Racist, Black Witch: “Another Cracker Dead? Who Cares? Cry Me A River”

Racist, Black Witch: “Another Cracker Dead? Who Cares, Cry Me A River”  (NO doubt, an Obama lover)

By this pig saying “Another” means she knows that whites are being beaten, murdered, robbed and raped by Obama’s sons and approves of it.

This is how the filth responds to the death of a white male at the hands of a black man.. (In the news below)  She could not care less about the death of a fellow American & applauds it, just like a NAZI would.

AND, I just want to let you all know…This is the type attitude that you house, clothe, feed and help pay for their babies.  Racist blacks who were not even born in the 1960’s.  Keep sucking their knee-caps, you idiot Liberal morons and phony conservative creeps – as they rape your daughters, murder your sons, knock-out your Jews and spit on you.  You who are silent for fear of being called a racist.  YOU who are more petrified over words than life, itself.


Another cracker dead old well who cares cry me a river Not!!!!lol

Guest  Guest

And i wouldn’t care if it was you neither hopefully your next cracker.  At least he can still say goodbye the cracker can’t he’s dead lol

(We know that this does not include patriotic blacks, so, please, spare the bs.)

Documented: Over 100 Black On White Attacks Since June. Media Ignores Racial Violence & Genocide

Documented: Over 100 Black On White Attacks Since June.  Media Ignores Racial Violence & Genocide

My friend, “Fire Andrea Mitchell” has a blogger acquaintance who documented 100 crimes of blacks against white people since June.  There is probably more, but the media is complicit in hiding this violence and genocide of American whites:

See the names documented: Nearly 100 black-on-white attacks since June – media ignores

American conservatives worry about some Muslims who might be potential terrorists sneaking through our borders.  Meanwhile, the Communist-left has turned many American blacks INTO terrorists.  By the way, leftist:  If you are white, you too—-ARE a target (morons)

ADD TO YOUR FAVORITES: Ice Cavern covers the knock out here: Ever so slowly, reporters are starting to figure out a version of black mob violence called the Knockout Game


In USA: If You LOOK White, You ARE A Target. If You Don’t GET This…You’re An Idiot

In USA: If You LOOK White, You ARE A Target. If You Don’t GET This…You’re An Idiot

I am sickened that more white people do not care about themselves. Teachers & Professors teach white-hatred from cradle to the grave in American schools and colleges and you act like this is not real..


Everyday, my husband faithfully posts on the crimes, murder and mayhem perpetrated by the sons of Obama against white people.  Sadly, when the Zimmerman case was going on, we got tweeted constantly.  Now, when David posts on these horrific crimes–rarely does anyone tweet, facebook, re-blog etc. Right now, the only thing we can do is REPORT this.. I have about 10 faithful soldiers with me on twitter that tweet these horrendous acts of violence with the ‘hash-tag’,  “#BlackPrivilege”.  Unfortunately, they are the only ones that do this for white people and the victims of these atrocious crimes.

Its incredible that white people are so damned brainwashed that THEY believe they are the ‘racists.’  How can this be possible?  I don’t get it, people. White on black crime is almost non-existent in USA.  There are thousands of black on white race-hate crimes posted on sites that we link up–sites that we believe to be honest-hearted people who care.  Yet, white people don’t give a damn about themselves. AT ALL.

I will tell you for one last time:  If you are white, or look white, you are a target.  Just as the blacks were targeted in the south in the 1960’s, YOU are now the target.

 Racism is a very serious thing.  It is an affront to God.  For people to be beaten, raped and robbed just because they are perceived as being weak or having a different skin color–that, in itself – is an incredible evil.  That more Jews are not helping in this fight against race-hatred is astounding to me.  This vile insanity is not much different than how the Jews were dealt in pre-war, Nazi-Germany. Targeted just for BEING Jews.   And, if that is too much for so many “Jews” to believe in, start sifting through these crimes on this blog.  I am ashamed of ‘Jews’ AND ‘Christians’ in America.  All you seem to care about is tweeting the latest thing that the impossible jackass, Obama does instead of worrying about your own neighbor.  It is appalling.


In America, the white is now as the Jew was in Pre-war, NAZI-Germany. and if you don’t think so, you are an idiot.  WE are on the right side of history, you fake “Jews” and “Christians” are NOT.

3 ‘Sons Of Obama’ Beat White Guy Viciously & Take His Belongings. News Leaves Their Race Out

3 Black ‘Sons Of Obama’ Beat White Guy Viciously & Take His Belongings, News Leaves Race Out

Contributed by David Ben Moshe-

If this was 3 white boys beating on a black kid, it would be on the news for the next month.  Blacks are more important than whites.  They are the princes of America and their king is in the White House and we all must be made to suffer for the 1960’s until Y3K.

See-Hate crime mob attacks in Cincinnati

Conservative Pundits Are COWARDS, They *Refuse* To Cover Thousands Of Black On White Crimes

I have been on this blogosphere for over 3 years. I have covered black, Mexican, and illegals on white crimes, a majority of my posting time. I hardly EVER see any conservatives dealing with this terrible racist issue. Instead, they are scared to death of being labeled a ‘racist.’  Makes sense, huh??  This started happening LONG before the Muslim, Obama got in the White House, so you can’t blame him for this.  Yes, black on white crime has increased since he has illegally usurped the White House, but he is not the reason. He is part of the reason, being a white-hater that lacks discretion.

(We, here do not hate Obama because he is black. There are plenty of excellent black people, who have the courage to speak on this issue.)  We hate Obama because he is a Communist and a Muslim=Anti-American. An enemy to America and freedom.)

The grim reality is that silence is holocaust.  Yes, hate me for saying this, but, silence is accessory to genocide. Thousands of (predominantly) black on white crimes take place all year long.  The black terrorist flash-mobs from last summer and fall were RACIALLY MOTIVATED.  They were ALL black, and they targeted white store owners.  Young men get the hell beat out of them just for being white, all over this country. But, GOD FORBID, if the victim screams back a ‘racist’ word while getting the shit beat out of him or even murdered.  Then the situation is reversed and the victim becomes the aggressor?! Are you kidding me!?  White women are raped by black and Mexican men all of the time, and there is never a ‘race’ crime involved.  Just another white woman raped…who cares…….Myself-I got beaten by 3 black girls while they screamed ‘white bitch’ as a young girl, beaten to a pulp…no racial crime.  My husbands family member was raped and beaten by a black man, she had to have an abortion, something she was/is vehemently against, it just about destroyed her life (lovely woman), no race/hate crime involved in the case.  A great friend of my husband and mine was shot with a shotgun at point blank range, while the black man was screaming ‘white bastard’ (he never saw this black man in his life). He survived, it took 2 years to semi-recover, with most of the pellets still in his body.  He has never been the same again, physically. No racial/hate crime involved.  Something is wrong with the picture, the ‘something’ is COWARDICE.

Last week, all of my comments were deleted off of Monicamemo.com. Monica Crowley’s blog. (She is part of the genocide, an accessory, in my opinion-she is embarrassed because our blog is, by no means, ‘politically correct’ and I REFUSE to cower to being one.)    I get linked up at her blog a few times a month. Why were my comments deleted?  Because I have some commenters that use the holy grail “N” word here, that’s what I believe.   Well, this is a FREE SPEECH blog and we protect that.  We allow nasty Jew-haters here and they say some really ugly things,  it comes with the territory.…  I, myself do not use the “N” word here, on my blog.   (Only when phrasing)     I was taught in Communist NY, that this is the worst word in the world. Worse than the “F” word.  Yes, I have used the word, when angry, and? So?         White cracker, White whore, honkey, vanilla, cracker bitch are words that are OK,  as well as KIKE, Zio-Nazi, Israel firster, THATS OK!! JUST DO NOT SAY THE “N” WORD-EVER, OR YOU ARE FINISHED, you all know this and instead of standing up to the bully, you kiss the bullies ass.   NOT bright..  A WORD does not a racist make. Use the ugly words, I dont care, it is the double standard that is sickening.   Words are reactionary,  that’s all. Calling for the murder and death of a people, black or white, Jew or non Jew, is NOT acceptable here, and should not be acceptable anywhere-that’s a different story, all together.

Let us examine what the word racist means:

Abusive or aggressive behavior/attitude toward members of another race.

Are you a racist?  Did you know that if you are, it is not against the law?  What is against the law, and SHOULD be against the law, are racially motivated crimes, no matter if the victim is black, white, etc.    The America justice system is partial, biased to black people ONLY in racial crimes (Mexicans, too).  This is a fact.  Openly calling for the murder of white people is OK in America…Put the situation in reverse and see what happens to you..Imagine if someone said “KILL ALL “NIGGERS” AND THEIR BABIES!”  You would be finished, THATS THE FACTS.    

I happen to know many racists in my life, (black, Mexican, white) they do not act out on their thoughts.  They have been hurt in racial crimes. They have a right to go through the process of anger, sadness, madness and finally, ‘letting it go.’  If these people that have been abused, use racial words, it means zero.  It is the COMMUNISTS and pseudo-Conservatives that enable the racial abuse against white people…..

Thank them for their cowardice. 

Don’t scold me for addressing this out of control issue.

Keep taking the beatings, robbings, rapings, American whites. In my opinion, at this point? You deserve it for being accessories to crime.

You all can thank Miss Crowley for pissing me off.

Racism In America: Black Kid Attacks White Kid 4 Listening To Rap “Music”

thats-racist.gifPALM BAY, Fla. — A 14-year-old Palm Bay boy could be charged with a hate crime. Police say he attacked a white man just because he was listening to rap music.

  VICTIM SPEAKS: Man Describes Beating
DOCUMENT: Teen’s Arrest Report

More: http://tinyurl.com/2bh6apj

I guess my question is…Why do these kids listen to music that is not friendly to their race?  There is serious racism in America, and it is not some ‘evil’ white guy saying the holy grail “N” word, it is a violent racism that is seeking to murder, get violent, etc.  Face it, people, your kids are so brainwashed, its pathetic.


CLICK here: Angry Mob of Racist Extremists Beats Black Man at Town Hall Meeting

(Thanks to Thomas A, from PATTERICO’s website.  Please post it, people must start GETTING that basically if you are not a sick pig-monster LIBERAL, you are just one of us peons that Pelosi shits on.)

I guess the Democrats were right after all. At a town meeting held by a Democrat congressman, a rowdy group of organized and angry thugs showed up to make a point about ObamaCare, and then beat up a man. Race was involved, too: the victim was black — attacked by a man yelling racial slurs.

It’s every Democrat talking point you’ve read about in the last day or two, come to life in an ugly fashion.

With one twist.

 The black victim was a conservative, and the assailants may well have been union thugs:

Kenneth Gladney, a 38-year-old conservative activist from St. Louis, said he was attacked by some of those arrested as he handed out yellow flags with “Don’t tread on me” printed on them.

He spoke to the Post-Dispatch from the emergency room of the St. John’s Mercy Medical Center, where he said he was waiting to be treated for injuries to his knee, back, elbow, shoulder and face that he suffered in the attack. Gladney, who is black, said one of his attackers, also a black man, used a racial slur against him before the attack started.

“It just seems there’s no freedom of speech without being attacked,” he said.

Not when you have angry mobs of left-wing extremists around . . .

Government FASCISM   against conservatives.

These FASCISTS… “punching back”:

’s agenda will get your ass beaten.