Race/Hate Crime Murder: White Woman, 31 Tortured & Burned Alive By 3 Blacks

Race/Hate Crime: White Woman, 31 Tortured & Burned Alive By 3 Blacks

The punishments in this country rarely fit the crimes. In the worst crimes, instead of giving the perpetrators free room and board, cable TV,  along with sports and weights for the next 20 years, which is far better than they have free on the streets, the punishment should be 36 lashes in public.  That will leave deep scars for the rest of their lives.  For the ultimate crime of murder, I propose torture till death.  Nothing short of this will stop the savages that were let into this country on a foolish immigration policy and also stop our own home grown violent troglodytes.

-David Ben Moshe

Another brutal South African style hate crime murder in the USA.  Just another day in the black on white crime nation.

Click: White female, 31, tortured and burned alive in hate crime

“PEG Programming” You Will Be Examined If You Are A Racist, Even If It Is Unintentional…BUT, NOT Racism Against ‘Evil’ Whitey

Glenn Singleton said the training provided by his Pacific Educational Group is designed to make participants examine themselves to learn what form of racism might exist, even if it is unintentional………

On The Harvard Magazine: “Abolish the White Race”, “We Intend To Keep Bashing The Dead White Males, & The Live Ones”

Once in a while, I visit “Incogman”, (No, I dont like him, he does not like me), but every once in awhile, he posts some horrid attacks against white people. I saw he had this article posted: Harvard Magazine.com, “Abolish the white race”

The Bolsheviks that have written this book, entitled “Race traitor” is beyond disturbing. It calls for white men and white women to be destroyed. He does not even give the white people the benefit of the doubt of being ‘deconstructed’, as he put it.

Is this what the ‘liberals’ learn at Harvard? I believe so.  So, is there any wonder in anyone’s mind why our current CIC is a racist himself? He supposedly went to Harvard.  White people have absolutely NO protection against such attacks. We do not have an “SPLC” that bats for us, or an ADL that would stop such slander and defamation.  Yet all of the ‘minorities’ do have protected status.  We have got to start a program to help victims of black/minority on white crime. 

The person/s that wrote the post and book  are murderous racists in total denial. Racism is racism, period. I have already sent an email demanding them to take this inflammatory article down.  People!!!!! WE CANNOT JUST SIT HERE while people are openly calling for us to be DESTROYED. You would not EVER see an article like this against a black or a Latino, and you know it.  How the hell long are we going to put up with this EVIL? How long will the MSM allow us to be beaten, raped and robbed????

You tell me who is suffering the racism! (See below)

There IS a genocide against white people and there are MURDERERS calling for it, out in the open.  H/T: New Nation.

Firing Buchanan Will Not Rid America Of Racism Against White People


The firing of Buchanan confirms what he preaches; White people are committing suicide.

  Buchanan was fired, or let go from MSNBC, the Bolshevik news propaganda machine. Even though I vehemently disagree with Buchanan and his propagandized version of Israel and its issues, I think this is disgusting. And, I believe we will see more of the Communist onslaught, because the men of America are pussies.. This is an assault against free speech, whether you like this man or not.    FAUX news is on the slippery slope, soon to follow at a rapid speed.  They fired Beck, they fired the Judge. 

This is what the left is all about:

NO FREE SPEECH UNLESS YOU PREACH POSITIVE ABOUT COMMUNIST GENOCIDE, ‘gay’ marriage, LGBT, anti-Americanism, anti-white male, anti-Christian & conservtivism, anti-Israel, abortion, divorce, feminism etc.. 

If you speak well of these great sins that have afflicted this nation, you will be on TV and make millions.  If you speak against it, you are a racist, xeno-phobe, psychotic and every other Marxist insult there is. (Which we here, at TMJ/Donna don’t give a damn-you can g’head, we aint listening to your leftist bullshit)

Notice how Bill O’Reilly is just a ‘liberal’ now, as is Ann the Man Coulter.  The almighty buck means more to these idiots than America, and thats the truth.

Buchanan On MSNBC Firing: ‘Blacklist Of Conservative And Traditionalist Thought’

MEANWHILE, racism against whites contiunes-here is some of February, 2012 hate crimes:

H/T~NEW NATION:Black-on-White Crime


3 Bad Black Teens Attack & Beat 15 Year Old Autistic White Boy: Racial Slurs~It Is Only Racism When A Person Is Mental!?

Recently, I was blocked from: The anti-white, pro-black, hate-America group called “Un fair” campaign, which Donna found.  I URGE you all to join this group and stand up to these LIES on their page.  They are lying to people, telling them that white people commit 80% of hate crime-we ALL know this is a LIE.

Now, see what these 3 black teens did to an Autistic kid:


Shows you that Leftists think all blacks are mental or dumb, and not up to the standard of white people.

What else could it mean!?

Join The Facebook Page Of The ‘Un-Fair Campaign’ Against White People. COME ON

This is what I wrote:

Pad Dar There is a vast amount of racism against white people that nobody seems to give a rats ass about. In Philly, a white Jewish man got the hell beat out of him just for being white. This page and website is a fail, because if you are going to cover racism, you should be covering ALL racism.  It is hard to see that you are a racist, if you are a ‘minority.’

This is their page:

& You should go here and show them the vast amount of racism against white people. If these SOBS are going to be against racism, they had better start covering what WE have been through–myself being beat up by 3 black girls as a young gal, while they screamed “WHITE BITCH”.  What did I do to deserve that? Nothing, I was a super shy ‘evil’ white kid.

This is what I put up, because the leading broad in charge looks like she may just be another DUMB left-wing Jewish IDIOT:

Pastor MURDERED By Obama-Black-Thugs~WHERE IS THE DOJ?

This is SICK and sad. A Pastor was MURDERED by black thugs, people and nothing was even said BECAUSE they were black!!  Call it whatever the hell you want, but I will tell you right now: “Entitlement” blacks and Mexican/Marxists have become emboldened by Prez. Husseins reign of minority terror. 


  That is my opinion.  How long are white people going to just put up with this? How long are we going to have to listen to the bogus ‘race’ hustling of the left, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson? How long are we going to listen to all of this? When we are dead?  When I was very young, I got beaten up by 3 black girls with a stick in the woods, while they shouted “LITTLE WHITE BITCH!”    

 ……….You tell me who the victim was……..

   Leftists say we have not ‘suffered enough yet’Eric Holder said that last week…So it is OK for the DOJ to just ‘let it go’ with the Black Panthers calling for the death/murder of white babies….?? That is precisely why this will continue to happen.    Merlie Evers demanded justice for the horiffic race crime against her husband, Medger Evers in 1963….But NOT Ok for this Pastors family to demand THEIR justice of this RACE hate-crime, because Eric Holder the partial DOJ says so??     This type crime happens EVERYDAY to whites. Its the facts.  Sorry if you dont like to hear it, but at some point, you have to WAKE UP.

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Kate Perry; Another TOOL For FORCED Race-mixing

[Music] Katy Perry-”One of theThe music video  is all about Snoop being the king and playa, and Kate is just a piece of nothing., just a toy for Snoop.   A young womans body being used in a most degrading way, her breasts shooting whipped cream out—sickening. This is what you let your young girls listen to,  and you cannot even see that this is the Marxist plan to kill off Caucasians.  (Also take notein  that music video- Kate Perry gets almost naked, while Snoop is not- that is a ‘submissive suggestion’)-  It is what it is. Race plays one of the biggest parts in destroying countries, courtesy of Marxism.  Meanwhile, useful idiotic liberal morons will cry foul and racist as they keep destroying you and turn this place in South Africa, where 90 white people are murdered a day.  Face it white people, wake the hell up and realize that YOU are now the ‘oppressed’.  It is not a ‘racist’ issue, it is kill the whites by having sex with them.  This is all sad, because Kate Perry has zero clue how she is only being used, and she is a very pretty young woman. KATY PERRY // Official Website //

Marxist Kitsch and the Politics of Race — David Horowitz (from

This photo here, pushing ‘one-night stands’  WTF. How long are you going to let YOUR kids be sexed and used??