Italian Deputies Don’t Want The “Health Passport”. They STORM Parliament!

Italian Deputies Don’t Want The “Health Passport”. They STORM Parliament!

Good for them! FIGHT The BEAST!! You go guys! Keep fighting the satanic powers!

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Communist, “Jewish”, Leftist Pukes “Protesting” In Israel Also:

Communist, Leftist Pukes “Protesting” In Israel Also:

Communist creeps in Israel are ‘protesting’ also.  The same crap as here. I have 2 pictures from these protests that should show you what type drek these Communist ‘Jews’ in Israel are:

First photo shows a piece of garbage, Israeli, “Jew” who is wearing an Arafag scarf:

The next photo is a treacherous, Israel hating, Yid, jerk-off holding up a piece of ‘art’ which is a poster the Pukestinians drew while they were ‘protesting’ and ballooning Israelis:This should show you all you need to know about the fake outrage ‘protests’ in Israel. Same garbage as here in the states. Same left wing riff raff that should be hanged. OR parachuted into Iran.

Im not a fan of Netanyahu because he is anti Nationalist and does not allow religious Jews to build on their land because the world gets pissed off at Jews living on Jewish land.

Here is the Daily Mail UK article:

Flyer at “Peaceful Protest” Calls for Murder of all Republicans:

Flyer at “Peaceful Protest” Calls for Murder of all Republicans:

They say that Republican people only understand one thing, ‘war’.  I guess they forgot that under President Barack Hussein, they bombed 7 countries and dropped 26,000 plus bombs in 2016 alone.

Leftists and facts…a far distant relationship.

How can ya tell if someone is a Republican?  They don’t wear “R’s” on their arms…yet.

Todd Starnes has more to say.

Deep, Heartfelt Thoughts & Prayers For Saturday In DC

My heart is heavy and my spirit is sighing.  I know the end of this empire is here. Corporately, the nation refused to repent and we are in destruction.  Few places will be saved in the ending of this disaster & carnage.

At any rate, in DC, some of the people are actually dissenting.  The sad part is that many of the people dissenting may have violent radicals erupt from out of the sea of these dissenters.    The violent radicals are: Communists, Anarchists, Stalinists, Marxists, Trotskyites, Progressives, etc.. They want Trump removed from power. Their plan is to violently remove him as the deep state did in Ukraine in 2014 which I wrote about for 3 years.  Soros was in the Ukraine renaissance and he is in this potential overthrow as well.  

So, I pray that:

  • Saner heads prevail.
  • That the current President Trump is protected from the violent murderers.
  • That the violent plans are thwarted and God sends the radicals a spirit of total confusion.
  • That the power of God will show up and smite the violent ones with his angelic hosts.
  • I pray for the well-meaning people.  I pray that God would keep them safe. 
  • I pray that the coup is thwarted.  
  • I pray most of all that you will have mercy, Lord.  


In Yeshua’s/Jesus name, I pray, Amen

Decorate Your home With A #DEMOCRAT #2020Election Photo!

Decorate Your home With A #DEMOCRAT Campaign #2020Election Photo!

Nothing like hanging a great picture of a lovely fire to remind you how the Leftist Democrats adore you!  Release your inner pyro with these colorful poster/photos to remind you of how Democrats run their cities.  



With #Covid19 Over, Prepare For A #SOROSSummer. 100’s Of Protesters Being Flown To Minneapolis:

With #Covid19 Over, Prepare For A#SOROSSummer. 100’s Of Protesters Being Flown To Minneapolis:

Soros is busing them in, probably –  See – Mighty 990


“Hundreds of more protestors that are arriving to the city via the Minneapolis-Saint Paul Airport,” he said, “so if that report that I’m hearing is accurate, we could see more bodies in the street, which could lead to more violence tonight.”

This could possibly be the worst summer that there has ever been.  It’s right before an election.  Communist Democrats hate Trump no matter what he does.  I’m not ‘ra ra ra’ Trump…but they hate his guts…Soros is licking his chops and salivating waiting on blood and death.

I hope it does not get insane in Atlanta:

Gone is the Coronavirus and to divert attention off  what a hoax the Communist Democrat party made of the whole mess, destroying the economy, leaving 35 mil without jobs, businesses closing, housing market destroyed – they immediately latched onto another story that shook the headlines in Minneapolis.

Gotta hand it to the Communists pigs: They know how to divert attention.  Everyone’s focus is off the Super depression and onto the rioting losers in MN.

It’s almost as if Obama steering the wheel again…Look at his big mouth, just like before: Barack Obama just can’t shut his ugly, purple lips.

The reason it feels like SNAFU times 1000 is because Trump REFUSES to bring law and order as he stated in 2016:


You know the drill….

Not Wearing Masks: BAD. Looting, Rioting, Burning, OK #GeorgeFloyd

Not Wearing Masks: BAD. Looting, Rioting, Burning, OK #GeorgeFloyd

Looting…OK.  Masks?  NO mask?  Not too much: You Can Now Get Fired For Refusing To Wear A Mask At Work

I find it really damned amazing that the nation has been through a mess and this is what these stupid idiots did?  Sickening.


Jan 16 2020: ‘CRISIS ACTORS’ Needed In Virginia..’ (As VA GOV Declares State of Emergency)

Jan 16 2020: ‘CRISIS ACTOR’s Needed In Virginia..’ (As VA GOV Declares State of Emergency)

As the Communists plan a ‘dry run’ of serious gun control in Virginia… A person named “Shaun Irving” is looking for ‘crisis actors’ to help on an ‘NGO project’.. (Non Governmental organization).   Interesting, huh?   During Sandy Hook, they had many Crisis Actors (aka live role-playing). 

Click the link before it is taken down:


***Here is a shot of the website. I saved it because this link might go missing***



The description of the job:

  • Description: HEAT courses are designed to prepare NGO staff for operating in challenging international environments through in-person simulations. Actors take on varying roles (terrorist, IED victim, hostage, rescue team) throughout each workshop. The work can be intense (both physically and mentally) but also very rewarding.

Here is a video on this news, hat tip:  Ken S.


Is it possible that the Communists are setting up law abiding gun owners to look like terrorists? Yes, its totally possible.  You see the way the Left is now. Completely unhinged.  Watch Virginia.  Hopefully, this is nothing.  But, one never knows anymore.

As for Sandy Hook… We’ll never know the true story because there are SO MANY lies.  There are many videos on Youtube about Sandy Hook that leave a person shaking their head.

From Syria: Terrorists Lose In Damascus ( Qaboun and Nahr Eshe) Security Is Restored-HILLARY LOSES

Hillary Wildebeast Clinton and her cronies have lost. Assad and his army are defeating Obama and his terroristas.  Way to go for the Syrians fighting the evil and Obama.  As bad as Assad can be, he is nothing compared to the Arab spring that OBAMA is enabling.

“Palestinians” Finding Out What REAL Terror Is; ‘Palestinian’ Older Woman Hits Syrian Terrorist Jihadist W/ Her Shoe

When the Syrian Jihadists come and and destroy Damascus, Gaza, Ramallah, etc, (as it is written in the Bible) the FUCKestinians will truly find out what REAL terror is.  Not this bogus bullshit propaganda they cry about night and day against Israel, most of which is libel and lie.

What I find totally sad about this incident is that this is a nice looking young man taking an ass whooping from an elderly woman.  Maybe the jackass will come to his senses and realize that Pislam is a cult of murder, just like LIBERALISM.