Mob Of Obama’s Sons Attack 5 White People In Macon GA-Barack’s “Post Racial” America

Mob Of Obama’s Sons Attack 5 White People In Macon GA-Baracks “Post Racial” America

This is just more tolerance from the young, black community toward their fellow white Americans.  These white hating, black youths have help in the White house and AG office.  If the races were reversed, this would be a major news story for years.  If Obama had a son….

See: From Macon Telegraph…

According to police, a group of about 30 people were having a snowball fight at the high school Jan. 29. Members of the group allegedly were jumping on vehicles in the parking lot, and when one of the vehicle’s owners asked them to stop, they allegedly attacked that person and three others who came to his aid.

Hat tip:  Co CC Dozens of black teens attack five white victims while screaming racial slurs near Macon, Georgia

-David Ben Moshe

Black Bastards Murder, Knock Out Whites, Beat White Woman, & Elderly White Men All Over America

Black Bastards Murder,  Knock Out Whites, Beating White Women, & Elderly White Men All Over America

It doesn’t matter what country these black males are in, they just can’t seem to act civilized.  These ‘people’ (people in the loosest sense) are a bunch of savages barely removed from the jungle.

In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the schvartze sleeps tonight.    Or in our case, they’re up all day beating whitey.

70-year-old beaten by two blacks while trying to slow down cars in his neighborhood


Savages not yet identified but they’re black


Man (Son of Obama) severely beat white woman in West Side robbery, police say


Betty Whiteley


Jerry Smith

Docs: (Black) suspect in brutal murders of two white women was disgruntled ex-employee


Kelly Erb Marylyn Erb


Christian Rene Haley

Charlottesville Newspaper Shuts Down Comments on Knockout Game Report for ‘Hateful Nature’  (Blacks ‘knock out’ white couple & other whites.)  They shut down the comment section of the aforementioned post because it was ‘hateful’ against black people.  What do they call these racial beatings? Love???

If this white man had a gun, we would have one less black problem.

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-David Ben Moshe

PS:  Happy New Year which is starting out as expected.

#BlackPrivilege: AR White Man Brutally Beaten By Sons Of Obama No Hate Crime-The Police Woman Is BLACK

#BlackPrivilege: AR White Man Brutally Beaten By Sons Of Obama No Hate Crime-The Police Woman Is BLACK

It’s only a hate/race crime if it happens to a son of Obama. If this was in reverse, it would be national news and they would build a museum in the victims honor.  This is unimportant news to American whites; They are on twitter thinking they’re changing the world.

Click- Little Rock man brutally beaten by thugs making racial comments

Police woman:

Surprise! Not a hate crime says Sargent Cassandra Davis. What the hell does she think this is? A “Love crime?”

AZ DUI Offender/Black Female Is Glad Yarnell Hill (Prescott) Fire-Fighters Killed Were WHITE

Black Supremacist Female Is Glad Yarnell Hill (Prescott) Fire-Fighters Killed Were WHITE

This is the type drek that our media pumps up to be American royalty.  Supremacist blacks who are happy when white firefighters are killed on duty.  She would not feel this way if a white fire-fighter was saving her fat tuchus.  If this case was in reverse, it would be on the front page news.

A woman who was arrested in Gilbert informed a police officer that she was “glad” the 19 Granite Mountain Hotshots died in the Yarnell Hill Fire last month, because they were white.

Story here: Racism: DUI Suspect Tells Cops She’s “Glad” Firefighters Who Died in Yarnell Hill Fire Were White


We live up here where these fire fighters have died.  Fine, family people–devastated by this disaster.


‘Obama’s Sons’ Brutally Beat Up White US Army Soldier

‘Obama’s Sons’ Brutally Beat Up US Army Soldier~Hat Tip, Muse1876

(Click the arrows on the player to see this atrocious race-crime full screen:)

  Dont pay any mind…black on white crime is nothing, its just another white dude, only a soldier..  Keep on moving about your business. 

Pretend this does not happen, you sheeples.  When the KKK did this to innocent blacks, the world went insane.  When it happens to ‘evil’ whitey, the world is quiet.


VIDEO: U.S. Army soldier brutally beaten in South Tampa

Racist Black Blogger Says: “White CRACKER Man Beaten With Hammer In Sanford, FL Deserved Every Blow”

Racist Black Blogger Says: “White CRACKER Man Beaten With Hammer In Sanford, FL Deserved Every Blow” (Obviously, he does not read the news, as Zimmerman is VERY Hispanic)  Sounds like the black version of the KKK, who used to say “I killed me a nigger, and I aint sorry“….Same thing, only black.

This is what these people really think of whites, you all better wake your asses up, that means you stupid, idiot white-liberals that have enabled this EVIL behavior.

Name, Email address & IP withheld for TOS purposes.  I would advise all gun club owners/gun clubs that this is what is happening at their ranges.

Contact the NRA, tell them. Print this up with the original comment

N. Turner

Your pathetic blog…It is to laugh. The cracker allegedly “beat with a hammer” deserved every blow! I hope he dies a slow painful death. I hope he only gains enough consciousness to feel an agonizing death. I don’t want him to remember his puke family at all…his last memory should be getting his cranium cracked wide open.

P.s. Lol @ you peckerwoods thinking you’re the only ones prepared! I’m at the range weekly…I always take 2 or 3 with me!

“I’m gonna KILL All You White M’F*ckers!” Black Student Threatens Class & Prof-No Hate Crime I Bet

ITS AN OBAMA WORLD…….Black student gets up in front of a class where the teacher was talking about the mating habits of peacocks.. The black student ranted “What does that have to do with you white m f’ckers’ killing us?”  W T H?  Where is this NUT getting this information?? From Obama.  

When a leader is evil, the people will also be evil.

A synopsis on hate crimes…. Who suffers most from hate crimes…etc…