#Democrat Party Starts ALL World Wars & Proxies. Now #Dems Want WWIII W/ #Russia:

Democrat Party Starts ALL World Wars & Proxies. Now #Dems Want WWIII W/ #Russia:

In US politics, why is the Republican Party perceived as “pro-war” and the Democratic Party as “pro-peace,” when history indicates most wartime Presidents have been Democrats?

We all know both parties are absolute dirty, rotten traitors – but the facts are the facts:

Woodrow Wilson (WWI) 4 years

Franklin Delano Roosevelt (WWII) 4 years

Harry S. TrumanKorea war, 3 years

Lyndon B. JohnsonVietnam, 19 years

George Herbert Walker BushIraq war, 42 days

William Jefferson ClintonSerbia, Proxy war. (He bombed Serbia for over 70 days and destroyed every bridge on the river Danube. The Serbs were allies of USA during WW1 & WWII. The Serbs saved 500 American flyers during WW2. This was the most shameful act that has ever been committed by ANY US President.)

George Bush,

*Afghanistan. 7 years. But, this is an ongoing Clusterfck since 2001. Then, the:

* IRAQ War:

The Second Gulf War lasted just three weeks and ended with Saddam Hussein’s overthrow. However, since April 2003, United States forces, as well as troops from other countries, have struggled to end violent resistance in the nation.

Barack Hussein Obama-Proxy wars in:

* Egypt,



* Ukraine.

All of these proxy wars were violent, regime changes – with the exception of Syria. Obama was not able to change the Assad govt. These Obama brought proxy wars have caused complete instability in the middle east. In 2016 alone, over 26,000 bombs were dropped in the middle east. The public was kept in the dark about Obama’s proxy wars because he was black.

JoeBama BidenWe are on the brink of WWIII with Russia and China.

Democrats, not happy starting all of the insurrections, lootings & riots across the nation… have itchy fingers to start WWIII with Russia in Ukraine. I remember during the 2nd Iraq war, there were fake ‘peaceniks’ with “Bread not bombs” signs in Monterey, CA. The same “Bread not bombs” Democrats can’t wait to bomb Russia.

Democrats are lying, psychopathic hypocrites. They are only ‘Bread not bombs” when the Republicans are in power.

Putin ISN’T ‘Stepping Down’. He’ll Have His Hands Full W/ New US Dem Led Proxy Wars In The Mid East

Putin ISNT Stepping Down, He’ll Have His Hands Full W/ New US Dem Proxy Wars In The Mid East

US media report Russian President Putin to resign due to failing health

The Democrat, Leftist news media went on the attack against Russia’s President Putin right after the US election. Coincidence? I don’t think so. Their plan? Probably to start a proxy war in and around Russia: ‘Vladimir Putin, 68, ‘stepping down as Russian president early next year amid fears he has Parkinson’s’.

Russia’s President Putin denies this nonsense: Russia denies Vladimir Putin planning to step down over “Parkinson’s”. Even if he DOES have Parkinson’s, he could continue working. Janet Reno did….

*Belarus is now being sanctioned by the war mongers in Europe EU sanctions Lukashenko for crackdown on Belarus protests. The Democrat Communists will change regimes in Belarus just as they did in Ukraine.

*In Kyrgyzstan: Kyrgyzstan’s president steps down amid political unrest. Think this is a coincidence? It certainly is not. Any place you see a country in ‘protest’ is just another target for the war mongers & Communist globalists to destroy and humble into the “New World Order”. Kyrgzstan was once a part of the Russian Soviet Union: Kyrgyzstan – Wikipedia

*Israel will become Gazan target practice again, the Communist media will attack Israel relentlessly and the radical faction of the Moslems will become emboldened: Israeli Minister Warns of War in Middle East if Biden Wins

I covered the Democrat, Obama and his middle east proxy wars for years. Biden was Obama’s VP. He Or Harris will continue the Democrat proxy wars. The short ‘peace’ Israel was establishing will be thwarted: “Woe to those who say, “Peace, Peace”, then sudden destruction comes” . I wrote about this a few months back: The FALSE “Peace” Plan. “Peace, Peace & Then Sudden Destruction”


*Obama changed regimes in Egypt, demanded Mubarak step down: Israel shocked by Obama’s “betrayal” of Mubarak | Reuters

*Obama changed the regime in Libya: Obama to Gaddafi: ‘Step Down’ Video – ABC News

*Obama, the Democrat tried to change regimes in Syria but failed because Russia came to the aid of Assad. Obama: Syrian President Assad Must Step Down | HuffPost

*After the Democrats and McCain foisted Ukrainians President Yanukovych out of power in Ukraine, America under the Democrat party allied Kiev/Ukrainian Neo-Nazis | The Nation

In my opinion… Russia will have its hands full with American Democrat proxy war, violence & bloodshed. Most of the world looks to Russia as the ‘leader of the free world’ now after they saved Syria from Obama’s ISIS. It is very possible America could come under attack on our own soil with a Harris/Biden Presidency.