Co-opted Psychiatry; A New Way To Shut Up Americans? -I Think So.

Go to fullsize imageI am sure that this is a goal of the left wing in America:

“Get as many Right Wingers/Conservatives/ Patriots-ESPECIALLY, and get them on meds to stop the ‘insane rants’ of loving their country.”

  A great friend of mine, a testosterone filled male, that was Aryan- handsome, to this day, at 54, handsome- a hard working patriot. He got nabbed by the psychiatric profession in the late 1970’s, in a real life ‘conspiracy’ to shut him up–forever.

  They robbed my friend of life. He was a brilliant refinish/Carpenter, and the leftist pigs stuffed my excellent friend with psychotropic drugs for over 25 years. I helped him fight them back, (through the late 80’s, up until 2000) he is now on a low dose of medication to regulate DEPRESSION, not ‘paranoid delusion/borderline bi-polar’, that they diagnosed him with in the first place. The Depression  he now has, was brought on by the left wing.   

    He loves this country, he was candid about his views and had a HOT radio show in S. Cali that was becoming big in the late 1970’s, early 80’s, it was hard core:  Exposing the tactics of the Soviets in the DEM party.. Which is why they wanted him so badly. He was exposing their plans to destroy  S.F., CA and San Diego CA-both, now, hotbeds for left wing insanity and Communism. Had he continued, their plans would have FAILED. This is why I happen to be a big fan of Mike Savage, (who I have supported and listened to since 1996) but make NO mistake, my friend- he was THE groundbreaker on radio for this madness.

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  This is a very close depiction of my friend, (make NO mistake, it is white males like this, that the left wing really wants to emasculate)

See the story below on the REAL crazies, the left wing:

The Soviets, Too, Had Co-opted Psychiatry Libertarian Advocate is back ‘n blogging.  This is not the sort of happy news we seek each day. . . . . . . Surely ODD is a hoax, right?  One wonders at the sheer gall… …the essence of Conservatism is indeed respect for authority – the authority of Heaven, hence, the necessity of self-governance.  More:  Conservatives understand that independence – including independence of thought – is a functional product of human maturity. One would expect … Read More

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How The Left Has WON

I stood yonder from where the Tea Party was happening in my town, where they rejected me and my husband, to sing and speak, one week before the event. They rejected us, because the Tea Party has been de-balled, and we are very right wing and patriotic.  How did they de-ball, you say?  With “Thats Racist”, “You’re a Hater”, “You Are Nazis” Etc. So, the left wing Progressive, mind-f-cking machine sent out psychological pharmacia to Americans to take out the fire, the bite, the anger, at the Town Hall Protests–because that is what really kicked this whole thing off–The Town Hall people.  The DNC called them “The Mob”, “Angry, irrational” people.  Which is exactly what the spontaneous Town Hall Protests were=Angry Americans.  Which is needed now, desperately.

  So, what did the left wing psycho-mind f-ckers do?  Brilliant plan.. Paint these people out to be horrible, racists, haters, angry, Nazis-etc.. And we fell for it, hook, line and sinker.  At least I know I did…for a short time. But, I am at my end with it all.  See, if you have never been around these evil tyrants and soul assassins, you do not know how to fight them.  One thing about the left wing; they are good on offense and defense. Why?  Most of them are in the psychiatric field.  They know how to play mind games.  They have won, unless you wake the hell up to their game. They are not afriad to ‘offend’ anyone. They, thousands of them, stood on the Bay Bridge in Oakland, CA, stopped up traffic for hours. They have been responsible for starting riots and race riots for 4 decades. You really should not give a damn what they call you. You are losing your country, people. When Savage, Beck, Horowitz, etc tell you what is happening and you brush it off, you are just not listening.

  I have been politically active for over 20 years in the city I lived.  I shook down a Newspaper in a town of 500,000, painted the Mayor out to be the passive/agressive bitch she was, she was allowing murders, too many to count print on the back pages of the Newspaper. *Letter to the Editor- 2000

   I have stood in City Halls and had streets closed down, streets infested with MS-13, Nortenos, Sorrenos, and illegal gangs that were terrorizing my city.  I have had my car shotgunned and rocks thrown through my apartment windows. You name it. You must get in the face of these people and fight fire with fire. Who gives a damn what they call you? WHO CARES?  “Racist?”  Are they kidding? Please.. We were taught in the Marxist/Bolshevik brainwashing schools that ‘racism is the worst thing’ even before murder. Which enabled the scum of the earth, white trash, black miscreants and etc to act like the pigs they are.


WAKE UP, WAKE UP, WAKE UP, before your country is GONE forever. 

Shut Up, Americans! you Racists, You Haters, You Angry People. NAZIS!