The French Protested Against Poison Shot Passes. Their Govt Responded With A Big “F.U.”

The French Protested Against Poison Shot Passes. Their Govt Responded With A Big “F.U.”

This is sad. Even more sad is that the Globalist, Communist monsters will achieve much before God destroys them all. All of this is written in the Bible in the book of Revelation and more.

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The French have been protesting for over a week against the poisonous, kill shot and “COVID Passes”. All of their efforts were met with a huge “F.U.” The Communist Globalists want people dead. The fact that they keep pushing a poisonous shot that is lethal tells me daily that ‘they’ (Gates, Soros, and govt’s) want mass genocide.

PARIS — France’s parliament approved a law early Monday requiring special virus passes for all restaurants and domestic travel and mandating vaccinations for all health workers. The law requires all workers in the health care sector to start getting vaccinated by Sept. 15, or risk suspension. It also requires a “health pass” to enter all restaurants, trains, planes and some other public venues. It initially applies to all adults, but will apply to everyone 12 and older starting Sept. 30. MORE: Vaccine. Passports. Are. Here.


These “times” are very draining to the soul. I encourage you to buy a bible or read one online. We are not into ‘religion’ here. We just encourage the only book where you can find the answers and instructions. Bible in One Page : King James Version KJV

Anti KILLER Vaccine Protests Outside Israeli PM Home

Anti KILLER Vaxx Protests Outside Israeli PM Home

The fascist dictator of Israel has proclaimed people who are ‘unvaccinated’ as ‘a danger to everyone around them.’

How is this not anti semitic?

Katy &
Joey my @KatyCoppens· I have been saying this whole vaccine thing will turn into a witch hunt for months and I am right. For now they are at the stage of a vaccine passport, soon one will not be allowed in supermarkets without. How human. Virusses change e.g. flue, why do we need a new jab every yr.‘……….

Hat tip: Protests outside home of Israel prime minister…

Putin ISN’T ‘Stepping Down’. He’ll Have His Hands Full W/ New US Dem Led Proxy Wars In The Mid East

Putin ISNT Stepping Down, He’ll Have His Hands Full W/ New US Dem Proxy Wars In The Mid East

US media report Russian President Putin to resign due to failing health

The Democrat, Leftist news media went on the attack against Russia’s President Putin right after the US election. Coincidence? I don’t think so. Their plan? Probably to start a proxy war in and around Russia: ‘Vladimir Putin, 68, ‘stepping down as Russian president early next year amid fears he has Parkinson’s’.

Russia’s President Putin denies this nonsense: Russia denies Vladimir Putin planning to step down over “Parkinson’s”. Even if he DOES have Parkinson’s, he could continue working. Janet Reno did….

*Belarus is now being sanctioned by the war mongers in Europe EU sanctions Lukashenko for crackdown on Belarus protests. The Democrat Communists will change regimes in Belarus just as they did in Ukraine.

*In Kyrgyzstan: Kyrgyzstan’s president steps down amid political unrest. Think this is a coincidence? It certainly is not. Any place you see a country in ‘protest’ is just another target for the war mongers & Communist globalists to destroy and humble into the “New World Order”. Kyrgzstan was once a part of the Russian Soviet Union: Kyrgyzstan – Wikipedia

*Israel will become Gazan target practice again, the Communist media will attack Israel relentlessly and the radical faction of the Moslems will become emboldened: Israeli Minister Warns of War in Middle East if Biden Wins

I covered the Democrat, Obama and his middle east proxy wars for years. Biden was Obama’s VP. He Or Harris will continue the Democrat proxy wars. The short ‘peace’ Israel was establishing will be thwarted: “Woe to those who say, “Peace, Peace”, then sudden destruction comes” . I wrote about this a few months back: The FALSE “Peace” Plan. “Peace, Peace & Then Sudden Destruction”


*Obama changed regimes in Egypt, demanded Mubarak step down: Israel shocked by Obama’s “betrayal” of Mubarak | Reuters

*Obama changed the regime in Libya: Obama to Gaddafi: ‘Step Down’ Video – ABC News

*Obama, the Democrat tried to change regimes in Syria but failed because Russia came to the aid of Assad. Obama: Syrian President Assad Must Step Down | HuffPost

*After the Democrats and McCain foisted Ukrainians President Yanukovych out of power in Ukraine, America under the Democrat party allied Kiev/Ukrainian Neo-Nazis | The Nation

In my opinion… Russia will have its hands full with American Democrat proxy war, violence & bloodshed. Most of the world looks to Russia as the ‘leader of the free world’ now after they saved Syria from Obama’s ISIS. It is very possible America could come under attack on our own soil with a Harris/Biden Presidency.

Deep, Heartfelt Thoughts & Prayers For Saturday In DC

My heart is heavy and my spirit is sighing.  I know the end of this empire is here. Corporately, the nation refused to repent and we are in destruction.  Few places will be saved in the ending of this disaster & carnage.

At any rate, in DC, some of the people are actually dissenting.  The sad part is that many of the people dissenting may have violent radicals erupt from out of the sea of these dissenters.    The violent radicals are: Communists, Anarchists, Stalinists, Marxists, Trotskyites, Progressives, etc.. They want Trump removed from power. Their plan is to violently remove him as the deep state did in Ukraine in 2014 which I wrote about for 3 years.  Soros was in the Ukraine renaissance and he is in this potential overthrow as well.  

So, I pray that:

  • Saner heads prevail.
  • That the current President Trump is protected from the violent murderers.
  • That the violent plans are thwarted and God sends the radicals a spirit of total confusion.
  • That the power of God will show up and smite the violent ones with his angelic hosts.
  • I pray for the well-meaning people.  I pray that God would keep them safe. 
  • I pray that the coup is thwarted.  
  • I pray most of all that you will have mercy, Lord.  


In Yeshua’s/Jesus name, I pray, Amen

Cops In Lootersville, ChiTown: “Let Gangs Shoot Each Other”. Good Idea, Guys:

Cops In Lootersville, ChiTown: “Let Gangs Shoot Each Other”. Good Idea, Guys:

Because….This way, the anti all Police troglodytes cant say anything and the Left will be crying over their future voters.  Let the Cops allow the gangs to duke it out.  Who gives a damn anymore.  Theyre animals, let them lose their souls..The cops must have had a movie night watching the Godfather..

Cops in Lootersville, Chitown say about gangs… “Let ‘Em Do It” Chicago PD Scanner Audio Suggests Cops Let Gang Members Shoot Each Other!

Latino & Dominican Gangs (Not White “Racists”) Turn On Black #Rioters In ChiTown, Lootersville & NY.

Latino & Dominican Gangs Turn On Blacks In ChiTown & NY.

Pew Pew Gun GIF by Won't You Be My Neighbor

All you white ‘racists’ must have plotted this! 

Well, its a sunny day up here, 100 miles from the border of Utah in no man’s land.  The birds are singing, the trees have a nice breeze running thru their leaves and Dave and I had a nice Egg Sandwich at the country pie place up here in the boondocks.  Far away from the Left wing city of Phoenix where the radical slimes are going to cut 180 mil USD from the Phoenix Police force..  

But, its not such a sunny day in Lootersville, Chicago: Latino Gangs in ChiTown come to the aid of the cops.  Black radicals are pissed about this on Worldstar hip hop

In the Communist Progressive shitty, once called the “Big Apple”…it’s not too wonderful either the last few days because the Dominicans are turning on the black rioters who they thought were going to loot.  Unfortunately, the bad blacks are bringing shame to the whole race and even tho they were not ‘looting’, the Dominicans just cant trust them anymore. It’s kinda like how Left wing looney-toon “Jews” make all Jews look like unhinged jackasses.

“Rip These F**ks Heads Off” -Dominican Goes OFF & Thanks The Latin Kings In Chicago! “Dominicans, Ricans, This Is How You Do It”

Cops in Lootersville, Chitown say about gangs… “Let ‘Em Do It” Chicago PD Scanner Audio Suggests Cops Let Gang Members Shoot Each Other!

Saner heads like Candace Owens prevail.

In Rochester, this store owner just can’t take any more of the bs.. Starts shooting at the rioters.  


SEE: #RandomAssBricks”, (Rioter) Dropped This Note & “ProtestJobs.Com”

SEE- Police Officers Delivering BRICKS?! “Random Ass Bricks”


CLICK here: To see this ‘accidentally’ dropped  photo on Twimg

“Protest” jobs are real & the riots were paid for: “ProtestJobs.Com”

 I have NO idea if these Police are delivering bricks or taking them away.  They look nervous, however:

In this below, the video is showing bricks at different riots:

This is an analysis:

Joshua Feuerstein: “Dozens Of BRICKS Placed Randomly At Riots In Dallas, TX”

Joshua Feuerstein: “Dozens Of BRICKS Placed Randomly At Riots In Dallas, TX”

Of course.  This is what Soros does.  Trump is lax on arresting Soros. Strike the Shepherd and the sheep will be scattered.  I don’t know why he does not take care of this.

· 6 hrs

This is DALLAS! These loads of bricks are placed “randomly” on the corners of streets the nights of these riots? Coincidence? You’re NAIVE if you don’t think there are major political strategists behind these “spontaneous” riots! SHARE … BECAUSE FAKE NEWS WONT!


The Pro #GeorgeFloyd Mob Is Destroying #CNN HQ In Atlanta. No Loss

The Pro #GeorgeFloyd Mob Is Destroying #CNN HQ In Atlanta. No Loss


It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood..what could be better than Leftist and Leftist blacks charring Leftist cities👍😛👍👌

Oh well…Too bad, so sad. Leftists destroying fake news, Commie HQ’s.  
Poor George Floyd tho…he seemed to be a nice person. Im sure he would not have wanted this.  
But, as long as these rat bastards are hurting a CNN building…Its all good.

MY REVIEW of Timothy Snyder, NY Review Of Books-Who Deceives The American Public About #Ukraine

MY REVIEW of Timothy Snyder, NY Review Of Books-Who Deceives The American Public About #Ukraine (I have posted this because many of my bloggers friends have not had as much time as I have to research Ukraine, they are busy fighting Obama’s fascism.  I have been researching and watching the Ukrainian mess since Nov and blogging about it: Ukraine)

**The very first faction that this bag of baked wind (Timothy Snyder, NY Review) leaves out – is that Soros had been planning on undermining the Ukrainian government since 2011:  Are George Soros‘ Billions Compromising US Foreign Policy? – Forbes

#1.  Piece of disinfo in this ‘review’   ‘The students were the first to protest against the regime of President Viktor Yanukovych on the Maidan, the central square in Kiev, last November’

WRONG.  Many of the “Protesters” were brought into Kiev after they had been trained.   Pamphlet instructions on how to riot have been found in Egyptian and Ukrainian:  Picture (Pamphlet) found by a patriotic American person who RESEARCHES


#2.  Piece of disinfo:  ‘When the riot police came and beat the students in late November’

He leaves out the fact that ‘protesters’ have also been beating police from the get-go:

He leaves out the fact that these ‘protests’ in November started out violent. Violence in Kiev over Ukraine – EU agreement delay. The (foreigners) started rioting over a DELAY.  Note in the video:  the Police are not beating anyone, they made a human chain to protect themselves against the foreign infiltration (NOVEMBER.) Then, they had to fight back.

See for yourself, these “Peaceful” protesters:


‘The diversity of the Maidan is impressive: the group that monitors hospitals so that the regime cannot kidnap the wounded is run by young feminists. An important hotline that protesters call when they need help is staffed by LGBT activists.’

So, this is the type crowd that conservative Americans are supporting?

#4.  Piece of disinfo:   ‘On January 16, the Ukrainian government, headed by President Yanukovych, tried to put an end to Ukrainian civil society. A series of laws passed hastily and without following normal procedure did away with freedom of speech and assembly, and removed the few remaining checks on executive authority.

FACTS:   Liar leaves out the fact that the foreign infiltrators had already DESTROYED the city of Kiev and Yankovych (good or bad leader) has to protect his civilians.  Which is WHY he passed the anti protest law.  


Young Jewish men formed their own combat group, or sotnia, to take the fight to the authorities.

We can ALWAYS count on some young, idiot, left-wing, “Jewish” scumbags, can’t we?

Disinfo agent, Snyder also leaves out the fact that most of the Ukrainian Priests had already decided to protect their flock early on against these ‘protesters’

The priests chanted and carried Bibles in between the clashing sides.

Priests are standing in FRONT of the police (as to protect the police) Why?  Because it is the Police that have been taking the beatings from the get-go.  Orthodox priests in Ukraine step into line of fire to stop deadly protests

An Orthodox priest steps in front of an armed riot police officer in Kiev on January 22, 2014.

A Ukrainian priest walks in no-man’s land as riot police look on.

So, why is Snyder’s review a lie?


See it: New York Review.

Did anyone ask just what will happen if Ukraine DOES join the EU?  They will probably see an large influx of 20-30 K Arab/Muslims in 5 years time.  Then, when the civil Ukrainians protest against the Muslims, they will be called “RACIST!” by the Fabians who call all  European whites ‘racists’  for not wanting anymore Muslim infiltration in Europe.

What do sane Ukrainians have to  say?

Ukrainian Protesters Chant “Yankees Go Home“;