Obama Sons Update: Just More Beaten & Murdered White People, Nothing To See Here

Obama Sons Update: Just More Beaten & Murdered White People, Nothing To See Here

It’s not hate to murder white Americans.  To Barack’s boys, its justice.  But, G’d forbid one of Obama’s sons gets touched.

See: Suspect Arrested In Fatal Sylvan Street Shooting

See: Black suspect in hammer attack on White man outside West Philadelphia deli identified

See: Huntersville Residents on Edge as Search Continues for Murder Suspects

See: 3 suspects sought in north Seattle shooting that left (White) man dead

If Obama had a son…


News by:  http://www.newnation.org

-David Ben Moshe

Where Is @timjacobwise As Jews Are “Knocked Out” In Crown Heights, NY By Racist Blacks??

Where Is @timjacobwise As Jews Are “Knocked Out” In Crown Heights, NY By Racist Blacks??

Tim Wise is living in circa 1967.  Liberals (Communists like Wise) just can’t seem get with the times.  They are stuck on a bridge over troubled water, lamenting past issues.  Tim Wise calls himself an ‘anti racist.’  How is that possible?  If he was truly ‘anti racist’, he would be watching black on white crime, (which is perpetrated much of the time by racist blacks) & talking about THAT.  Are we not taught that racism is racism?  Evidently, in Wise’s think head, the only racist is a white racist.

Meanwhile, the claim on Tim Wise’s wikipedia page is that his grandfather was a Jew.   I guess he feels ‘valid’, if he is a Jew and ranting about bs?  Since Liberal Jews are nuts like Wise is??  Jewish people do not consider someone as being Jewish unless the Mother is a Jew…However, he mentions it.  So, where is his compassion for fellow Jews beaten in ‘knockout’  for being Jew and white??

‘Wise was born in Nashville, Tennessee, to Michael Julius Wise and LuCinda Anne (née McLean) Wise. His paternal grandfather was Jewish (of Russian origin)’

In my humble opinion… Wise is just a jerk off.  One does not have to be a Jew to be a jerk off. Anyone can suffer this affliction…

A home decor collage from November 2013

Seven attacks on Jews in Crown Heights | Tim Wise, ‘anti racist’…silent..

The Rights REAL Dirty Little Secret


Ms. Geller of Atlas Shrugs recently wrote an article about the right-wing big shots that do not cover Islam that much anymore in this post: The Right’s dirty little secret.  Ms. Geller is rebuking them, and rightly so, Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim and he has packed his staff with a bunch of bastards that are ALL from the Muslim brotherhood.  

But, I beg to differ that the rights ‘dirty little secret’, is lack of coverage on Islam-no disrespect intended, Ms Geller, I know your blog is about S.I.O.N… The rights REAL ‘dirty little secret‘ is covering up the Black on white ‘Jihad’ in America.  Black on white crime is out of control and has been for years.  It has been allowed to stay out of control because bloggers, journalists, and news stations lack the courage to report these crimes as racial crimes, which they are. Look at it if it were in reverse…

Why doesn’t the right cover black on white crime?  Because they are immune to it. In my opinion, this attitude is no different than the Arab countries that live with Islamic Jihad, everyday.  They are immune as well.

There are psychological reasons why people refuse to cover this ‘touchy issue.’  Most Americans, right or left are filled with ‘white guilt.’  The left-wing has brainwashed Americans to believe that ALL white people are deep-seeded racists and most whites in America are dumb enough to believe it.  I have NO ‘white guilt.’  My family and my husbands family have suffered immensely at the hands of bad blacks, but that is another story.  We are supposed to suffer this ‘white-guilt’ because “all” of our ancestors were slave-drivers.  Well, mine wasn’t.

Another reason bloggers, etc do not cover b/w crime is because they will immediately be labeled a ‘racist’ if you point out the numerous crimes of blacks on whites that happen daily in America.  Crimes that are just as bad as Islamic crimes and worse on the streets of Amerca; rape, raping of elderly, Black flash mobs, robbing, looting, beating and the ultimate; murder.  Silence is consent.  Silence is submission. Silence, while white genocide is happening in America.. (in my opinion) is no different than the silence that happened in EU during the 1930’s. This is cowardice.  Most Americans would rather the country turn to violence and lawlessness than be labeled a racist.  It’s insanity.

If we fail to report these atrocities, we are enabling these crimes. We are also treating black people as if they are animals, which they are not. Not reporting this is saying ‘blacks are just “animalistic” and not in control of their behavior‘. (Like a bad dog)  We do a great disservice to patriotic black Americans by keeping silent.  (Black patriots also disservice themselves if they refuse to cover this like Larry Elders, Thomas Sowell and Pastor Manning have).  If everyone started reporting b/w crimes, we would see and end to the crimes and murder. Obama and Holder are THE #1 issue why the Black Panthers were not prosecuted. They treat their own people like animals. Its disgusting. Not holding a certain people to account is irresponsible. I call out bad Jews when I have to.

Some blogs/sites below I mention are starting to get in the fight against b/w crime- WND being the strongest. Leaving out race is wrong.   Why? Because, if you leave out the race, how will people know what to look for??  Especially with these black flash mobs.

So, the right has allowed these people to get away with murder and are guilty. There are blogs that must be commended for their bravery against the black Jihad:

WND is becoming the leader in this fight, thank GOD:

increasing trend of Black-on-White crime – WND

Bill O’ReillyBlack on White Crime Goes Unreported (Which O’Reilly started to do, only because it is a ‘hot issue’, and also because he reads this website and I rebuked him for being a coward, not reporting b/w crime)

Four Black Men in St. Louis Murder Bosnian  – The Gateway Pundit (He mentions the RACE sometimes.)

Justifying Black on White Violence | Grumpy Opinions

I’m a Man! I’m 41! | anti obamapuss-operativus idioticus

Freedom Is Just Another Word…

Wave of Black Mobs Brutalizing Whites [Video] – John Malcolm

The White Side of the Story of Blacks – Boudica BPI Weblog

As the rest of you big shots and other little bloggers fail to report this, others like me and the above mentioned will continue to be labeled racist, haters, bla bla bla.

White Freshman @ MSU, John Sanderson Murdered In Cold Blood By At Least 3 Black Males. Motive: He Was White

Make sure to not report these crimes, MSM…Just shhhhh, be quiet.  We ‘evil’ whites must continue to protect bad blacks because of slavery, 140 plus years ago.  We have to keep feeling ‘guilty’ for crimes we didn’t commit… We must be quiet like good people do..Just be quiet and maybe this will all go away….Kind of how the Jews were quiet in NAZI-Germany…This will all disappear….So-who is John Sanderson?


“Song” “Kill all de white man”….Keep sleeping.

It will all fix itself.

This t-shirt below is all  over the streets of Florida.. Imagine if it said “Pussy Ass Nigger”. Puhlease..