Race-Baiting & Israel-Hating Campaigns Are Big Money Making Businesses

Race-Baiting & Israel-Hating Campaigns Are Big Money Making Businesses

Thousands of stupid books written against American and European whites are authored every year & these ‘authors’ make millions of dollars in sanctioned hatred against white Europeans. American blacks produce movies on LMN and other TV channels constantly about racial issues. Teachers indoctrinate children with ‘critical race theory’=(Critical race theory educational books=$$$$.) “Anti racist” campaigns are all over the nation and also in Europe. Its a huge money making business. Anytime you click on a white hating, ‘anti racist’ link, that’s roughly 18 cents a website owner pockets. It all adds up. Hating white people is a billion dollar industry. Hint: Ad Words.

Milk is racist. Self-driving cars are racist. Type-faces are racist. Roads and railways are racist. Chocolate is racist. Ice-cream vans are racist. Even babies are racist. When absolutely everything is racist, it should come as no surprise that a government-backed report into racial discrimination is also, you guessed it, racist.


You really think that these phonies are going out of the way to ‘work against racism’ for free? Sure, and bridges in Brooklyn are for sale. “Systemic” Racism against blacks in USA? Sure. Uh huh. The sanctioned white-hatred is where the money is at.

You really think there is no money – also – in the Israel hating club? Please. It’s about money, it’s always about the almighty buck. AD WORDS. I remember Max Blumenthal posting stupid videos about how Israel is so ‘apartheid’. Anyone with eyes could see that he was full of sh’t. BUT, there is huge money in clicks and big money in ADS. There is huge dough in Israel hatred and phony apartheid screaming. David Duke made big money on his ‘poor Palestinians’ books. Huge. Muslims, (his new bed buddies) bought his books in droves….Very clever…..

Anytime I post a ‘truism’ about the Israeli government and how horrible they are, I watch my site statistics go up. Unfortunately. Which is why I really hate posting anything about Israel. Sure, it is necessary to post truths about bad government but and I make zero dollars—Zilch. Nada, Nix, Nine. But, somewhere, someplace, someone is making money off of hating Israel AD WORDS. Books are written about Israel being ‘apartheid’. Its so stupid and sickening. Anyone watching the left for the last 30 plus years understands that the word, ‘apartheid’ makes zillions. It made big money in the late 80’s, early 90’s when South Africa came under the gun of the 4th International Communists.

Understand….there is YUGE money in the ‘anti racism’ club and the Israel hating groups.


AND: Only a victim mentality is required for others to make gigantic bucks in sanctioned aversion.

Commie/Leftists Dump On Whites Like Nazi’s Dumped On Jews

Commie/Leftists Dump On Whites Like Nazi’s Dumped On Jews

We can’t even go ONE day (IRL or online) without hearing some Communist, filthy, rat-bastard creep dumping on white people.  And, its usually black supremacists demonizing white people.  It makes me SICK.    If it isnt some black supremacist maggot, its some Commie with a Jewish last name.  

What the hell is with these people?  They never take a look in the mirror and see that the fascists they’re always screaming about is THEMSELVES.  

As they whine and complain about how blacks are ‘oppressed’ or whites are ‘anti semitic’ & nazi, the truth is that they, (these intolerant Leftists) are the biggest bullies in the planet.  Its hard to believe that these 2 idealistic minorities are such fascists.   A fascist is someone who typically rules by forcefully and often violently suppressing opposition and criticism.  The Communist/Fascists of today oppose free speech, hate criticism, are very forceful: Now seen destroying state and federal memorials, burning cities down, looting, rioting, beating and murdering people — as they scream that YOU are a fascist.

Make no mistake, these Leftists HATE white people and when you have a large part of the population this vehement about hating a race of people, be advised that they plan on murdering you en mass.  We saw it with the Communists in Russia.  We saw it with the Nazis in Germany.  We see it now with the modern Left-wing, Communist, genocidal murderers.

Look at this sickness:  National Museum of African American History and Culture Promotes Racist, Anti-American, White hating, Communist Propaganda

Nick Cannon Canned and Canceled –  (Finally, a serial, white hating bigot is dumped.)  But, not because he said HORRIBLE things about whites. 


CLICK on Jared Taylors bitchute and watch this–Whose Country Is This, Anyway?

#WhitePrivilege: Bastard Son Of Obama Rapes White Woman Leaving Her Unrecognizable

#WhitePrivilege: Bastard Son Of Obama Rapes White Woman Leaving Her Unrecognizable

Putting this Nigga in prison is too good, he should be lynched.  If the races were reversed, it would be front page news. Although white men don’t go out of their way to rape black women.

Read the whole story at American Renaissance.

Hat tip:  S 365 


Anonymous victim of rape--she's afraid he will come after her again; if Obama and Holder have their way, he'll walk; after all the white victim deserved her beating as payback for slavery


Christopher Anthony Brown--smirk away you piece of shit; if my ancestors had gotten my hands on you, you'd be dangling from a tree

Young white males are too busy suffering from fake white guilt to avenge this poor young woman.



#WhitePrivilege #HATE THEM” Said Lane’s Murderer. O’Reilly Says “No Hate Crime?” AU Says Racist Tweets

90% of white ppl are nasty. #HATE THEM” Said AU Murderer, Yet O’Reilly Says “No Hate Crime?”

I just about give up.  I am at wits end. This murder was a HATE CRIME. Period.  It was a race & hate crime.  As David Ben Moshe said: ‘It does not matter if the other kid was white, mulatto or half, he identified with anti-white racism.‘  It was not only murdering people for the fun of it, (HATRED) but targeting the first white person (RACISM) because these dirtbags HATE WHITE PEOPLE.  Period, again!!

What the hell is up with Bill O’Reilly (If this is true what he said tonight) Has he lost his friggin mind on THIS issue as well??  OR, is he embarrassed because America does not have a gun issue (he promotes gun control) and we have a RACIAL issue?  How many more people have to die before you bastards wake up?  How many more white babies do we have to see in the newspapers being shot in the face?  


I am taking off 3 days, for gigs, but also because I feel that our efforts to stop this racism have been in vain if we cannot even get ONE person in the media to acknowledge America’s problem:


Suspected killer of Chris Lane bragged about attacking white people to get revenge for Trayvon Martin. NOT RACE/HATE?

Is Bill OReilly uninformed or disingenuous on Chris Lane murder? C Of CC’s Blog

From adelaidenow.com.au

One of the teenagers charged with the murder of Melbourne baseball star Chris Lane posted racist tweets saying he hated white people in the months before the shooting.

He (Edwards) had a left-wing love banner (Black Power):

Edwards hated 90% of white people and this is not a race/hate crime to O’Reilly?

My friends, I AM SICK OF THIS.  I HATE getting up every AM seeing another American murdered by a damned son of Obama.

Lastly:  I have had any # of Tweets from white people that are blaming the “Jew media” for this.  I am the JEW media on THIS blog, so take your tweets and shove them up your collective asses. 

Bill O’Reilly Has Had The Left On Defense For 2 Weeks. I Will Tell You Why

Bill O’Reilly Has Had The Left On Defense For 2 Weeks. I Will Tell You Why


First off: I am not a huge Bill O fan.  However.. He engaged on a topic that is near to my heart: RACISM against white people.

The Left wing cabal of insanity have ‘golden calves’.  The most revered golden calf to the Dem regime is the Liberal/Democrat black community.  To touch that ‘g’od is to approach their holy grail.  To approach the Liberal holy grail is to touch their cart–so to speak. SO-TOUCH IT, OFTEN!


How can Bill O keep the Liberal Dems on the defense?  Stay on the subject of black on black and black/white crime.  BUT, he needs to start covering what many black young men are doing to white people–if he is to have an HONEST discussion on this debate.  The fact is: White people ARE suffering from racism in America.  At the hands of blacks and also militant, Marxist Mexicans.  This needs to stop.  White people are sick and tired of being pushed around (Patriotic and Liberal people, btw) by Time mag, the likes of Dan Savage, Tim Wise and every other racist ‘anti-racist.’  They are not ‘anti racist’, they are PRO racism against white people.

Bill O’Reilly said last week that he has been covering the racial issue for 17 years.  Why he said this, I don’t know-that is not truth. IF it was truth, we would NOT have this racism even if Obama had gotten elected because it would not have been hidden from view as it is today (racism against whites). So, honesty is a necessity, BILLY.  And, Bills love for these illegals totally contradicts his interview with Jamiel Shaws mother: Fox News Channel, Bill O’Reilly (The reason Bill O interviewed Ms. Shaw is because The Mad Jewess reported on this subject, 3 or more yrs ago. His site was in our stats at the time)

Bill O’Reilly needs to have his researchers book mark sites like; Top Conservative News, Colin Flaherty,  & New Nation News.  He needs to report and talk about the crimes that we also post here at The Mad Jewess. He should make this his #1 talking points for the next 10 years until this racism STOPS.


How do we keep them on defense even more will be the next topic I will write about, soon…

Keep Communist Liberals on DEFENSE, O’Reilly and I will try to be nice...

#Communist Tactic: Feds Enlist Race Obsessed La Raza to Help Hire Government Workers

#Communist Tactic: Feds Enlist Race Obsessed La Raza to Help Hire Government Workers

This is Obama’s white-hating America. How will this work for white Commie/left wingers? Hopefully, La Raza will kill off every last white liberal by taking all of the jobs that are supposed to be American jobs in the Fed govt….  



La Raza, whose name translates to “The Race,” will sponsor a workshop to help members fill jobs in the Senior Executive Services (SES). These are special management positions with salaries often exceeding $200,000 in cash and benefits annually.

Here is the link

By the way..This is La Raza:

If I was in charge….La Raza and its allies would be spitting blood. Dead, as in NOT living.

The World Will Be A Better Place When Chris Matthews Croaks

The World Will Be A Better Place When Chris Matthews Croaks

Everything is anti-white or pro-homosexual to Matthews.  The moon is too bright & white, dat’s racist.  Sane Americans don’t want anal-sexos marrying in their churches and synagogues.  Dat’s racist and homophobic.  Nothing about morals. You Americans are just hateful because you won’t allow filthy sex practices to be sanctified in churches.  I know there are a lot of churches and synagogues that have given in to the paganistic, homo-fascism…But, I know there are still some churches & synagoges  that refuse this type of filth.

If you don’t murder babies by abortion, you’re a hater…At least in Chris Matthews screwy world view of ‘hear no evil, speak no evil’, etc.. And, the latest insanity is that “America wants to go back to the days before the Civil War.”  Read it!!  Chris Matthews guest cites ‘study’ on ‘racist,’ ‘homophobic‘ tea party.  If you don’t love illegals from Mexico, you’re a xeno-phobe, racist, hater, homo-phobe, yada, yada.. bla bla bla.. He’s .koo, koo, koo, koo.

Just look at this moon-bat in action throughout the years:

MSNBC: Racism Is Largely a White Characteristic

Behar and Goldberg: (Matthews) First Year of Obama Presidency ‘Traumatic‘ for Whites

Is Disagreement with Obama Racism?

Everything Now about Race for Chris Matthews

You follow the general idea.. Matthews in an instigating, loud-mouthed, obnoxious lunatic. He refuses to point out the out-of-control black on white racism & crime, because he is stuck in circa 1963.   Everything is waycis with this idiot.  Someone, please give Chris Matthews a sock so he can kill himself.  He should be put out of his misery by his own hands….He’s an asshole.  

He should at least be able to recognize that he’s a blithering jackass and do the world a favor……




BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB): AFRICAN-AMERICANS RUIN NEIGHBORHOODS: White Buffalo Resident Says :O ……… Of course, I have not ever lived in a neighborhood ruined by black people. Black people on the Monterey Peninsula are law-abiding patriots.  I lived in a sanctuary city for illegals, which, imo, is worse.    But, I will say this much.. Times are bad.  Many minorities act insane, including leftist-Jews.  I believe this man is right to some extent. People hang with their own people anyway for the most part.

About 15 miles from me, the Commies moved in.  They didn’t like that there were not enough minorities (Mostly black, welfare folk)  So, they moved them up here.. And, wallah, now there are starting to be robberies.  Whoda Thunk…!!

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – News 4 spoke to a South Buffalo resident about an arson fire in a South Buffalo neighborhood that may have been motivated by racial hatred. He had some startling opinions about race relations in the Queen City.

He spoke his opinions freely with News 4’s Ed Drantch. Warning: Some may find his comments offensive. Watch the video on this page to hear his comments.

Friday morning, the man called into the Shredd and Ragan show on 103.3 The Edge to explain his opinions further. He claims to have received death threats after his comments aired on News 4 Thursday evening.

(Black patriots, Christian blacks, etc, please don’t include yourselves in this post)

Mob Of Bad Blacks Attack, & Strip Naked ONE White Young Man, Wheres The Outrage?

There is no outrage. Because he is white and nobody cares about whites because we are now the scum of the earth. We are nothing.  This is your AmeriKa, now.  Just like S. Africa. We should all move to Palau, OR, fight back hard and get on our knees in prayer.  The bad blacks have their henchmen, Holder and Obama, 2 of the biggest racists in the planet.  Just keep having your media-hyped upset over Trayvon Martin. The race-bating situation Obama created.

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