YouTube Removes Video Of Serious Racial Hate Crime Against White Boy

This is what LIBERAL/LEFISTS do… they cause this bogus, phoney, propaganda about slavery.  They dont tell the whole story about state soveriegnty or the fact that many Americans came here after the War of the Northern Aggression “Civil War”.  So, their huddled masses of moronic robots believe every word and now it is the white kids that are taking the beating, for nothing.

  (See this post and the missing Y.T….BTW, Youtube is owned by Islamo-lovin “Jews” in name only)~  Black RACISTS Beat White Boy To a PULP- Uncovered News?!

  Here is the video below, please send this out everywhere.  We can’t let people keep targeting white kids because of some vendetta that so called ‘minorities’ have against something that is not even factual: