight – day by day – and then demands that I love them, still.  I do not love evil-doers, I hate them.

I am a merciful God who has spared America, time and time again but now I am getting ready to shout and I shall not be held back.  I am already in your midst, judging your nation with tornadoes, floods, fires, temperatures not seen in history, snow, hail, earthquakes in pangs of warnings.

Still, I have spared lives and the people refuse to repent.

Sackcloth and ashes should be your clothing, yet you still gad about like harlots, demanding I love.

I have set forth the wings of judgment, the horses of destruction.   They can be eased by repentance but destruction must come to America for the lives of my aborted children.   Their blood cries out to me day and night for justice. I will avenge.

It is my perfect will that complete judgment rises against your nation and you must desire it also.  Am I not a just God?  Do you not love me? If you love me, you will cry out for my justice.

Let your pleading be for my mandates and decrees. Let your deepest prayer to me be: “O God, judge this wicked nation”.

Fear the Lord’s name, fear my wrath, fear my judgments, fear me. For the fear of the Lord is your shield and buckler in this time. Walk silently with me in trembling.

Do not plead for your cities, I will not hear.

Do not plead for your political leaders, I will not listen.

Do not plead for the shepherds, I will not hear.

Do not plead for the false prophets of lying hopes & dreams, I have shut my ears.

Plead only for my mandates and decrees of judgment. For if you plead for my will against the evil-doers, I will look upon your life with loving-kindness.

My judgments bring the end of murders.

My judgments bring the end of crimes.

My judgments bring the end of harlotries

My judgments bring the end of adultery

My judgments bring the end of drunkards, homosexuals, thieves, rapists and all evil under the sun. Plead for my justice and I will bring you into the shadow of my wings.

More Dreams Of Las Vegas In A Major Earthquake & Ruins

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This dream is from a Prophetic friend of mine, Tim Shey.  The Lord has shown me he is a Prophet of God.   The Lord showed HIM that devastation is coming to Vegas.  

I had the dream of the flood there, Tim had a vision of an earthquake.  One thing I believe.. Is that a terrible time is coming to L.V….Judgment, destruction and devastation.  In 2019, there were several large earthquakes in L.V.  One measuring 6.4 on the richter scale

Do not mock. Do not stir the anger of the Lord.  

SEE:  Las Vegas Earthquake