Huckabee: #COMMUNIST ‘Leftists’ Are MUCH Worse Than Islamic Terrorists

Huckabee: #COMMUNIST Leftists Are MUCH Worse Than Islamic Terrorists

Today, Huckabee said:   “These Crazy People on the Left Are Becoming Like Islamic Terrorists”

1. First off, they are NOT ‘crazy’.  They are zealous for Communism.  They very much have their wits about them and Communism is their religion.  People will die for their religion, Huckabee.


2. The over dramatization of Conservatives and Islam has been breathtaking to watch for 2 decades, in my opinion.  While it is true that Islamic terrorists are horrible, they really have nothing on the Communists in modern history in the USA and abroad.  For the last 50 years, the Communist, aka “Liberals” have done nothing but destroy this nation.  Much worse than Islam.  If it were not for the Communists, there would be no Islam in USA.  FACT.  So, blame the symptom all you want but the root of every societal issue in America is COMMUNISTS and their COMMUNISM.



  • In USA:  Communist, aka “liberals” have openly lobbied for open borders since the early 1990’s.  As a result, hundreds of thousands of American citizens have been murdered by  Illegal Aliens.



  • Dissident blog of the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation made an effort to compile updated ranges of estimates and concluded that the overall range “spans from 42,870,000 to 161,990,000” murdered, with 100 million the most commonly cited figure.



Almost every school shooting or mass shooting has been carried out by a radical COMMUNIST Leftist.

Sorry, Huckabee…you are WRONG.  You are also wrong in naming these animals “Leftists”.  


If We Can’t Name Enemies (COMMUNISTS), No Defense Is Possible.


FAT, Ugly Mexican Broad Wants #Murrieta Protesters Arrested For “Terrorism”. GO HOME MAMASITA

FAT, Ugly Mexican Broad Wants #Murrieta Protesters Arrested for “Terrorism”. GO HOME MAMASITA

Look at that face on this beached whale…!  MISERABLE creature..

This hag needs to land her fat tuchas back in MeXico.. B’tch, this aint the way we roll.  American People have a LAWFUL right to protest.  You should know this–you filthy invaders do it all the time… SO:  If you don’t like it, ship your gargantuan self back to your motherland–Take your jalapenos with you and shove ’em up your ass.

“Terrorism?”  Are there any bombs going off down there that we don’t know about?  Any pretend dictators that took over the protests?  Any planes hitting buildings?  In a SANE world, this scum would be charged for treason for aiding and abetting criminals.

SHUT UP HIDEOUS, FITLHY, OBESE PIG!  Go back to the ocean.  You look like Ursula, the Sea Witch from “The Little Mermaid”.

BTW:  MUST SEE VIDEO>>> BLACK AMERICANS in Murrieta Confront Pro-Illegal Immigrant Supporters

#Murietta, California Town Hall Meeting: “Secure Our Borders NOW”

#Murietta, California Town Hall Meeting: “Secure Our Borders NOW”

Go home illegals.  Go back to your own country and take Pill O’Reilly with ya.  People are so sick and tired of this invasion, they are spitting on illegals.  I would too.


Protesters block buses bringing illegal immgrants to Murrieta, California

#SecureTheBorder Americans Block Buses In California Transporting Diseased, Illegal Occupiers

Americans Block Buses In California Transporting Diseased, Illegal Occupiers

Obama, Blaming Congress, Says He’ll Go It Alone on Immigration.  American Californians are ‘going it alone’ as well, meeting his diseased foreigners with signs telling the wetbacks to get the hell outta here.

Here is the story:  Outraged Murrieta Patriots Protest Illegal Alien Onslaught, Block Amnesty Buses! — #SecureTheBorder

Undocumented Immigrants En Route to Murrieta

At least some people down there are fed up.  It’s hard for protesters to meet in any one place in USSA.  The country is almost 3700 miles across and 2000 plus miles vertical.  But, at least they’re trying.

Sad part about what is happening – is that our government, once again, had it’s filthy hands in another country, south of the border & now OUR border is reaping the benefits of Obama/McCains failed, foreign policy insanity:  Hondorus – Wikileaks Revelations Show Obama Administration involved in Hondorun Coup.    More on that:  Honduras coup 2009 /  Honduras coup d’etat 2009 /  Honduras coup zelaya

Radical-Left, MSN Trying To Start ANOTHER Race-Conflict: White-Jewish ‘Attackers’ Claim Self-Defense Against Black Teen

 Radical-Left, MSN Trying To Start ANOTHER Race-Conflict: White-Jewish ‘Attackers’ Claim Self-Defense Against Black Teen 

Here we go again with the left wing… this time, they are throwing a couple of Orthodox JEWS under under the bus before the court-case…”Liberal” Jews, how long are you going to keep taking up for enemies and aiding in Americas destruction?  SO-Where is the ADL? The ACLU?? Where is FAT BOY, Abe Foxman?? No place, huh?  Just going to leave these young men go, so the leftist creeps can ruin their lives like they ruined Zimmermans??  I really believe the left is engaging in a Bolshevik-racial revolt. I ask that American whites restrain as much as you can, until their trumped up crap is spun out of control…    

ANYWAY: Here is one of the ‘evil’, white,  Jewish kids, claiming self-defense:

Do you notice how many crimes against whites are NOT EVER REPORTED?

Sounds to me like the left wants themselves a whitey to start a racial riot.

ANY ole whitey will do, even a Jew..

FALSE FLAG To start race-riots.