Videos: Eight Patriots Stand Up To Violent Mob Of #Communist Demonstrators In DC On May Day

Eight Patriots Stand up to violent mob of #Communist Marxist Demonstrators in DC On May Day

My comments about these videos-

First of all: Why are there Communists in America?  Ethel and Julius Rosenberg’s execution was not enough to send their cohorts them to a Communist country.

Second: ‘There is no racism against white people?’  What is the definition of racism? Hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.  Racism can be in anyone.

Myself, for eg. I have no more tolerance for the angry blacks in our society that hate white people.  If that’s racist, so be it.  At any rate, this is the society that the Marxists have created; Division, chaos and murderous, violent mobs.  It certainly has not been patriots that created this mess.

Click: Eight patriots stand up to violent mob of Communist demonstrators in DC

-David Ben Moshe