Wild Weather: The Earth Is In Complete Chaos

Wild Weather: The Earth Is In Complete Chaos

Who has ever seen such things. The earth is flooding ALL over the place. Tornadoes, horrible storms, 6.0 and 7.0 earthquakes. The book of Revelation foretold us of all of this.

Horrible tornado in Alabama:

India flooded:

Africa in the Congo:

Sao Paulo, Brazil flooded & under water:

Mountains collapsing in Peru. 7.3 Quake in Japan:

Horrible tornado in Kentucky:


Matthew 24:21

For there shall be then great tribulation, such as hath not been from the beginning of the world until now, neither shall be.

We’re IN it.

REPENT WORLD!! 116+ Quakes In Canary Island, 6.1 Quake Rocked Japan AND 5.9 In Pakistan. ANOTHER Volcano In Italy. It’s Gonna Get WORSE, Too!!

REPENT WORLD!! 116+ Quakes In Canary Island, 6.1 Quake Rocked Japan, ANOTHER Volcano In Italy. It’s Gonna Get WORSE, Too!!

The world needs to get right with GOD! I have been really down recently. I keep seeing these EVIL butt-puke Commies getting away with EVERYTHING and I am just down because it seems like there is just no justice 😦

Look at all of this happening. We’ve never seen this, EVER:

Earthquake in Pakistan:

‘2020 The Terrible’-Insect Plagues, Volcanoes, Tornadoes, Quakes, Floods, Fires. Just AWFUL!

‘2020 The Terrible’: Insect Plagues, Volcanoes, Quakes, Floods, Fires, Etc. Just Awful!

Yes, this is really all happening and does not look like it is going to stop anytime soon.  Of course, if you believe the book of revelations, you know this is supposed to happen because it is written that all of this would happen.

There is still time to just start accepting God, Jesus, the Bible and live holy.  Its up to you.

Most of these stories have just happened:

As all of this is happening (most of these catastrophes,) Obama’s rotten kids, (ANTIFA, BLM: modern fascists) are still burning, looting and rioting and demanding people come out of their homes because nobody stops them:

“Out of Your Homes and Into the Streets!” BLM Militants March Through Seattle Neighborhood Demanding People Leave Their Homes (VIDEO)

Wrathful Weather & Events: Derecho’s, Volcanoes, Quakes, Storms, ETC!!

Wrathful Weather: Derecho’s, Volcanoes, Quakes, Storms, ETC!!

I keep saying it and I wont change my mind: God is ANGRY.

Storms called “Derecho’s” are wreaking havoc across the mid west.  Just look at this in Cedar Rapids:

This one in Cedar Rapids knocked over a truck.  Strange Sounds has a bunch more:  CLICK HERE.

Another is moving toward Indiana: Indiana News.

Volcano erupted in Indonesia   Powerful Eruption of Sinabung Volcano Plunges Cities Into Darkness After Ash Plume Rises 5,000 Meters (16,400 Feet) In The Air in Indonesia

Earthquakes everywhere.  Even in North Carolina, a 5.1:  Quake Map,  See it here in NC.

Who can honestly ‘keep up’ with 2020?  

Destruction everywhere.

What a mess.

Total chaos and confusion and to make matters worse, the demons from the pits of hell are burning US cities to the ground.  Disgusting pigs.  God curse them ALL.

These are 8 things you should do before the Nov election –click here

>> Biblical Times: HUGE, Monster Locusts. Typhoons, Quakes. LORD HAVE MERCY

Biblical Times: HUGE, Monster Locusts. Biblical Times: HUGE, Monster Locusts. Typhoons, Quakes. LORD HAVE MERCY

Luke 21:

25 And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring;

26 Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.

Did they slip these 6 inch locusts a GMO Gin cocktail? Cheese and Crackers!  Just look at this thing! Floods and landslides in Kenya have killed nearly 200 people and displaced 100,000 as torrential “long rains” from Kenya to Pakistan continue to fuel one of the biggest locust plagues the world has ever seen

Lions and tigers and Locusts. 

Creepy, giant animal sized demon locusts!!


The locusts that are swarming the middle east are compared to being 20 times the size of a normal locust. Credit Jason Lubell 





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The creepy Leftists and atheists can keep denying there is a God.  But, what is happening is faithful and true to the bible.

SIGNS: Eastern Cuba Struck By Tornado & Swarm of Quakes In Single Day. Rabbits Dying In USA. India Sandstorm:

SIGNS: Eastern Cuba Struck By Tornado & Swarm of Quakes In Single Day

How to Travel to Cuba on Frequent Flyer Miles | Travel + Leisure

Sad for Cuba.  Not only a Tornado but a swarm of quakes!  Prayers for the Cuban people.  They really have gone thru a lot. Eastern Cuba struck by tornado and swarm of quakes in single day

[For more news on earthquakes, here is our feed:

And, not only that but look at this:  Giant sandstorm swallows city in India

As if these things are not bad enough… This one breaks my heart because I LOVE bunny rabbits:   New Deadly Virus Killing Thousands of Rabbits Continues to Spread

Tears Be Used to Track Blood Sugar Levels | The Mary Sue

Please, dear Lord.  Please keep my little wild bunny safe from this disease 😦  It’s like the earth is vomiting lately.

Have mercy Lord, have mercy.