IDIOTIC NAACP Wants Clown Investigated By Obama’s S.S. Why No Investigation Of Obama’s Kenyan Birthplace?

IDIOTIC NAACP Wants Clown Investigated By Obama’s S.S. Why No Investigation Of Obama’s Kenyan Birthplace?


Did you all know that if you dress up like Obama as a Rodeo clown, it’s racism?  That’s right. Dressing El Presidente’ Jackass as Bozo is wayycisssst. (Whatever) Meanwhile, the poor clown has resigned.  The Liberal creeps are foaming at the mouth, calling everyone a racist and I even hear Paula Deen digging up old stories to get extra attention.

They have now advised all Rodeo clowns to get Communist 'sensitivity training'...

This is the GREAT America, folks.  Aint ya proud to be an American? I know I am.  Look how special we are. So classy. We have a CIC that helps murder Christians in Syria.  Is thinking of boycotting the Russian olympics because Vlad does not want ‘gay’ in his country. Obama  leaves men out to dry in the middle of Egypt while he sucks on his falafel and targets political opponents with intimidation through the IRS.


Obama IS a clown-ass. People were making graphics and signs of Obama being an evil clown LONG before the Rodeo man dressed as Obama. See this link for yourself:  here

I guess the NAACP runs the WH and they are gonna come and investigate all of us.  I’m shaking in my boots..

By the way…NAACP:

The Prez is a lyin African.

“MDA” #Communists Engage Subliminal Racist Message In New ‘Gun Control’ Ad: White Kids As Aggressors

“MDA” #Communist Feminists Engage Subliminal Racist Message In New ‘Gun Control’ Ad-Whites As Aggressors

The root of almost every single problem we have had in America is because of #COMMUNISTS. AND, most ‘Liberal’ females are dumber than a sack of rocks re. our laws.

First of all… I must say that kids with guns for protection in the world that the #Commies created, complete with violence, rape, murder, kidnapping etc does not look bad to me at all.  But in school? Where I believe the teacher should possess the weapon?  My teachers did when I was a kid.  They carried switchblades nun chucks, mini Louisville sluggers to protect us and themselves from the influx of possible violent kids from NYC in the 1970’s. (They never had to use these weapons because I lived in a patriotic town where kids were good)

We NEVER had this type violence when I was a kid.  Of course, #Communists had not hijacked the nation, yet.

Notice the pictures, below?  All of the children without guns are ‘minorities.’  The children with the guns are white.  Is there ANYTHING that the #Commies put out that is NOT racist?  Is that all they focus on? Racism? Making out ‘evil’ white children to be the aggressors?  Which is a LIE.  

If you want to know why racism exists, look no further than the Demo-Dixie-Crats & #Communists.   We live in a racist world, American patriots.  Whether you are white, black, brown, yellow, whatever.  The racism is against white people, now.  Anyone that is educated and well-read knows this.  Teach your children how to handle guns, especially whites, because you ARE the target.  Need proof?

 Fine, here: New Nation News

gun control psas moms demand action


gun control psas moms demand action


gun control psas moms demand action

Moms: Pass common sense gun control legislation – Video on …

About | Moms Demand Action | Gun Sense

In The News – Moms Demand Action

Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America | Facebook

Moms Demand Action For Gun Sense In America Ramps Up Efforts 

By the way, during the Rodney King riots, the ONLY people who used the 2nd Amendment to protect themselves were Asian immigrants:



Stop Playing Games. The Obama Admin. Are Communists & Communists Enablers

Stop Playing Games. The Obama Admin. Are Communists & Communists Enablers


I woke up this morning at 3AM.  Its always about what time I feel in my heart that God wakes me up to enlightenment and truth of our very bad national situation.  That is when the mind is truly free: 3AM.   Don’t ask me why.

The Obama administration are a bunch of radical Communists and Communist enablers.  Stop calling them “Progressives”. “Progressive” is a code name for COMMUNIST and this is the reason why we have seen the DHS name Veterans and patriots “Hate groups, extremists”, etc.  Ditto The SPLC, who named over 1K patriots named as ‘haters/hate groups’ in March, 2013.  It is easy to name a person a ‘hater’ than to say “Patriot Groups against Obama,”  Right?  Mark Potok is a Communist.  If he was not a Communist, he would not work to break down & subvert dissension against a tyrannical and over-reaching government.  It is patriotic to dissent against tyranny in America. Potok would be WITH patriots, not against them/us.  The SPLC uses Obama’s race and color to call people ‘racists’, which he knows is a lie.  “The end justifies the means.”  This is why he calls patriots, ‘haters and racists’.  Just more Labeling to demonize.  Take away our humanity and they can commit genocide.  This lying pretense that everyone hates Obama just because of his color.. Truly, it’s absurd.  We hate his Communism, racial baiting, class warfare: All Communist tactics. (Plus, we dont even KNOW Obama, he came from nowhere)

The truth is the key: It’s time to stop playing games. You will just keep being defeated, every minute, day, hour.  We need to push more blogs/websites to call these liars what they are: Communists and their enablers.  If you refuse to name them what they are, you will just keep losing every single debate.  You are either a patriot who wants our Constitution restored or you are a Communist or a Communist enabler.  If you can’t handle being in the truth of this situation, than, just get out of the way & let stronger people deal with it.

The reason these Commies call you a”McCarthyite” is because he was right-and they demonized him for it, crucified McCarthy for being a patriot because they wanted Communism.   So, some peoples lives suffered because of McCarthy. So?  Better that than the WHOLE nation-which is why we are in dire straights, now.   McCarthy loved America and didn’t want to see happen what is happening now.  Its so obvious to enlightened patriots what is happening.  Look at that picture of McCarthy.  He was a FINE American.  ALL of these bullying tactics; “You’re a xeno-phobe, homophobe, racist, hater, far, right-wing, conservative”, etc.. Are COMMUNIST tactics to shame and silence you.  The ONLY way to end this war within is to expose these COMMUNISTS.  Also, calling these traitors, “Socialists” is weak. Because, Socialism is accepted.  (Social security, Social workers.)  Its not ‘accepted’ by me, but it IS in our system.. 

This blog will no longer call you conservatives or right-wingers, moderates, etc.  You are patriots fighting off the enemy within: COMMUNISM.  Our century long battle against Communists and Communist enablers.  Anything that breaks down America is an enabler of Communism.   So, you had better think about this while enabling this ‘gay’ marriage, ‘Libertarians’.   “Gay” marriage is total breakdown of American society & is one of the Communist goals of 1963 to ‘present homosexuality as normal.’   It is not the norm at all, Bill HO Reilly and Megan Kelly.  Anyone enabling Obama and his radical homosexual-marriage agenda is enabling Communism.

We are not going to be able to stop the judgements of God on our land, but being in the TRUTH is true repentance, which is what God wants from ALL American people/s.

Please copy/paste, link with my blog on your blog. Time to stop the madness and push liberty.

Cain: Another RACE-HUSTLING Tyrant

RACE CARD, RACE CARD–gotta have my race card!!

I AM SICK of this SHIT.  Look at this.  Now, its Cain.  Seems to be the only way to get elected is to pretend that black people are going through a bunch of reverse racism.

I HAVE HAD IT with race-hustling politics.  I have had it with feminist-bitches from hell. NO TO CAIN, too.

You can bet money on this; OUR BLOG will NOT be endorsing ANYONE for prez.

Cain Calls Perry Hunting Camp Former Name ‘Racially Insensitive’