Court Sides W/ White Male Restaurant Owner Who Wasn’t ‘Disadvantaged’ Enough For JoeBama’s Covid19 Aid

Court Sides W/ White Male Restaurant Owner Who Wasn’t ‘Disadvantaged’ Enough For JoeBama’s Covid19 Aid

I’ve said for many years on this blog: The bigotry and racism is against WHITE PEOPLE. PERIOD!

* An appeals court has struck down the Biden administration’s racial and gender preferences in handing out Covid aid with a temporary injunction. Anti-white and anti-male discrimination, a judge ruled, is still discrimination. An appeals judge in Ohio ruled in his favor on Thursday, MORE: Court sides with white male restaurant owner who wasn’t ‘disadvantaged’ enough for Biden’s coronavirus aid

This is a victory for white people for a change.

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In my opinion, whites need advocacy groups that will go after the media when they push white hating rhetoric. And, sue the FEDS when they leave whites out of help when THEY need it. This nonsense needs to stop. This nation has been racist against whites since the 80’s. Shaming whites, guilting whites, whites not getting positions they are qualified for, emasculating white males, ETC.

I am Losing All Hope In White America, They’re For Their Own Demise Re Black On White Racism

I am Losing All Hope In White America, They’re For Their Own Demise Re Black On White Racism

White people are more outraged over silly racial slurs that other whites say -than they are about fellow white Americans who are being brutalized by black people.

Allan West just put out an article that was an ‘in ya face’ truth about Obama & Holder being racists, ditto many black people: Racial protectionism from Holder, and Obama.

Yet today, I visited a chatroom where it was predominantly white, conservative, moderate and liberal.  White people believe everything is just fine, honkey dorey.  Everything is NOT fine.  And, this is why I am losing hope:  In the 1960’s, the black people in the south DID have massive amounts of racism they were subjected to.  They united together and marched to stop it.  Yet, whites are now in the same predicament with NO unity that the blacks WERE in and they believe that nothing is wrong.  Bottom line, there is a racial war going on and has been for decades and whites are just dying, being beaten, raped, murdered and robbed.  The alphabet channels don’t even cover these vicious, racial crimes.  In totalitarian regimes, this is key: To keep genocide a secret, to keep the populace stupid and immoral.

My husband covers black on white race hate/crimes here on this website.  We cover it for a reason:  Because NO real Jew in their right mind can sit back and watch this type of evil directed at humans.   Not to mention, our own people are facing the same racial hatred in Brooklyn, NYC.   Whites are made fun of by the MSM, there are songs made up about whites with lyrics that say “kill white people”, we have a race-bating president who despises white patriots.  In short, whites in general – are demonized much the same as Hitler did with the Jews in the beginning of the 1930’s.  

In my opinion: White people will not wake up until one of their own is dead and even then, I’m not so sure

The biggest crime that actually happened (in my opinion, at this time in my life) during the rise of NAZI Germany was not the crime of the SS or even Hitler.  The fact that the Jews also dismissed the hatred directed at the biggest crime.  The fact that they ‘let it go’, is the biggest outrage to me.  The fact that they walked silently into the night is my own biggest frustration.

So, I ask myself now, just why the hell should we cover these horrible crimes if whites (like the Jews in Germany) do not even give a damn about their own survival?

Militant Black Racial Separatist Elected Mayor Of Major US city. Why Not Make A KKK Leader US Pres For Fairness?

Militant Black Racial Separatist Elected Mayor of major US city. Why not Make KKK Leader Pres For Fairness?

Contributed by David Ben Moshe-

Since the Democrat/Communist Party is now a race only party, we should grab Frank Weltner or some KKK leader for US Pres. Why not?  At least whites would be safe.  All non-Communist whites should move out of Jackson and we’ll see how fast the city goes bankrupt.

Click– Militant black racial separatist elected mayor of a major US city

We may have to learn this old song:

Black Teen Animals Murder White Baby For The “Fun Of It”

Black Teen Animals Murder White Baby For The “Fun Of It”

Young black thugs shoot white baby in the face at point blank range

We don’t ever hear about the extreme hatred and racism for white people coming out of the black ghettos.  Only white people are racist according to Chris Matthews & the left wing media liars.

Click: Black teens murder white baby for the fun of it

-David Ben Moshe

Posted on Mar 22, 2013 @ 12:33


Posted later this afternoon by: The Blaze

 (Who left out the race of the attackers)

Posted later this afternoon by: Gateway Pundit
 (Who left out the race of the attackers)
*Nothing scares Americans more than being labeled ‘racist’.  Even a terrorist attack will not scare an American more.  That’s why they won’t put the color of the perp in the news story unless the perp is white.  Our country is anti-white.

S.F., California: 13 Year Old WHITE Girl Raped & Murdered By A Black Animal

If this was in reverse, it would be on the national news for the next 2 weeks.  We would hear how conservative American’s guns need to be taken.  The Obama regime would be on the TV 24/7, demanding our rights be infringed upon & the Black Panthers would have posters saying; “Kill Whitey”.

Even though the white population is only 28% in California, it’s still a one-way street.  It’s not racism when a black savage does this to a white person.  It’s only racism when the KKK comes out of hiding every 10 years to ‘kill themselves a nigger,’ Or when Republicans hold a Tea-party and dissent against Obama’s policies.

-Post by David Ben Moshe

Gif by The Mad Jewess

Gif by The Mad Jewess

PRIVILEGED TO BE BLACK: Molotov Mitchell Mocks University’s White-Guilt Campaign

PRIVILEGED TO BE BLACK: Molotov Mitchell Mocks University’s White-Guilt Campaign.. You can ask almost ANY white person in Amerika of the racism directed at them, they all have a story about it.  I know all about it. Donna knows all about it. My whole family knows all about it.    The racism is directed at WHITE PEOPLE, now.   And has been for 30 years.   Serious racism; rapings, beatings, robbings, murder.  But, it is never a hate/racial-crime when a person of ‘color’ does it, because we are all  ‘oppressors.’  Bullshit.   Ya’all walk a mile in my shoes; Portugee-Jew, Iroquois/Aryan-Christian.  I was doomed at birth… 😀

BTW: I notice that the Black Panthers can threaten to murder ‘pink people’ and that’s OK.. Watch some Aryan Bro’hood say that shit about a black or a Mexican, he would be in the slammer by now. 


Its RACISM Stupid! Black Students Taught to HATE Whites In Chicago Public Schools

Its RACISM Stupid! Black Students Taught to HATE Whites In Chicago Public Schools

( All of the sudden, blogs and websites care about black on white crime., we have been reporting these atrocities for over 3 years.  It is sickening that people really only care about their site-feeders more than this race-hate that many black people now possess against whites)


C of C C

Black Supremacist Male: “I Beat Up A White Man Because I Was Mad About Trayvon Case”

Black Supremacist Male: “I Beat Up A White Man Because I Was Mad About Trayvon Case” Does anyone yet get that Zimmerman is Latino? I mean….he really LOOKS Latino. How does white man fit into this picture?  Well, the MSM wanted to find them a white man that killed a black person so they made up the term ‘white’ Hispanic.  For the last f’n time; It is BLACK SUPREMACISTS that are murdering, raping and robbing white people. 


When are people going to take this seriously, black OR white, OR brown, OR yellow?  Huh?  When your sister gets raped? When YOU get beaten?  I think so.  I think that most American whites just dont give a shit about what is happening to other white people.  I think you are afraid of being called a racist more than you are scared of  getting beaten up or robbed.  You are more terrified of the ‘N’ word than anything. A WORD!!!!


You have no individuality anymore and it seems you like it that way.

AZ Orders Funding Withheld From School District Over Anti-White Studies Program


They even sing about ‘killing the white man‘.

Imagine if we were singing ‘kill all the Mexicans, kill all the blacks‘. 


Upstate NY H.S. Hockey Team Booted For Being “Too Good”~Ya Can’t Make This Stuff Up..

Unbelievable.  Lets look at it from the Mad Jewess’s perspective… IF this was an all black team, and they were ‘too good’, it would be all over the news, they would play all over and win.  But, not so for white AmeriKa. See this unbelievable insanity:

Top soccer team booted from playoffs for strange technicality (They are ‘evil’ white girls.)

Holland girls soccer