Obama & The #Commies Want To Charge Zimmerman With ANYTHING To Start Riots

Obama & The #Commies Want To Charge Zimmerman With ANYTHING To Start Riots

They just want to charge him with ANYTHING just to say they got themselves a ‘white Hispanic’.  Sick bastards.  NO Hispanic I know calls themselves ‘white’.  The Communist, community-organizer Obama is licking his chops preparing to mandate Martial Law-its his dream come true.

ANYONE with a brain knows that George Zimmerman had to use his gun for self-defense.  Any person that is ‘in the know’ knows that Trayvon would have killed him.  Any person who knows about the black on white crime problem we have in America knows that Zimmerman did what he had to do.

Now, the prosecution wanted to charge Zimmerman with ‘3rd degree murder’ and child abuse.  “Child Abuse” what nonsense.  A 17 year old 195-200 lb, 6 foot dude is NOT A CHILD

Here is the facts: Zimmerman was WWWH-Walking while white Hispanic.

He should go free with NO charge and the black looters and rioters should be Killed in action. Enough said.

Click: Zimmerman won’t face third-degree murder charge

This is what happened with the pot-smoking, hoodlum, TRAYVON:

See: Last minute trick: Prosecutors ask judge to let them slip in two brand new charges against Zimmerman

Leftists Threaten Violence If Obama Loses: GOOD! Burn Your Sicko Liberal Cities To The Ground. Nobody Cares, Anymore

Leftists Threaten Violence If Obama Loses: GOOD! Burn Your Sicko Liberal Cities To The  Ground, Nobody cares…
Wakka WakkaCares, Anymore

Why all the hype and hysteria from Bill O’Reilly if the left goes a little more wacko than they already are? After they are finished with their insane riots, we’ll lock ’em up in straight jackets.  CHANGE we can all believe in!


I think about Obama losing and it makes me ecstatic.  (Of course, Romney is not MY ideal candidate… Sheriff Joe would have been my choice if he ran for pres).  But, just think what great news this is if the left wing riots, loots and burns their cities..


NYC (spiritual Babylonian whore) will be toast–that’s great, cool, wonderful, awesome.  Detroit is already a total hell-hole. No biggie..  Chicago? Big whoop, Rahm Emmanuel is the mayor, let him deal with the fall out. Who cares.  Oakland?  Good, Jerry Brown is a Marxist, let his state be laid waste.  The stupid, liberal, elite snots that live outside of Oakland may just get a taste of reality of how black liberals really are.  Ha Ha. 


And….the BEST part about all of this is; We have NO money to rebuild! LOL.  So, g’head and riot.  Burn your cities. Loot, whatever.  Nobody cares, anymore.  You leftists have destroyed the country.  This would just be the icing on the cake that is expected.


Meanwhile… I will be sitting back, watching the TV and laughing my ass off.

Look at this from Moveon.org– LMAOFF:

If Romney pulls ahead in the polls and you start to panic …


7/11: Large Black Flash Mob Goes Unnoticed In Baltimore By The MSM (As Usual)

Sources say that this is happening all over Maryland. It is orchestrated by Van Jones. He should be investigated.  Whites hide under a bed as QV often says.


I just do, I see it, and one thing people, whites stand alone while the vermin RAVAGE, pillage, plunder and rape. 

And they WILL.  When there is NO $$$, they WILL RIOT.

If anything I can see from the election of Barack HUSSEIN Obama is a massive UPPITY attitude from American ‘minorities’

You know who I am talking about….3rd worlders, uh…black people…uh.. illegals…uh mean Mexican people.


 The people I know that are black and Mexican, are GOOD, God fearing individuals that LOVE America,  I REFUSE to hang with the dregs of society, whether they are white, Jew, Christian, black, brown, yellow, etc..but the FACT is that the ‘minorities’ will RIOT when things get out of control. 

The bad part is we DO NOT have morally sound people in the W.H., but traitors that will probably let the streets go to hell. 

 I need to REFRESH your memory how BAD IT CAN GET:

(click on the pictures for a bigger view)

“White people will never riot a la Watts.”

You’re right, White folks would have a chain of command and a strategy for getting what they wanted, not just a mindless desire to raise hell. They’re also a good bit more lethal once aroused, something many seem to have forgotten in their haste to blame all the world’s evils on white folks. Sooner or later, they’ll figure, “we’re already getting blamed and paying for being evil, let’s do it”.

Rev. Manning is more in touch with things that most I’d say. People are fed up and they’re only waiting for the straw to come along to justify their declaring the camel’s back broken. If history is any guide, some stupid democrap will break the camels back with something they intended to be just for gaining the upper hand in democrap infighting…. see where I got this from: http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/chat/2283889/posts


The feminazis, she-beasts, free-love, sex revolution, burning bras, protesting Vietnam and treating our troops like trash, was the beginning of the END of America. 

 The schools/colleges were indoctrinated with anti-American speeches (much like Obamas pastor) and kids- 16/20 + were disgusting, and shameful to their parents, a total embarassment.  Rebellion was the ‘in’ thing, and going to San Francisco with some flowers in your hair marching for a ‘peace’ that would never come, in fact, they are the instigators of making things worse.

The ‘music’ was filled with thoughts of drugs, sodomy, orgies, and all sorts of abominations.  It was a wicked, evil time, that, frankly sepaking, America never really recovered from. 

People that talk on this false “peace” are cowardly sonofab*tches, who do absolutely NOTHING while you are getting your A$$ kicked. 

 I am including here some pictures of what America was like in the TERRIBLE 1960’s.  The beginning of the END of our once Great nation….


PEACE in the 1960s, and this is their PLAN now!

“PEACE” in the 1960’s, and this is their PLAN now!

SHE BEASTS burning their bras  the PEACEFUL people.

SHE BEASTS ‘burning their bras’ the PEACEFUL people.



While marching for “PEACE” and starting riots, (A lot like the uncivil, death-threatening riots now-Wisconsin) they were the groundbreakers for murder, fires, racial fights and speaking of “PEACE”…..this is why when anyone says “peace” to me, I want to puke. 

It is a false peace, a lie.

Debaucherous generation of PIGS- free-love

Debaucherous generation of PIGS- “free-love”

Nothings changed much. HITLERY and SLICK WILL.

Nothings changed much. HITLERY and SLICK WILL.

The BEGINNING of the END of America.

The BEGINNING of the END of America.

 (Above IS PROPAGANDA- courtesy:  leftists against the housewife/mothers from the 1950’s, NOT MINE)
YES we know, it is UGLY!

YES we know, it is UGLY!

Now the woman who works at home is thought of as NOTHING

MANY women did not want to be “feminists”, but rather feminine….

Women have a natural tendancy to want to ‘nest’ and this sick, demented, disgusting move that is a JEZEBEL, Vashti- CONTROLS America now.

  I hope you 1960’s pathetic pirates of decent society have enjoyed tearing our world apart.