@Toure, America’s #1 Example Of Perpetual Victimhood. He Cries Day After Day That He Isn’t White:

@Toure, America’s #1 Example Of Perpetual Victimhood. He Cries Day After Day That He Isn’t White:

Before I rant about this whiner.. My sister’s rent got raised $200-, the black people down the hall got their rent raised $200- There is no such thing as ‘white privilege’.

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I read this post by Temper-Tantrum Toure: He is crying about Condoleeza Rice and how she doesn’t whine and weep like he does over not being born white.

….Because that’s the REAL issue here, people. Most Left-wing blacks HATE that they are black. ( Latin-‘X’ & Leftist Jews, also.. Sorry, it’s true) This isn’t about ‘racism’. Its just an issue with allowing covetousness to rule your mind for these Leftist groups. A burning envy. A lust for something that they can’t acquire and never will.

“Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, boo hooooooooooo, I’m a victim because I’m not beautiful”

When we see people like Hershel Walker and his successes, he just didn’t allow his skin to take precedence over his life. He sees himself as a human. Not just a black-skinned person. As does Mark Robinson, LT GOV of N.C. ( & one of the most patriotic people in America, in my opinion.) Allen West does not rant and rave about white skin because he was an outstanding military official. He has many successes. As do many patriotic American blacks. Millions of them. They made something of themselves…So, just what do they have to be jealous of? Nothing. They might be jealous but they just marched on and did what they desired and made successes of themselves.

Toure, on the other hand would never have amounted to much if he didn’t write books about race and inflaming Americans that are not black. His books came out at the right place at the right time and it’s the LEFTIST whites (who buy this crap) that made him semi-famous as a race-hustler. He knows this. That’s why he hates them also.

Face it, Toure cant make money without white people. That must infuriate this race-hustling hater.

Poor Toure makes money being jealous of white success and achievements and first and foremost: not being born white. He believes whites are ‘privileged’. Well, they are. As an ethnic, Sephardic Jew, I see their ‘privilege’ myself. I see white art, white music, white musicals, white Broadway, white Opera, white ballet, white inventions, white architecture, etcetera!!

All Toure sees is: Whites are mean to blacks and should feel guilty for all whites through history. That’s how he makes money. That’s ALL he sees because that justifies his seething jealousy and envy.

I’ve been jealous of the beautiful whitey-white blondes…. Of course. Almost every Latin/ethnic gal I’ve known is and was jealous of gorgeous, Marilyn Monroe-looking white girls and their gifts. Jealous that they are the cheerleaders, models, etc… Of course, we laugh at our jealousy because we’re not crying Leftists like Toure.

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Here is a great song for Toure.

THIS is what jealousy looks like & confirms I am right:

BEWARE: The BIGGEST Terroristic Threat To U.S.A. Is: ADL’s Greenblatt, Yahoo’s Ishikoff & DHS, Mayorkas: All 3 Want To Blow Up America’s White People. TURN THEM IN To The FBI:

BEWARE: The BIGGEST Terroristic Threat To U.S.A. Is: ADL’s Greenblatt, Yahoo’s Isikoff & DHS, Mayorkas: All 3 Want To Blow Up America’s White People. TURN THEM IN To The FBI

If you have seen any of these 3, please inform the FBI that they are in the public and saying hateful & racist words about white America. Please call, email or contact by mail:

601 4th Street NW
Washington, DC 20535
(202) 278-2000

These 3 criminals are using their minority status to persuade America that ‘all white people are like terrorists’. When you contact or call the FBI, your identity will be kept a secret. These are 3 very dangerous men. They could be armed. They could start shooting white people:

They were recently seen conglomerating at CNN: CLICK here

#JAROMEBELL For Congress In VA: ‘Critical Race Theory Is Anti-white Poison’

JAROME BELL For VA: Critical Race Theory Is Anti-white Poison

I just received this email from a “Chief Bell” in Virginia who is running for congress. It’s sick and sad that a candidate now has to run to protect the majority (whites) against the white-hating Democrat bastards.

What the hell type of world is this? I’ve said for many years on this website: “White is the new Jew”. But, the only folks who have not figured this out yet are white people. Whites are too busy – to this day – defending themselves against the bully Commie-Crats who accuse them (just like the devil) of being racist. It’s ALL PROJECTION. It’s the sick, vomitous, pond-scum, poop-chute-loving, baby-murdering Commie-Crats that are the haters and true racist schmucks.

Here is what the email states:

Dear Dave,

Everywhere I look, I see state-sanctioned anti-white racism. The military I proudly served in for 27 years now teaches troops that white people are “privileged” and that America is a “white supremacist” nation. It’s called Critical Race Theory. But I simply call it what it is: racism against white Americans. 

When I’m in Washington, one of my first Bills will end this teaching at the federal level. I need your support today so we can stop this Democrat-fueled racism before a full-blown race war breaks out in AmericaChip into my congressional campaign today and help me end Critical Race Theory in America

They’re not just teaching this bunk in the military. They’re teaching it in our schools, too. They’re poisoning the minds of our youth, and teaching black Americans like me that we’re victims. How are we supposed to succeed with that mentality? 

We can’t — and that’s the point. The racist Democrats need blacks to be reliant on them so they can keep the black vote. I’m onto their game, and I’m ready to shout from the rooftops in Congress — but I need your generous support to make that happenCan I count on you for a contribution of $10, $25, or $50 to my election campaign today so I can end the poisonous, racist teaching of Critical Race Theory?

Look around, fellow patriot. Have race relations in America gotten better since Democrats started teaching Critical Race Theory? Of course not. They’ve gotten worse. Anyone with any sense can see that. It’s plain as day. 

Stop the radical racist Democrats from dividing this country further with a contribution to my campaign todayWe’re only a few days away from the end of May, and I am in critical need of your support to hit my $100,000 monthly fundraising goal, which is why I’m counting on you to chip in today. Thank you for helping me end state-sanctioned anti-white racism.
In Liberty,
Jarome Bell for Congress

Chief Jarome Bell
Republican Candidate
Virginia’s 2nd U.S. House District
P.S. Critical Race Theory is anti-white poison that Democrats have injected into the government, the military, and our schools. 

Here is his website: CLICK

Obama Gave Award To Oprah Just To Stick It To The “Evil” Whitey’s That Don’t Support Him

Obama Gave Award To Oprah Just To Stick It To The “Evil” Whitey’s That Don’t Support Him

What did Oprah Winfrey do to deserve the medal of freedom other than being #1. A fellow black  &  #2. An Obama supporter?   What freedom has Oprah worked on?  None.   Giving Winfrey this award debased the medal just as giving the peace prize to Obama was a miserable failure of an epic clusterf’ck.    If you really think that there was no evil intention behind this ridiculous display of Obama’s usual asinine behavior, then you are dumber than a bag of rocks.   Obama did this INTENTIONALLY a few days after Oprah called everyone a racist who does not kiss his highness’ ass.   

Think what you want, but Obama is trash.  The epitome of a Communist agitator & white-hating racist.  

This is what Pastor Manning has to say about Oprah & Obama… (1st minute)

She is evil–something is wrong with her.. Look at the first 20 seconds of this video:  MUST SEE:

Hate Crime-Tulsa, OK: Son Of Obama Beats White Male Unconscious With Lumber

Tulsa: Son Of Obama Beat A White Male Unconscious With Lumber

Contributed by David Ben Moshe-

No hate/race crime here, just another white man beaten for being white and unarmed.  The sons of Obama get away with this because they have a King from Kenya in the White House acting as a Chief Shoe-shiner over America.

"I thought I was going to die," Tom Bush told News On 6. "I thought, ‘this is my last day.'"“I thought I was going to die,” Tom Bush told News On 6. “I thought, ‘this is my last day.'”

Click-(Unarmed White) Tulsa Man Reportedly Beaten Unconscious With Lumber by Armed Black Male – Thought He’d Die

‘Black Guilt’-Why America Needs It and How it Can Save the Black Community By Polish Author

‘Black Guilt’-Why America Needs It and How it Can Save the Black Community By Polish Author

Contributed by David Ben Moshe-

We received this message in our email and hope all bloggers will post it on their blogs.  We have a huge problem in America: The black community as a whole.

Here is his message:

Thank you for sharing my article with your Twitter audience — I sincerely appreciate it. I’m trying to reach as wide of an audience as possible. I feel that if the information is disseminated properly, then all of America can bring this into our national conversation about race.Do you have any suggestions of who else I should reach out to? I’ve already tried reaching out to over 50 conservative groups/sites/politicians, but so far, no response. I hope that this changes soon, as in all fairness, I did release the article on a weekend. I also hope that they’re brave enough to address the issue, and not merely avoid it.Once more, thank you for your support in spreading awareness of my article. If you’d like, the following is the Facebook URL for the post. I have a private profile, but I’ve left that posting as public for all to see.

Here is the link to read the whole article by Andrew ‘Curly‘ Korybko


9. Things That Blacks Should Feel Guilty About:

There are many, many things that the majority of blacks should feel guilty about today in America, but the following is an annotated list relevant to the conversation at hand:

* The inability of non-blacks to speak openly about race without being discredited and labeled ‘racist’

* Racial advantages in college admissions and job postings over better-qualified applicants

* Hypocritical usage of racial slurs and words derived from such slurs (i.e. ‘nigga’), while denying that freedom to other ethnic groups

* A popular musical culture that denigrates women, degrades family ties, and supports crime and drugs

In our opinion.. Black guilt should be a mandatory subject in school for the next 500 years:

513 Days Between Trayvon #Zimmerman Verdict, 11,106 Blacks Have Been Murdered By OTHER BLACKS

513 Days Between Trayvon/Zimmerman Verdict, 11,106 Blacks Have Been Murdered By OTHER BLACKS


The media has ginned up this Trayvon/Zimmerman hooplah and as usual & if it is a pretend race crime, the Left gins up the whole nation.

SO-Why is Stevie Wonder boycotting Florida?  He should be boycotting his own people and calling them out.  The problem, however – is racism in America.  The racists (for the most part) are black people.  Many hate white people and want to murder them.  And, the Communist liberals have done this.  ANY problem you see in America is the fault of LIBERALISM.  

It is Liberal-Commies that need to be put behind bars for crimes against humanity.  Not ordinary ‘whitey’s’ and patriotic minorities.  I live to see the day when justice comes to the Liberal cabal–it ALWAYS does.  I can’t wait.  We really do have “No justice, no peace”  NOT them.

See the google search for yourself: In 513 Days Between Trayvon Dying And The Zimmerman Trial Verdict

A fish rots from the head down….

MSNBC Lisa Bloom; “Creepy Ass Cracker” Is Funny. Is ‘Sambo’, Or ‘Nigger’, Funny, Too?

MSNBC Lisa Bloom; “Creepy Ass Cracker” Is Funny. Is ‘Sambo’, Or ‘Nigger’, funny, Too?

Look up the words “Nigger” and “Cracker” in the Dictionary online, yourself.  They are both defined as a derogatory word: 

Cracker:  Disparaging and Offensive. a native or inhabitant of Georgia.


Extremely Disparaging and Offensive.

Stupid BIMBO:  racism is racism.  If you don’t tolerate ‘NIGGER’ on TV, you should not tolerate ‘CRACKER’ on TV, either.  Or racist white stereo-types; Like ‘all old white men are Republicans’.  “Rich, old white men”. “Crackas” –  Anything said over and over is brainwashing.  Which is what the leftists do: Dupe Americans into hating white people..Which is why we see so much black on white crime with NO outrage. It is OK for whites to die.  Sick, demented lunatics.



If this is not funny to Lisa Bloom:

Then, this should NOT be funny, either:

AND….until the double standard STOPS, we will continue in retaliation.

(No offense to patriotic blacks)